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"Idol" Wannabes Inducted into Hall of Lame

5/6/2008 6:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tonight the theme on "American Idol" is songs that influenced rock and roll -- so it's safe to say you won't be hearing anything by Fantasia or Taylor Hicks. TMZ's embedded moles have obtained the song list, so get ready to listen to everything from Bob Dylan to The Who ... get massacred!


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It really was pretty bad. Here they had thousands and thousands of songs to choose from.

One sang Duran Duran (huh?) BADLY, one sang Proud Marry and did not even acknowledge that it was a Tina Turner cover of a CCR song...WOW talk about playing the race card Shyesha...with the Sam Cook and the tears, that will get you through to next week.

Castro adoreable as he is, deserves to go home for last night. Cute only gets you so far.

Archuleta is going to be another Tyler or Tucker of whatever the grey haired guy's name was last time. His act will only take him so far, and the Dad will kill whatever chances he has.


2362 days ago


Jason, my baby's got blue eyes.........

2362 days ago


I really think it's going to be between David Cook and Sayesha. Just my prediction but I think David Cook will win but Sayesha will have a great career too. You don't have to be the winner to make it big. Look at Kellie Pickler & Chris Daughtry.

2362 days ago

palm ceach picc line class    

This is the worst season of Idol ever. They do not have any real personalities to like and dislike. Idol is getting away from one of the key elements to the show, personality.

2362 days ago


Jason Castro will leave this week. He was awful. Next week the David's might cancel each other out and Syesha could sneak in there. Then it will be a syesha/david finale.

2362 days ago



2362 days ago


I didn't hear anyone massacre anything except one song. But, wtf does TMZ know anyway?

Just sayin'!

2362 days ago


Does anyone besides me think this years Idol is bought and paid for----say a couple of months ago. News reports from 2 months ago, say David Archulleta was going to win and had already signed a deal--they needed to go through the formalities of doing the show--and it shows. You can tell by the first word out of Randy's mouth how Paula and Simon are going to vote. Not that the kid isn't good, he is. He's too young people!!!!!!!! He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown every week. If he gets Idol, mark my words, he will be in the gutter clutching his blanket withing 3 years. Syesha channeled her black ancestors and poured on the tears--that oughta to work. Not one of them mentioned how she stole Tina's moves and mannerisms. Yet Jason was 'too Bob Marley and Dylan. After the first criticisms, I surprised he could even start a second song. He did mess up but so did Brooke a couple of weeks ago and everyone overlooked that!!!! David Cook is very good. But this will be the last year for me watching Idol----Archulleta is bought and paid for--go ahead and admit it Idol. Good luck with that monster you are creating. Poor kid. Hard to watch knowing what is ahead for this kid--with the schedule and HIS DAD.

2362 days ago


David Archuleta sings so nasally,I wonder what exactly these judges are hearing.The only one left with any originality is David Cooke,but the judges are too busy kissing up to the nasally kid they might as well just end it now and save alot of time. They picked that semi-talented star-search kid as the winner from the start. He'll go the way of Taylor Hicks - forgettable (Chris Daughtery , he was the talent that year)!!

2361 days ago


I have been a Jason fan the whole time. I thought this was supposed to be about undiscovered talent…David A. was on Star Search (and lost, let's hope that continues), Syesha has been in TV commericals, David C. has been in some bands and had a CD out…I read somewhere that Jason was a drummer and just started to try singing prior to his audition for the show. So it's not fair to compare him to more seasoned talents. David A. and Syesha are so boring! Who on Earth will buy a David A. CD?? My 90 year old grandmother?? And what kind of music would be sing? Oldies covers?? He may have a nice voice, but he is not marketable. David C. and Jason are marketable. Even Syesha is marketable, though I am not a fan. If David A. wins I am not going to watch the show ever again! I think it is going to be the Davids at the end and I hope Cook wins though I would not buy his music.

2361 days ago
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