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Chris Brown's Bodyguards Beat Down Photog?

5/6/2008 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A photographer for a Florida newspaper claims he was pummeled and robbed last night by R&B singer Chis Brown's bodyguards.
Chris Brown and Rihanna
The photog, Luis Santana, was at a lounge in St. Petersburg, FL., where Brown was accompanied by Rihanna, and was having a private birthday party. Santana was told by the venue's security that he could take photographs outside, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

He claims when he snapped Chris Brown in an SUV, Brown's bodyguards chased him and forced him to the ground. One guard put his knee on Santana's jaw, and took his $3,000 camera.

Police are investigating. Chris Brown rep was not immediately available for comment.


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I love coming on TMZ to see what's going on but, this was a waste. Who cares about Chris Brown?

2338 days ago


oh get off it, the pap deserves it, he should find another job, "click, punch" thats how it goes, If a picture is worth a black eye, then go ahead and snap your pic.

2338 days ago


LOL TMZ you guys better watch out!!! Chris Breezie is a sweetie pie, not at all a THUG...
Jay-Z asked you guys not to talk him...
Snoop says UPINYA
Now Chris hasn't said one thing, but let his body guard, guard that slammin' body... OH WELL...

LOL @ #10- Hillary is not relevant to this blog, but since you mentioned it... it appears voting for Hillary is putting McLame in... being that she can't beat him... but Obama certainly can w/ the republicans turning Demo to make that happen. WHATEVER!

Obama 08

2338 days ago


Chris Brown needs to come out of the closet, these gay R&B clowns with phoney "girls" are the joke of the music industry. And whoever the Hillary supporter is, give up, it's over. Ding dong the witch is dead.

2338 days ago


I agree #18 and Hillary (poor thing) really think people like her & trust her... what a biddy. Guilty by association hemmed up Obama & I guess she forgot it happened to her being associated w/ her husband & Monica. Silly ass broad need to go sit down somewhere else trying to sound and ACT tough.

CHRIS BROWN IS AN R&B SINGER... NOT A RAPPER!!! Yes People are so ignorant... I concur!

2338 days ago


I love how morons think stereotyping (if you call mislabeling people that) is racist. So Chris Brown is a hip-hop singer or whatever. At one point he wanted to be a rapper and may have even called himself one. Get a grip on reality.

Take a look in the mirror if you want to see a racist, it's the person attributing any title to be a form a racism.

2338 days ago


NO SYMPATHY for photogs who crowd in on celebs.

With their powerful lenses, they could stand back a bit and still get a good photo.

The idiot should have respected their space. Serves him right to get beat up by a brother.

2338 days ago

People are so ignorant    

A grip on reality? Buddy not all singers want to be rappers. I think your the one that needs a reality check.

2338 days ago

People are so ignorant    

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Amen to that! I'm a folk singer but I used to call myself a rapper too lol

2338 days ago

Sarah T.    


2338 days ago

kate blows bigtime    

Replying to: People are so ignorant...............yes you are....very, it's people like you that read something and are the first to cry can't just beat down someone because you feel you can, and btw I'm an Ameriacan of color.

2338 days ago

People are so ignorant    

Toby who is beating down anyone? It's not that serious. And it's not ignorant to call someone a thug just for the hell of it?

Apparently you don't know what ignorance is.

Toby, by the way I don't giva d*mn what color you are lol

2338 days ago

People are so ignorant    

Why do people always have to bring politics into this???

2338 days ago

People are so ignorant    

Toby are you sure ur a personnn of color lmao

2338 days ago


Im such a loose hole!!

2338 days ago
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