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Even the Nazis Hate Von A-Hole

5/8/2008 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Add Hitler to the long list of people who couldn't give a rat's ass about Prince Von A-Hole.

According to the royal pain-in-the-butt himself, the Prince's "adopted" grandfather, Kaiser Wilhelm II, was booted from Germany by Adolf back in the day. It's a bit of an embellishment (Adolf only blamed the guy for losing WWI), but if Wilhelm was anything like his grandson, it's not that hard to believe.


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You do realize he is NOT Wilhelm II's grandson? I suggest checking your sources before you lump this prick with the German royal family. He was adopted by the wife of Joachim, who was the son of Wilhelm in 1980, many years after the death of Joachim. He has not REAL link to the Kaiser. DUH!

2338 days ago


Can I ask who this guy is? Honestly I have no idea who he is what he does or why he is talked about so much on this website.. sorry for being ignorant.. it's an honest question

2338 days ago


If only TMZ would stop running bits on him 3 times a week. You care far more about him than even Zsa Zsa does.

2338 days ago



You have your facts totally wrong. Prince Von A-Hole purchased his title for a German dutchess who adopted him as an adult. There isn't a drop of royal blood in his veins. He is just an average man who got lucky and wed Zsa Zsa who loves titles.

2338 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

A Complete Fabrication!

Hitler and the Kaiser never crossed paths; different eras in German history.

2338 days ago


Number 3 is correct:

From Wikipedia:

"Prinz von Anhalt was born as Hans Robert Lichtenberg (other sources state Hans-Georg Lichtenberg) near Bad Kreuznach, Germany. The son of a German police officer, he was adopted in 1980 by Princess Marie Auguste of Anhalt (1898-1983) which has led confusion in media reports that he is a member of a European royal family, which he is not. The family of Princess Marie Auguste has never recognized him as being part of their lineage nor is he entitled to any official royal title.

Marie Auguste's first husband was Prince Joachim of Prussia, the youngest son of German Emperor William II. Prince Joachim committed suicide in 1920 after four years of marriage. She subsequently (1926) wed Johannes-Michael Freiherr von Loën, whom she divorced in 1935.[1]

Upon his adoption by Princess Marie Auguste of Anhalt, Lichtenberg took the name Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt; he is also known as Frédéric von Anhalt. The adoption and name change did not confer any title or nobility, though this is often assumed by various media outlets unfamiliar with the technicalities of the adoption and which, therefore, frequently refer to him incorrectly as a prince. Prinz von Anhalt is his surname, rather than a title, as per German laws regarding the country's former nobility. In addition to long-standing conventions prohibiting the transfer of German titles to adopted individuals -- except for individuals who are blood relations adopted by another relative -- the Anhalt family does not include Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt as a member."

2338 days ago


I tolt choo guyss thad I purchased da tidle ! Sthoopit ! Pleese ! Svinehunt !

2338 days ago


The man isn't even a real prince, and he was never the Kaiser's grandson. Do you have illiterates working for you at TMZ???

2338 days ago


You have dips'hits who probably didn't go past the 6th grade in school.

2338 days ago


Good lord! You people are nimrods.

2338 days ago


this guy is amazing hhahaha you go o california and be whoever you like. I'm going so I can be a prince too.édéric_Prinz_von_Anhalt

2338 days ago


Ahhhhh HAHAHA TMZ trying to make him look bad when they look like complete idiots for this story! On top of it all, they try and make being hated by Hitler a bad thing! Like Hitler mattered! So is it safe to say under TMZ standards that TMZ itself are Hitler loving Nazi's?

Run with that TMZ!

2338 days ago


Why does TMZ keep running stories on this guy? He was only relevant because of the Anna Nicole death, but that was over a year ago, no one cares about him anymore...

2338 days ago


Guys, Puh-lease. Kaiser Bill (who our doughboys and the British Tommies and the French poilus thought should be hung from a sour apple tree) went into exile in the Netherlands just as World War I was ending. He was basically a gutless showoff, and it is weird that anyone would want to claim him as an ancestor, but for sure Hitler and the Kaiser never met or had anything directly to do with each other, although Hitler served in the German army on the Western Front while KB was still in power, and the "little corporal" was gassed, blamed the Jews for Germany's defeat and so on.
This local weirdo should be ignored, not encouraged.

2338 days ago


Too bad Prince Von Ahole doesn't carry the hemophillia gene...he should because he is a "G-paw" Willy.
People who choose to become fake royals should take on the Hohenzollerns or Hapsburg, better chance of getting grubby paws on some stashed loot in Switzerland

2338 days ago
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