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Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Groping

5/7/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A little song, a little dance, a little drizzle down your pants. That kinda sums up a blistering lawsuit filed by a former Weather Channel anchor against her colleague.
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Hillary Andrews claims Bob Stokes tormented her with crude, sexual come-ons, including once allegedly asking her, "Will you lick my swizzle stick?" Andrews also claims Stokes followed her into the women's dressing room, quizzed her about her sexual relationships, and pleaded with her to say she found him attractive. Oh yeah, and then there's this... Stokes allegedly told her, "It tortures me when you wear those heels and skirt."

Andrews took legal action against The Weather Channel, claiming it retaliated against her after she complained and then refused to take action against Stokes. Both since have been fired. obtained a lawsuit filed by Andrews against Stokes. That case is pending. Our forecast....he's screwed.

Aging Hollywood

God bless Hollywood -- and the stars that seem to be timeless. And even more so, bless those whose relationship with Father Time has been, to say the least, dysfunctional.
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Dancing and Having Sex with the Stars

There have been rumors swirling over who's hooking up with who on "Dancing with the Stars." There's a story going around that Cheryl Burke hooked up with Drew Lachey, although both strongly deny it. Mario Lopez definitely got busy with Karina Smirnov. And now we know Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth got it on.
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So what is the "DWTS" policy on the subject of sex with your partner? Our sources connected with the show say ... there is no policy. Dancers can do what they want, and the fact is, it's good for business when there's steam.

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Is the Fix in For Archuleta?

David Archuleta could fart and the "A.I." judges would say bravo.

Davie boy was pretty good last night, but really, it's as if the judges were preprogrammed to drool over him regardless of what he did. They didn't cream over Kelly Clarkson the way they did with David, and no offense, but he eats her dust.

"Idol" has its mitts on the recording contracts of the winners. So is this about talent, or that David is more commercial and has a longer shelf life? We're just askin'.....

Celeb Skin and Bones

It's real hard to find a good meal these days, especially when you're stuck in jail or rehab. But not all of these waif-like stars have incarceration to blame for their inability to fill out a pair of skinny jeans.
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The "Bionic Woman": 'Memba Her?!

Lindsay Wagner became famous for playing Jamie Sommers on the '70s TV series "The Bionic Woman." Guess what she looks like now!
Lindsay Wagner

Finally, Something Other than a Celeb Blows

It's not God exacting revenge on Heidi Montag -- it's a volcano erupting in Chaiten, Chile during a lightning storm.
Crazy volcano photo
No, it ain't Photoshopped.


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The pic is really cool. It's better than always seeing celebs being stupid! Also, I always found the weather channel to be boring...who knew what went on behind the scenes was more exciting than watching the weather forecast!

2359 days ago


God is really pissed off at us

2359 days ago

The Virus    

Second!! Damn...

2358 days ago


Just wonder why the pic is labeled 0506_volcano_lightning_landov2.jpg? The volcano at Chaiten didn't erupt until 2008.

2358 days ago


Did you miss your meds again? Have you really listened to David Archuleta? Obviously not or you wouldn't make such absurd accusations. He has one of the most pure voices to ever appear on the show, including Miss Clarkston. I have heard a lot of singers in my long, 74 year old life, but this guy is the real deal. Better get used to it, tin ear. David A. is going to sell off the charts, regardless of whether or not you or the judges like him.

2358 days ago


American Idol was te worst I have ever seen it last night. With the whole R&R hall of fame portfolio, how in the world could this group miss so badly. David Cook should be the clear winner, because he really embodies what an A.I. should be. David Archaletta could not suck enough!! every song souds the same and why doesn't anybody discuss the annoying sound of his breathing when he sings, it is so distracting that I just can't bear listening to him. Siesha will go on to broadway and Jason will go on playing in small venues until he gets his degree. David Cook will go on to be the only real commercial success this year.


2358 days ago


So typical that they fire the woman who was being harrassed. How do they justify that?? We have not come very far after all.

2358 days ago


It is obvious to me that the producers and powers that be WANT David Archuleta to be the next American Idol. I find him boring, nervous, immature and he always sounds the SAME. Can he sing anything but a ballad, ever? They never have chastised him for singing only ballads, and they have come down on other contestants for singing the same type of music all the time. The "tweenagers" are the ones voting over and over and over again for him. This could be solved with a one vote rule, but that is never going to happen.I much prefer someone like David Cook who can sing probably any type of music very well. He is the real deal.

2358 days ago


David Archuleta may have a halfway decent voice, but his talent is definitely lacking - as a singer his enunciation is poor and he tends to stretch phrases - don't really see a long career for him at all. David Cook is the clear and present winner here!

2358 days ago

Jayson Garza    

Sorry, but David Archuleta's rendition of Love Me Tender had as much emotion as... well actually it had none. I'm very sorry, but this kid either sold his soul to the devil or David's father has something iron-clad on Mr. Cowell. Pure voice? Yes, I would say so, but the kid does not blow me away (and it seems that about 75% of those polled on this page seem to think the same). Drooling over D.A...REALLY?!?! David Cook's "Always Be My Baby" during Mariah Carey Week, now that was memorable! Judges, in that instance you got it absolutely right! However, last night you totally sold out and shot any credibility Idol had earned in my book. Of course that is just my opinion. Maybe we should ask 11-, 12- and 13-year-olds what they think. Mr. Simon, are those $$ I see in your eyes?

2358 days ago


Wow - thank god for the soothing nature shot - my eyes were burning from the hideous pic of Amy W.

2358 days ago


David A is always watching the audience - as though he were seeking gratification from his family. I hear he has a "stage father" and that may be who he looks toward when he sings. It may also be why he closes his eyes when he sings - so that he cannot see his fathers reactions until the song has ended. He is indeed the best vocally in the show. He has never been off key, but he is also a balladeer which IS getting old. David Cook is a Daughtry wannabe and Jason is the "Sanjaya" of this season - he is not in the league of any of the other three. Syesha will be another Jennifer Hudson on Broadway or in the movies as she has a great personality and a great vocal range. I can't say that any of these will be the star that Carrie Underwood has become or that Clay Aiken should be (with the proper management), but in my opinion David A should win the contest and then quickly dump his father.

2358 days ago



2358 days ago


This is HOW American Idol Works. The 2nd place singer ALWAYS wins American Idol. Why? you ask? Because they can kill 2 birds with one stone thats why. Example. Why make the #1 singer, the American idol winner? They have nothing to gain by doing this. Look back at EVERY YEAR, and you will see what I mean. By making the 2nd best person the American Idol winner, this gives him the American Idol singing Contract to sing what songs they want him to sing, etc, which he MAY, or may not have gotten if he finished 2nd. NOW, The BEST singer will always finish 2nd or 3rd, why? Because they are so good that the American Idol side puppets will of course automatically give them contracts anyway. They are proven star quality that will get contracts WITH or WITHOUT AI people... There you go... Classic example. Ruben studdard and Clay Aiken. How on earth does Clay finish 2nd? Come on... And the same goes for ALL the years. just take a look at #1, and #2 or 3...

Should name the show CAN'T FOOL AMERICA!

2358 days ago


Good thought, Paul Never looked at it this way until now.

2358 days ago
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