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New Dating Show Has Special Needs

5/7/2008 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An ad posted on Craigslist in NY searching for "mentally disabled" people to appear on a new dating show appears to be a crock of sh**.

Unlike "Flavor of Love," "Single and Special" says they are going to be a non-exploitative "tasteful" mix of "The Bachelor" and "Life Goes On." Um. Can you say "Littlest Groom?" The unnamed production company also claims to have the endorsement of the Special Olympics. Only thing is, it doesn't.

TMZ spoke with Kirsten Seckler at the Special Olympics who told us they'd never heard of the show and definitely "did not endorse a dating show for people with intellectual disabilities."

"Single and Special" refused to speak with TMZ.


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The first contestants should be Heidi and Spencer? Who knew?

2360 days ago


#11 BTW, In my provisional year in Junior League I spent 4 long hours a week for a full year volunteering at the local "Special Needs" school where hordes of back patters, do gooders and glory seekers tried to help these lambs try to do simplistic things as put together a 3 piece puzzle, eat with a spoon or even sit up. One has to rationalize that God made them this way for a reason and if we don't laugh at them then we cry.

2360 days ago


i'm bummed its just a scam. i could really imagine that on fox.

i was teasing and joking with some co-workers last year about a new show caklled "monkeys with handguns" and almost had them believing it was real. i kept telling them all kinds of lies about a show giving toy guns, and tv sets with war movies and old westerns to monkeys and seeing if if they learn to play with guns. then after they get used to playing with toys, give them cap guns, and then blanks and finely slipping them real ones. then waiting to see if they get scared of the guns, shoot themselves, or each other, or start going after the zoo keepers.

i just got this idea for a new show where you lock a dozen paps in a house with dog shock collars on them, or remote control tazers that can get them, and a hundred fancy new, loaded camers.

the main rule is if they touch a camera they get a shock and are out of the game!

then have hot chicks, politicans, and celebirtys walk by the house, or even visit, and see what happens!.

you could also take them on field trips with the same rules. take a picture if you want to, but it'll hurt

i'd watch that, and i bet lots of other people would too

2360 days ago


chicken stripper, here's a suggestion, let's laugh at what a heartless, pathetic waste of life you are

2360 days ago


This is not legit, the Special Olympics has already said they have never heard of these people. This could actually be a scam or a dangerous situation for those that answer the ad. The disabled esp mentally are taken advantage of financially and physically. This is scary and should be investigated.

2360 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Regarding the subject of the Handicapped in general (if they are born that way of course) everyone knows that even the animals are smarter than we are, they kill the deforrmed ones at birth. Makes a lot of sense to cart a drooling potato head around in a wheelchair that does nothing more than bob his head and spew unintelligible words you can't understand. They don't even know where they are half the time and the other half they are pooping themselves.

How can any of you really call that a life?

As for the ones that lost a limb or are blind, hey..sounds like good times for all involved and they have my vote!

2360 days ago


One of my sisters is one of "Those people". Let me tell you, ANYONE who is the
guardian for their family member who puts them on this show should be reported
to Adult Protective Services.

2360 days ago

Esmerelda Jones    

Hello Chicken Stripper...when you finally grow up and hopefully are blessed with a precious family, I pray that God does not bless you with a special needs child. He only blesses special people with special children. You suck, and I hope you feel wonderful next time you see someone disabled. :(((((((((((((((

2360 days ago


#21 people live amazing lives. Lives that you are too ignorant about and have no compassion in reagards to people who SUFFER yet show bigger balls than you. Maybe you'll be enlightened one day when dear 'ol Mommy has a stroke, or your nefew came into the world not so perfect. Hell, with the amount of ignorance that you possess, chances are you will put yourself on wheels with your own stupidity.

2360 days ago

Britney Spears    

They do have a website up SingleandSpecial com.I smell Emmy.

2360 days ago


I don't think this would be such a bad idea if it was done tastfully. Growing up I had a mentally challenged girl in my class who dated another mentally challenge boy. It was cute and sweet to think that these people despite there hardships are able to find healthy relationships with someone who really cares about them. Unfortunately tv is about ratings and not about heartfelt stories, so the show probably wouldn't highlight the best attributes to the handcap people finding one another.

2360 days ago


If this is really a sham then it's beyond despicable. If it's not a sham then it's still beyond despicable and I would hope that it would never get by TPTB at any network. I can't see any company wanting to buy advertising time. I would also hope that the families and/or guardians of any potential candidates for the show would never agree to them appearing on the show and being taken advantage in such a way.

2360 days ago

jessica jones    

this is just another example of the world exploting the disabilities of these special kids. my older brother has downs syndrome and it is because of these types of things and the ignorance of the world that i have to keep a close eye on him at all times. he is the best, most caring person i will or anyone can ever know. I will be the first to start any boycott of any network that would condone this type of exploting anyone.

2359 days ago


Chicken Stripper = total Idiot

Quentin = bad bad

Katiel = agrees

I thought T.v. had sunk to a new low with "Celebrity Detox".
If this is true, it is absolutely shameful, that someone would sink that low as to try and garner 'Fame' by taking advantage of people with Special Needs.


2359 days ago


my daughter has Down syndrome, she is 9 years old. She has a pretty normal life, actually. It is nice to see so many KIND comments here, people generally see the beauty in those with developmental disabilities. The ones who post the really cruel comments make me wonder, though. I hope that as she grows, she will find more of the good kind of people and much less of the hateful, ignorant, cruel ones. She has dignity, she is incredibly sweet and loving and very very bright.
As for the show, the premise is not a horrible one, IF it were done right. People with Developmental Disabilities fall in love, marry, and lead pretty normal lives many times. A show that respected them without cruelty would be kind of sweet, actually. Dont presume that they dont date or fall in love, they do. But reality tv being what it is, there is very little question it would exploit the people for laughs. And there will always be the jerks who make fun of them, even if it was tastefully done.
Probably not a good idea.

2359 days ago
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