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Big Coverup

5/8/2008 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Kate" Holmes has plunked down cash for more than 40 blankets for her little Scientolo-tot. What, like she's supposed to get hand-me-downs from the Beckham boys?

A source at trendy baby boutique Little Giraffe told us that Tom's wife buys the $78 plush, satin and Chenille blanket in bulk - ten at a time. We're guessing laundry day at the Cruise compound comes around as often as "Kate" gets good movie roles.


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Why do ppl keep saying that bottle and blanket have to go??? She just turned 2!!! What u guys never seen a kid with a bottle and blanket? ITS NORMAL PPL!! I WORK IN DAYCARE SO I KNOW!
Blanket is attachment toy and by the way Suri is beautiful! regardless of what I think of Tom Cruise

2356 days ago


Why in the world is she still sucking on a freaking bottle!!!! She is 2 years old and should be using a sippy cup or even a regular cup with a lid. Wake up Tom and Katie!!!

2356 days ago


Suri's sacred blanket is made of the woven pubic hair of L Ron Hubbard. The bottle is filled with "compliance juice", not milk.

BTW, little Suri looks just like G-Maw Mopather.

2356 days ago


she is an adorable little girl. I think she looks like both parents. Katie can buy whatever or however many blankets she wants, it's their money and if it makes suri happy, that's all that matters.

2356 days ago


Hummm i wonder if Josh Hartnett is the real father of Katie`s baby , he looks just like Suri , Tom sure doesn`t.

2356 days ago


ok so why the hell does suri still have a bottle..arent u supposed to get rid of the bottle at age 1 ?? and suri is 2 ??

2356 days ago


Don;t you think it's time she was off the bottle? What's wrong with her Mom?

2356 days ago

the wise old owl    

Tom Cruise must grow tired of playing " biological father " to SURI. It's obvious that SURI is 2 to 3 months OLDER than Tom claims she is.

That's why " Mr. I need Attention all the time " waited so long to sell pictures of Suri. He couldn't sell " newborn pictures " because it would have revealed her true age.

When you reveal a 3 month old ,,,, she could be 5 months old. That's why the " bottle thing " is so profound. Just another PROP to make the " time line " work..and their story seem more convincing. I believe the public is not that GULLIBLE ,,,, and can see the forest through the trees. Why do you think T.C. has guards that watch over his trash ?? He doesn't want someone taking a DNA swab from Suri's bottle. Because if they did ......they would discover something TC would not want the public to know.

I support ANNONOMOUS... they are well versed , and educated on the CULT OF SCIENTOLOGY. Poor Suri is just a victim who may have monitary privledges , but is just a PAWN to promote the expansion of the CULT that Tom belongs to. She will have all the " bells and whistles " but will also have 2 parents whose agenda is not focused on their child.

Katie is just a " shawdow " of her former self. . I feel sorry for her. I wouldn't trade MY LIFE ....for her's. As a matter of fact.....I would RUN. I KNOW A CULT WHEN I SEE ONE. And beleive YOU , me. This is one.


2356 days ago


how old is she now 2, the bottle and blanket, need to go

2356 days ago


Maybe Suri is being raised on L. Ron Hubbard's barley formula recipe. (I'm not joking). By the way, Leah Remini is a Scientologist too. These kids must love that freakin' barley. They can't put that bottle down!

2356 days ago


Those blankets are chenille- and chenille does NOT hold up if you wash it in hot water as you would do with a blanket that gets dragged all over. the bigger problem is that damn bottle the kid has in her mouth. Oh- and maybe atrophy of the legs because she never gets to walk. If they don't give her buck teeth and useless legs, she is the best looking celebrity child. By far. By the way, katie, you can buy chenille blankets at bed bath and beyond with a coupon for ALOT less! Just saying.

2356 days ago


Kate is the wired one not tom.
and suri is adorable. who cares if shes holding on to a blanket. shes only 2 give the girl a break

and why isn't toms X Nicole ever with her 2 other children???????????? i always see tom with them but NEVER her. shes another weirdo

2356 days ago


How many of you idiots that are saying she needs to get rid of the bottle and blanket actually parents? She's freakin 2 years old! Who cares if she has a blanket. My 2 year old loves his blanket. Because guess what, at two years old they're still BABIES! Our society is so hellbent of forcing our infants to be independent before they're ready that it's no wonder so many adults are insecure or suffer from anxiety. Let them be babies. If she is still on the bottle in college, then maybe there is a problem. And if you don't have kids, shut up, because you really don't know what you're talking about.

I'm sickened by the comments about her being ugly and such. She's a beautiful, precious little girl who is someone's baby. Grow the f*ck up people.

2356 days ago

German Duckie    

maybe bacteriphobia....i.e. she uses each blanket just ONCE, then throws it away.

Perhaps the cult of Scientology tells her so.

2356 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

This little child is cute. The blankie is okay, but the bottle should go. Hey, if I could have afforded 40 blankets, I'd have given them to my son when he was that age.

2356 days ago
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