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Is Suri Too Old to Hit the Bottle?

5/7/2008 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe it's what LRH prescribes, but Suri Cruise is too old to be drinking from a bottle, say doctors – medical doctors.

Suri was spotted yesterday slurping a bottle as she and Scientolomom Katie Holmes strolled Madison Avenue, but talked to some pediatricians who say that the two-year-old should've been drinking from a sippy cup already. Most babies are weaned off a bottle by 18 months.

Given her parents' insistence on keeping her under the stairs – this could explain a lot.

Babwa Covered Star's Fat Ass

Star Jones thought everyone would believe that her rapid weight-loss back when was the result of good habits – and she made Barbara Walters and the rest of "The View" girls lie for her.

Baba Wawa tells Oprah Winfrey that she "had to lie on the set everyday ... She was our colleague and she really did not want us to out her. We cared about her, and we thought we owed her." And here comes the bitch-zinger: "Well, we knew it wasn't portion control and Pilates."

Rihanna and Chris B. Finally Just Saying So

Rihanna at least is finally acknowledging that she and Chris Brown are an item, after months of playing annoyingly and needlessly coy.

"We've always been friends," she tells Elle. "But we're very close now." The pair have been spotted making out in a Jamaica pool and TMZ caught up with them getting tattoos together in NYC. As for that other persistent rumor about Rihanna – that she hooked up with her boss Jay-Z – she says, "I get asked about it all the time and I'm like, 'You're asking, but you know the answer.'"

Party Favors: Spitzer Can Find Mo' Hos to Swallow – in Private ... Rich Kids Get Kanye to Help Them Do Something Worthwhile ... Playboy Mag Hot for Bikini Teacher

Ah, technology. Disgraced guv'nor Eliot Spitzer is getting the chance to get all his girls in one online place. is offering Client No. 9 the opportunity to create his own private social networking site for all of his, ahem, pals -- all for the same amount he paid for Kristen. ... A bunch of kids in Boca Raton enlisted Kanye West, Rihanna, and N.E.R.D. to raise money for For Darfur, their charity that is helping alleviate the suffering of refugees in Sudan. They held their big benefit show last night in Miami, reports the Miami Herald. ... Playboy is angling for Tiffany Shepherd, the Port St. Lucie teacher who got fired for working on a charter fishing boat that offers trips with topless and bikini-clad women, reports the Palm Beach Post.


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I was waiting for this pick on Curise...why did no one comment on Kate Hudson's kid sucking a bottle and soother at almost 4 and in diapers til 3, the kid even looked dirty. No one even said boo about that. Let it alone.

2329 days ago


how is Suri sucking on a bottle news?..sigh

2329 days ago


Um she's 2 not 4! Just because one picture shows her sucking from a bottle doesn't mean that's her only means of drinking. My daughter is the same age and will every now and then suck on a bottle, but it's very rare. And to comment about a 2 year old sucking on a pacifier? Are you kidding me? When you get the "Parent of the Year" award, then critisize all you want, until then, shut up!

2329 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Because the Scientologists set themselves as the 'knowing ones'. They supposedly have all the answers and are just a little better than everyone else. I guess because you can only be a Scientol. if you're rich enough to be able to buy your way into the cult. Average people aren't able to audit and reach the levels they do. And this is a legit religion? They treat their children and babies as small adults? Does this really make sense to you? Tom Cruise thinks anyone who doesn't agree with him is "glib". Kate Hudson is a free spirit and kind of a hippie, although a wealthy one. She doesn't tell others how to live their lives and doesn't pretend to be perfect or have all the answers. She pretty much lives her own life and lets others live theirs without judgement. Big difference.

2329 days ago


As much as I would love to slam Tom and Katie's parenting because I think they are freaks, I have to admit, its not that unusual nor a reflection on parenting because a child still has a bottle at 2. My first son was off the bottle at 11 months, we tried to do the same with our second son, same technique etc, cause it worked so well with the first, but he is still using the bottle along with starting onto the sippy cup at 20 months, on the other hand, my soon to be 3 yr old has no interest in the potty- has been diagnosed as toilet-training resistant but his 20 month old brother is using it just fine. Each kid is an individual who will have their own strengths and weaknesses, then again, if we keep seeing Suri, and she isn't hitting multiple developmental targets for her age...then its time to start looking at the parents if she is otherwise healthy.

2329 days ago

mom of 2    

If she wants the bottle WHO CARES!!! Can I wouldn't like anyone to tell me what to do with my child so if its good for you then you're the one that has to handle any consequences. Using a bottle doesn't seem to have consequences. My niece used a bottle until her 5th birthday and she's a normal child, her teeth are straight (naturally) and she has never had a cavity, EVERYTHING depends on the parents.

2329 days ago


My son was off of the bottle and on a sippy cup at 10 months old. He is also developmentally disabled with Autism. He is now 14 years old and does not need braces. Suri will!!! The bottle protrouds out your teeth and any Speech Pathologist will say no way to a bottle or pacifier after 1 year. Does Scientiology say she should be on the bottle. Seems like the Cruise family doesn't make a move without consulting them first. Get some backbone and learn how to be proper parents.

2329 days ago


My daughter is 3, and while she is completely off the bottle, when she goes to her Nana's, she has one. It's a small treat she looks forward to. Suri is a little old to be doing nothing but suck on a bottle, but in a high-stress situation (like being surrounded by a crapload of paps), it is perfectly okay to give the child a bottle to keep them calm. TC and Katie probably feed her normal people food, the kid probably DOES drink from a sippy cup, but since we don't see this, everyone jumps to conclusions. The bottle is probably a comforting thing to Suri when she's scared. And that's fine...she's still a very young child, give her and her parents a break.

By the way, TMZ, I'm a doctor....a medical doctor...and my colleagues and I all agree that having a bottle every once in a while is okay for a child under 5. What do you think Gatorade containers with the twist and suck tops are but glorified bottles? And water bottles? Ha.

2329 days ago


rihanna was a hoooooooooo.......go to gifts by mykki . com

2329 days ago

baby girl    

BaBa WaWa wanted to sleep with Will Smith????

2329 days ago

Papa Bear    

All you people are wrong saying that drinking a bottle messes up a kid. First of all, kids have baby teeth until they are about 6 so drinking a bottle will NOT affect their permanent teeth. ALSO, my daughter drank a warm bottle of milk until she was 5. She would even make her own bottle when she got home from school She is now 16 yrs old and a straight A student who is great in sports and very popular in her high school. She's 5ft 10 "which I attribute to all that milk drinking" and she's NEVER had to have braces and she's the lead singer in the high school choir. People and doctors who say it has to be this way or that way are clueless. They only want to force their beliefs on other people. They only say something because they want to act like there should be restrictions on everything and time limits. Drinking sugar filled KOOLAID out of a bottle might cause tooth decay, but I never had problems with my child with decay. Why? Because I taught her to brush her teeth twice a day. Dentist used to say at least 3 times a day, but now they are running into problems with people brushing their gums away from their teeth, after many years of brushing like Dentists said, now we know that 3 times a day is too much for your gums. Another example of Doctors not knowing everything!

2329 days ago

Papa Bear    

Oh, and I never put anything but milk in my daughter's bottle.

2329 days ago


Who cares if Suri has a bottle or not? I'm sure she drinks out of a sippy cup as well. She's not going to be permanently scarred if she has a bottle longer than pediatricians approve. This is just nit-picking. This little girl is being well-raised and this is just an attempt to poke at Tom through his child. Not something one should be proud of. I will guarantee that every single one of us has done, is doing, or will do something with our children that pediatricians wouldn't approve up. Leave the kid alone.

2329 days ago


Montana- just so you know, most pediatricians would rather see a 2 year old with a pacifier than a bottle, a bottle is worse for their teeth than a pacifier. Both my sons were done with the bottle at 12 months and the pacifier at 16 months, though.

2329 days ago


God only knows what they are teaching this child (no pun intended). I would certainly hope she gets her shots and proper medical care. What goes on behing closed doors is their business unless it is obviously physically or mentally abusive. Suri seems like a happy, well adjusted child. I don't know that the paps have ever caught her in a tantrum or the parents ready to snap. Whatever is going on, only time will tell.

2329 days ago
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