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Brit Scores Big in Court

5/6/2008 5:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsSources close to the custody case tell TMZ Britney Spears will get three days supervised visitation a week, significantly more face time than she gets now.

It is unclear whether she has overnights with the kids. A source close to the fam tells us Brit is aiming to get back 50/50 custody by August.

We've also learned Britney will spend Mother's Day with the kids.

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Why do you focus on that poor girls every move? I know we want to hear gossip about stars BUT bringing their personal family business about them kids is outrageous!!!!! The kids are gonna be the ones who are hurt in the end. Shame on you TMZ

2360 days ago


#54 I don't think the kids were around when Britney was exhibiting that behavior you list. It was obvious to Brit's parents that she was exhibiting that kind of behavior in the presence of people in charge of Britney's business and they stepped up and took charge. Perhaps KFed's hired help and his mother did an excellent job in keeping those kids healthy and happy. It's obvious to the lawyers both parents should have access to those boys.

2360 days ago

H L C Van Layden    


2360 days ago


Disgusting that the court would allow the children any time wiht that unstable wreck.

2360 days ago

it takes a molester    

chicken stripper # 59 read # 6 on my post # 54 since you don't think the kids were around when she exhibited this behavior that I'm listing. The kids were around.

2360 days ago


Good Job Brit. I am rooting for you! Keep up the good work. Happy Mothers Day.

2359 days ago

Lets play    

To chicken stripper in comment 64: parenting skills are not limited simply to those moments when the children are physically in the presence of their parents. If a parent frequently goes out and parties all night, he or she neglecting the children, even if there are other caregivers like nannies. Doing this once in a while is fine as long as the nannies are competent. But doing so several nights a week and then being so incapacitated the next day that you have to sleep and recover for hours is not responsible parenting behavior.

If a parent blows millions of dollars on "entertainment" and other misguided ventures, this is money that could otherwise be used for supporting his or her children. This demonstrates irresponsible behavior and illustrates that the children are not foremost in the parent's mind.

Destroying ones reputation and career simply for the sake of behaving like a self-centered pre-adolescent is not responsible behavior for a parent. This lowers the parent's earning potential and causes the children's future to be put in jeopardy. It also calls into question the parent's capacity for caring for their children, because if the parent can't even properly care for him- or herself, it's likely that they will not be up to par as a care provider for their kids.

Some day, the children will be able to read and will be capable of understanding what's going on around them. When they do so and see the photos and stories about the way their mom was behaving in public (dressing inappropriately, displaying her private parts, engaging in attention-grabbing behavior, attracting the contempt of others by making a fool of herself over and over, etc.), this will have a very strong, negative emotional effect on them -- especially since most of these behaviors occurred when Britney had chosen to be out partying instead of spending time with them.

Refusing to follow court orders and to attend important hearings related to the custody of her children has contributed greatly to Britney's losing this custody. This illustrates that her self-centered feelings about herself were stronger than her desire to be with her children -- again, this demonstrates bad parenting instincts. Furthermore, some day her children will be able to see the news stories about how their mom refused to make the minimum efforts necessary to comply with the court orders, and how she didn't want to attend a number of important hearings in the first place because she was "scared" (Britney's words). They will see from this the that their mom didn't feel very motivated to fight for them, and that she preferred to run around with her childish, irresponsible friends than to put forth what she needed to do in order to try to have more time with them. Learning things like this about their mom is yet another thing which will have a negative emotional impact on her kids.

Britney seems to be doing better these days, and the court is recognizing this. They are rightly taking into account her away-from-the-kids behavior, and her increased visitation privileges reflect the fact that the court considers this to be evidence of positive parenting progress. I hope that over time, she continues down this path, and if so, she will no doubt end up being able to spend much more time with her children.

Just keep in mind, chicken stripper, that Britney's current behavior fits into the category of "Britney at her best", while the earlier, pre-conservatorship behavior is "Britney at her worst". However much of a player Kevin Federline might be, he has not done anything nearly as bad as this "worst" behavior on Britney's part.

As for what happens behind closed doors in Kevin's home, this is completely unknown to us. You cannot claim to have any knowledge of this, any more than you can know what happens behind closed doors in Britney's world. If you choose to make judgments about Kevin and Britney simply based on your ideas of how each of them behaves privately, then you are relying solely on your imagination and your fantasies and your wishes, which have no basis whatsoever in reality.

The court bases its decisions on demonstrable facts, not wishful dreams about Britney or spiteful fantasies about Kevin. The public behavior of both of them is taken into account, as is the behavior that is reported by court monitors and other reliable witnesses. The courts have more access to this data than you do.

If, however, you believe that you are in possession of demonstrable evidence that you think the court has been overlooking, you then have a responsibility to come forward and make that evidence available to the court. Do you have any such evidence, chicken stripper?

2357 days ago
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