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Rosie Rides for Team Babwa!

5/8/2008 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though they had some hard words when Rosie bailed on "The View" last year, it seems like Ro and Barbara Walters are waaaaay past that -- and now TMZ knows whose corner Rosie's in when it comes to Babwa v. Star.

Rosie's rep tells TMZ, "Rosie loves Barbara ... always has and always will." Tellingly, no mention of Star, who Rosie replaced as one of the "View" yentas when Star so bitchily ditched the show the year before.

Barbara told ET earlier today that she didn't know anything about Star's Wednesday bitchbomb.


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Considering the way Rosie put Babwa in her book I am not surprised. Rosie will always respect her.

2362 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Rosie , apparently , is in the best wishes of Iran or Hamas , given her comments very negative comments about the USA 7 UK.

2362 days ago


3 very childish women...if you count Rosie as a woman.

2362 days ago


StarZilla Jones should keep her trap shut! She was detested on The View and so full of herself!
Bawba is now with a woman, Cindy Adams.
Big Ro is crazy but I like her and she did the very best job on The View. I had to watch daily when she was host.

2362 days ago


TMZ, let this story go.................For the love of God, you get ahold of something and just BEAT it to death!! Surely you have other stories!

Frankly, I don't give a damn what Rosie thinks or said. Let it go people! BW, Barbara's book is wonderful!

2362 days ago

Funny Answers    

Barbara should be a shamed of herself, not only commiting adultry, but bragging about it in a book, naming names. This poor guy, his family must be out of their minds with anger towards him and her. What has happened to people. It used to be they took their private life to the grave, and Barbara is close, so what she is taking everyone down with her, to make her look , What ??? Sexual??? Please. She is in her late 70's, yuk.... So you slept around, did you think people did not think you did before you put it into print. Shame on you, Barbara, my you get paid back for ruining this mans image. You are not even worth seeing anymore. And to call Star names, keeping her surgery informaiton, then getting angry and putting it in print. That is low, really low. Your no better than the people you comdemd.....

2362 days ago


The wrong one left "The View". Until Church Lady Hasslebeck is gone, it's unwatchable.

2362 days ago


# 7 you are to funny....

2362 days ago

Get better, kiddo    

It's sad when two grown women act like teenagers with back stabs, and neener neeners. Both are wrong, both tell stories and both know better.

2362 days ago


Rosie might have said those things about Barbara, but I am sure they worked it outon their own by now and Rosie really respects her. I agree with K .C. and it was worth watching the view with Rosie on the show. She made it fun to watch. They should have not re-newed the real crazy-bitches contract(that little witcth Elizabeth "Ass Kisser" Hasselback). She is just horrible and Whoopie really needs to put her in her place on the show. I hope it happens soon.

2362 days ago


rosie is a crazy ass b*tch

2362 days ago


Barbara is a slut and a whore and deserves what Star said. As for Elisabeth I love her. Only small mindepeople don't like her. Whoopi never lets her talk and they all gang up on her and then say she doesn't shut up. She gets 2 sentences to the other four women's 20 sentences. You all must be as liberal as Rosie and Barbara and Whoopi and Joy to not like Elisabeth. She at least can back up what she says. Joy just sputters and Whoopi throws her stardom around. Wish they would bring Hannity or O'reilly in for a few segments and let him tell Whoopi who thinks she's a wonder and Joy who isn't -they need to be shut up. They have no stats only catch phrases. Elisabeth states facts.

2362 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Star and Rosie are Bitches and dumb as rocks. Whoopie looks like a homeless person and is boring as hell. Joy thinks she is so funny - and she's not. Classy Queen Barbara is still in charge and I think Elizabeth is adorable. So there !!!!
That's why they call it The View. We all have different opinions. I'll watch it again when Whoopie takes a flea bath and gets some decent clothes.

2362 days ago

Right On    

Well said, Reallyirked. I just love the people that rip on Elisabeth because she has Christian religeous beliefs and doesn't blather on like the liberal hens on the show

2362 days ago


Love myself some Rosie! GOOOO Rosie!

2362 days ago
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