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Joel & Lindsay

Get Hot and Hornitos?

5/6/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While the cat's home nursing her celebuspawn, the mouse will play with his baby mama's frenemy!

Joel Madden and Lindsay Lohan got cozy at the Hornitos' Cinco de Mayo party last night. Interestingly, Joel's girlfriend Nicole Richie -- who is of Mexican descent (her birth name is Nicole Escovedo) -- was not at the event.

Someone better run for the border.


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just you watch    

I dunno, that looks suspicious to me. I am wondering where their other hands are. Are they touching hands ?, look closer you can see what I think is his hand under his leg. Her's can't be too far away. And their legs touching each other? I don't know about you but If I am trying to hear someone I would lean my ear in, not my lips.

2325 days ago


the FLANNEL has GOTS to GO!

2325 days ago


I wouldn't trust her. Look at the way she is looking at him. She would stab Nicole in the back in a heartbeat.

2325 days ago


Thank you #15. Seriously, you look at teh picture, and you can see shes turned with her ear to the guys mouth so that she can hear him talk. Again, loud place, means you have to sit close to talk. silly newsless tmz.

2325 days ago


They're just talking, morons. TMZ always takes photos that are innocent and spins some story on them to make them look worse. It even looks like they're just talking. Joel is leaned back and talking, she's leaned over with her ear towards him so she can hear him over everyone else. Dont' be stupid.

2325 days ago


Wha?--- Hello her biological family is Mexican... Escovedo is her real last name.

2325 days ago


Nicole is going to punch her in the face like that chic did in that sorry azz movie Just My Luck! Lol

2325 days ago

The Warden    

HAHAH! Hopefully he'll sperminate her too!

2325 days ago


#23 (kit), you and your friends have trust issues then, if you cant lean in and listen to your frirends bf or whatever he is talk, without her thinking your trying to f**k the guy. Really you might want to work on that. Its funny that some people actually come to this site and take the tmz stories as gosspil. I mean seriously, its entertaining and all, but to take it as serious, wow!

2325 days ago


BAHAHHAHA Joel looks like he has downs syndrome... LOOK AT THIS HAND ...lulz.

2325 days ago


She is leaning in and he is leaning back. Looks like he isn't thrilled with her being almost in his lap.

2325 days ago


Justin, anyone one else I would give the benefit of the doubt. Not with Lindsay's reputation, f-her. You always take into consideration who is doing what. And that who is a ho...

2325 days ago


1. What is her fascination with flannel shirts? She looks like a street person.

2. People, can we LOSE the term "baby daddy" ? It sounds so stupid. And while you're at it, add "baby bump" to the list to be banned.

2325 days ago

tuna marie    

lindsay will "do" anyone.

2325 days ago


Nicole isn't Mexican...she is black. And what's the big deal? All these ho's trade dudes between them. If you had one nasty drunk idiot, you had them all!

2325 days ago
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