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Would You Give This Woman Back Her Kids?

5/6/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears


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Go Britney. Is it me or does anyone else think Harvey Levin is just an idiot. This guy feeds off of other peoples misery.... what a loser he is.

2328 days ago

pattie in cali    

you got it brit, it will work out, BLESSINGS, your childern need you and you need them.

2328 days ago


this is the best ive seen brit look in a long time. her hair is the best :) k-fed 's a money hungry bum and will always be. but im betting on it that they get back together.

2328 days ago


how old is that dress? I had one like that almost 10 years ago.

2328 days ago


Hey where is Patricia S the coach? DP here.

2328 days ago


I think Britney looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I am really happy for her she is really proving herself! God Belss her!

2328 days ago


"5. You can wrap a pig in a fur coat but it's still a pig. Hey, TMZ, where's the "money shot"? What the world really wants to know is she going commando or what?

Posted at 1:21PM on May 6th 2008 by OooooNooo!"

You'rve got some nerve talking about pigs and all...

2328 days ago


Skankney has that blank-zombie-severely-mentally-ill-heavily-medicated look on her skank slut white trash high school dropout ignorant face. Commit her.

2328 days ago


She looks gorgeous. However, until she can successfully manage her life and her affairs without the intervention of mom/dad/conservators, and as long as she still requires babysitting herself, the kids should stay with dad for now. I do think expanded visitation is a good idea, but I don't think anyone is ready for her to be a full-time mom again, especially her.

2328 days ago


I have a dead fake plastic imaginary Barbie doll at home that looks just like her. Plastic and fake.

2328 days ago


The kids should stay with dad period.
Just because a woman decides to finally get some of her act together doesn't mean you can rip children from the home, routine and security they know.
They wouldn't do that for a man so why a woman? Guess equality only works one way

Sure more visitation but not custody.

2328 days ago

it takes a molester    

I'd give that woman her kids back but then I'm not the judge. She's been showing she cares about her kids every since she got hit where it hurts with her money.

2328 days ago


I am glad most people are giving her a second chance, I think she is really trying and who really knows what K-Fed has been up to, TMZ and other outlets dont follow his every move, I am sure if they did people's opinions would change...He is the real loser.

2328 days ago


I admit she looks better. What did her mother get her ready?? She shouldn't get those kids back yet, she hasn't been in recovery that long. What a month? #17 is right, makeup don't make a mother. I wish you luck Britney but I think you still need to prove yourself worthy of those beautiful boys.

2328 days ago


As a mother that was without her kids for 2 yrs. I know first hand how crazy you can get without them. I lost my mind and sunk into a deep depression, I lost everything. I did not care about life because without my kids I was nothing. Now we are doing great. So Britney hang in there hun. Keep your head hi and stay strong for your kids, they need you.

2328 days ago
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