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"Idol" Wannabes Inducted into Hall of Lame

5/6/2008 6:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tonight the theme on "American Idol" is songs that influenced rock and roll -- so it's safe to say you won't be hearing anything by Fantasia or Taylor Hicks. TMZ's embedded moles have obtained the song list, so get ready to listen to everything from Bob Dylan to The Who ... get massacred!


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2270 days ago


Holy hell Jason Castro was bad.

2270 days ago


After that God-awlful example of rock and roll, how about an example of good old fashioned rock and roll with Keb Mo.
I agree the so called soul patrol can be heinous but Taylor is not.

2270 days ago


They all suck and have no musicianship at all. David Cook does the same damn yelling in every song and something needs to be done about his combover. The midget sings like he's swalloing his face but at least he doesn't use his brother's illness to get votes.

2270 days ago


Mike your an ass so because his brother has cancer he should not be able to go see David perform? Wow you are such a hateful person

2270 days ago

Dave the pig    

I am still casting my vote for Jason Castro and will make an effort to haul my 34 year old ass to watch him in concert! He is still finer than a MOFO!

2270 days ago


Simon makes me gag more and more each time he praises that little wheezing 1/2 note hitting sheit, and randy's right behind him!!! It's like someone ontop is making them say nice things about the "wheezle" OR ELSE!!! Like who squeeks out an ELVIS song and gets DAWG!!! and YOU OWNED THE STAGE TONIGHT!!! Give me a f'ng BREAK!! I swear if he wins, I, being a veiwer and voter every season WILL NOT WATCH (as faithfully) next season - in fact i find myself tuning into Nancy Grace and/or playoffs and forget to tune back in!!! They're losing me!!!

2270 days ago


Sometimes I think the AI judges are on another planet! I cannot understand how they can blast Cook for not being better than himself (thanks for letting us know that David ONLY has to compete with himself, Randy), then turn around and praise Archuleta, who can ONLY sing love songs or ballads (and those with a NASAL overtone). He's only had ONE original performance and that was on Mariah night, when MOST of the guys rocked. Give me a break! How many gold records do you think he's going to sell if/when he releases a 2nd CD? Haven't we had enough of the popularity contests yet? DON'T even get me started on Syesha who was "Yelling" on the river, when she wasn't (hand me a hankie, please) crying for our sympathy (Thank You, Paula!). Despite all her carefully tilled fertilizer, Jason HAS to go. It's too scary to watch him fall apart in his performances; however, I have to admit, he can stand and "take it like a man". Go, COOKIE! -- I'll buy your CDs, just like I have and will buy Daughtry's.

2270 days ago


For those questioning "Hungry Like the Wolf", perhaps the contestants were allowed to select from the R&R HoF list of 500 songs that shaped rock and roll:

2270 days ago

Mary Worth    

I have to leave the room when David Archuleta is singing his same old, same old, tired style. He is insufferably BORING!
His picks are SAFE! and there's little or no imagination.

Randy and Simon seem to already know that the AI bosses have already picked David A, weeks ago! So they've been giving David A, free passes.

2270 days ago


I HATE American Idol this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoever picked the music for these conestants to sing - SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOBODY can sing Neil Diamond well!

DOLLY Parton.....GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANDREW Lloyd Weber..........................................Are U FOR REAL?????


American Idol SUCKED this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best thing that COULD EVER HAPPEN to DAVID COOK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WOULD BE TO LOSE++++++++++++++++

He will sell MORE RECORDS if he LOSES!!!!!!

Go Figure SIMON$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

2269 days ago



PLAY-OFFS Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God it's BASEBALL SEASON :-) ;-) :-)

I HATE David Bubble'........I MEAN AURCHELTTA (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

2269 days ago


This is the worst final four ever! We all know who is going to win and when he does is anyone out there really going to buy his album? He reminds me of a Disney mouseketeer. No WOW factor this year, that's for sure.

2269 days ago


Castro is a joke. He looks as though he couldn't care less if he does well. Seems like a big game to him. GET RID OF HIM!!! I was glad to see both Randy & Simon get a little irritated with him. Archuletta..... how boring can a person get!!! Next season, they should get rid of the girls in the front waving their freaking arms around.... how freakin' lame.

2269 days ago


I base my vote on which idol I would buy a CD from. So far, David Cook is the only one since Michael Johns left, There is no way I would EVER buy that David A. cd. God he is so annoying!

2269 days ago
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