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Nick's New Mug

5/9/2008 5:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Bollea fun fact: He is the only sentenced juvenile in the juvenile population of the Pinellas County Jail. All of the 56 other juveniles are pre-trial -- some on violent felony charges.Nick Bollea


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whatcha gonna do, when butt rapists run wild on you???? your 20 inch pythons aint gonna help nicky boy, hulk!!! maybe instead of pretending to be a bad ass all those years, you should have tried being a real parent!!!

2260 days ago



2266 days ago


Nobody wins here, both families lose.

2266 days ago


Nice racing stripes, Nick

2266 days ago


What a great picture of a drunk driver. I am so glad he got the 8 months...I wish it was longer to be honest with you. He deserved to live the way his buddy John is...

2266 days ago


Dont drop the soap!!! Actualy, go ahead, drop it, as often as possible, you deserve a lot more than what you got. STUPID, SPOILED BRAT!!! DROP THE SOAP!!

2266 days ago


#3-chicken stripper - LMAO!! ------------ Wait til all the other juvies get a hold of him - they'll tear his a** up

2266 days ago


everyone is quick to point at nick for being the bad one but yet his friend knew how nick liked to speed and still got in the car with him, a good friend what have told nick hey the streets are wet and if your going to drive crazy then i will not be riding with you and let`s not forget nick was wearing a seat belt and john wasn`t. maybe john wanted to show off just as much as nick did but nick was at least smart enough to wear his seat belt. so i think that john`s family needs to admit that he also did wrong.

2266 days ago


While I was watching the live feed and the judge was giving the sentence my stomach was in knots! This kid had NO expression what so ever.............Un frickin believable!!!!!!

2266 days ago


Maybe everyone was drunk in the car. I'm sure it wasn't a secret Nick was. Maybe if someone else was driving the same could have happened to Nick. I'm sure he didn't want it to go down that way.

2266 days ago


I think it is terrible what Nick did, but John chose to get in the car with him knowing he had been drinking and he chose NOT to put his seat belt on. Teenagers think they are invincible. If John was wearing his seat belt and was okay would they be having this hearing? Also Brooke was out of line by saying he spent more time with their family than his own. Even if it is true, do you think thats what the family wants to hear?

2266 days ago


How come Nick is only 17 and already getting a sagging neck? TMZ, please add him to the "saggy neck" photo gallery. Nick strikes me as the type of kid who is totally lazy and never lifts a finger. That might explain the neck thing.

2266 days ago


I think I see LameMZ in here,,,,, LMAO!!! Nice name change!!!

2266 days ago


This is Awfull, and the comments from the brother about how the act of his length in iraq and how he was defending our families...was mentioed the judge mentioned it, to bad he was wishing hateful things to hear some of the nice things the Judge and other people had to say about his brother. And also everyone wants to point the finger but the truth is would john of been less hurt if he was wearing his seatbelt?

2266 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

He looks way older then 17.

2266 days ago
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