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DMX Arrested -- Race Definitely a Factor

5/7/2008 7:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops say DMX was driving so damn fast on an Arizona highway, it took more than three months to catch up with the guy.
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Scottsdale police finally arrested the rapper at his home yesterday after they claim he broke 100 MPH at three separate checkpoints back in January.

According to police, stationary cameras first snapped DMX in triple digits around 8:24 PM . One minute later he was spotted again -- this time doing 114. Three minutes later he was clocked doing 101 ... and he did all that in a yellow 1966 Chevy Nova II.

DMX, real name Earl Simmons, faces charges of racing on a highway, reckless driving, two counts of endangerment, three counts of criminal speed and driving on a suspended license.


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#19 cute and sassy do you even know who your father is or is your momma on her way to the maury show..

2323 days ago

Media whores    

Who the hell is he?! Are there more than 100 people in the country who even know who this man is?? I have no clue. But it's time that somebody upped the ante on celebrity... is it just me, or can any black man who wants fame, get it? I swear, all you need is a gold tooth, shaved head and a goatee! Man, am I tired of skanky white girl celebs and stoner black male celebs!

2323 days ago


i heard recently when dmx was filming the movie " cradle to the grave "
he showed with his posse at least an hour late every day.

by the end of the 10 week shoot, the movie was
overrun by almost a week due to his tardiness.

during the last fight scene with jet li, ( who was ALWAYS on time & ready )
jet li was actually kicking his ass asd was NOT holding back his punches & kicks.

dmx's little posse was all disturbed but didn't act out because
jet li's people would have put all those lil punks in their places.....

2323 days ago


Maybe they should lock his ass up first for the innocent dogs he's murdered. What a has been loser. Grow up. Moron.

2323 days ago


#19, Sassy &Cute...Learn how to spell bitches. Dumbass.

2323 days ago


That don't look like speeding or racing, WTF!

2323 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

Wow... how original another rapper who is a crimminal Shocker!! I dont know why this shocks anyone.... they pretty much talk or "rap" about it in all their songs. If i see one more rap video with naked girls, gold chains and grills i'm ganna puke!! Cant they come up with anything else?? DUHHHHHH

2323 days ago


oh no. he's going real fast. whatever shall we do.... -_-

2323 days ago

Bill J    

Give him a break. He was trying to catch up to his career, which had passed him by eariler up the road.

2323 days ago


i used to like DMX until i heard about those dog charges. now i hate this f'in guy. his speeding is par for the course of a control freak. now that he hasn't been on the charts in how long (?) he has to show his power some how. i hope he gets busted and looked the f' up. loser.

2323 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Does Bronx-based lawyer Murray Richman have a license to practice in Arizona? Sounds like he'll be needed to work his magic--again. LOL.

2323 days ago


good god if that's not a crackhead, then i don't know what is.

2323 days ago


#29 your momma is my momma so now what!!!

2323 days ago


Why do the po po always pull over my peeps when they speed? White people get to do 100 mph and never get yanked. Why is this? Is this cuz they need to distribute the AIDS virus to more black people and they are in a hurry? I just don't understand - someone please helps me...ahhh laaaarrrrrd help me. I also think I saw someone in a white cap on a horse too and he didn't get pulled over. Lord help me. help me jesus....

Posted by Rev Wright 11:55 pm 1955

2323 days ago


Well, it worries me to see that people seem to think that traveling at these speeds is perfectly acceptable and that the police shouldn't be worried about pulling the offender over. I don't know how many of you have seen what's left after an accident involving a vehicle moving at 100 mph...but it isn't pretty. Traveling at 100mph or more is unsafe. It does not allow the driver time to react in an emergency situation. It creates an even bigger problem when he's moving at that speed amongst other drivers who are traveling 30-40 mph less than he is as he's weaving in and out of other cars, changing lanes frequently. He becomes a menace to other innocent drivers on the road. If he wants to race, he needs to buy a race car and hit a track. A freeway is no place for those speeds.

2322 days ago
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