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Alec Smarts on "60 Min."

5/11/2008 9:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin vented on "60 Minutes" about the voice mail message to his daughter which TMZ first published. He also trashes Kim Basinger's lawyer.

In the segment, which airs tonight, Baldwin says, "You get so frustrated, and you realized, number one, and it's wrong. It's totally wrong ... that I was really speaking to someone else when I left that message. I was pissed. I had been putting up with this for six years."

As for calling his daughter a "thoughtless little pig," Baldwin thinks the real damage is that the voice mail went public.

Baldwin's venom was targeted at Basinger's lawyer, Judy Bogen. When asked about his comment that she resembled "a 300 pound homunculus with a face like a clinched fist," he said he was being "kind" and that it was not abusive given what she put him through.

Tonight, Bogan's law partner, Neal Hersh, blasted Baldwin, saying, "His personal attacks were socially and morally unacceptable, not to mention inaccurate. He defended his actions rather than take responsibility."

BTW, a homunculus is "a miniature adult that in the theory of preformation is held to inhabit the germ cell and to produce a mature individual merely by an increase in size."


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#114 yeah and make sure he isn't a big fat foul mouth pig

2353 days ago


You got THAT RIGHT #115. Make sure your potential husband isn't a psycho lard-a$$ narcissist. That can't hurt either.

2353 days ago


Baldwin, Alec: Great actor. Moronic father. Consummate egotist. He will make a fine politician, with a history of anger management issues ala John McCain.

2353 days ago


Wow - I'm amazed at the number of people who have commented about my comment (#8). PAS is wrong and it just sucks. I am in no way endorsing Alec Baldwin one way or the other, but having lived thru PAS with my husband's ex, let me assure you it can drive you to places you would NEVER normally go. Even the most restrained & tactful of people have a breaking point. I would like to share a new development with my husband's 15 year old son with everyone: night before last, after his nutball mother's most recent tirade, he told his dad that he was so tired of his mother's lies & drama and that he thought it was time for the 3 of them to sit down together, and for the truth to finally be brought out into the open. I have told hubby for YEARS that this day would come, and looks like maybe the truth is about to at least peak it's head thru the dark clouds that have existed in this father/son relationship for all these years. Whether or not the child believes the truth once it's spoken is another matter entirely, but at least, he's open to hearing the truth for the first time. I think his mom has finally been just crazy enough to cause the boy to see that she's missing a few sandwiches from her mental picnic basket. That and the fact that when he comes to our house, there's no fussing & fighting, no drama, and we all love each other. (It helps that none of us here are Rx drug addicted, too, I'm sure.) We don't hang out at the bars & leave our daughter at home with a strange babysitter, and we have NEVER insisted the boy call me anything other than my first name; she, on the other hand, has had several boyfriends/husbands in her life in the 10 years I've been married to my hubby, and she's had all 3 of her kids call each of the men "daddy." The older two kids quit school at 16 years old, and got the heck out of her house, and they've both been in trouble with the law in a variety of ways (1 boy, 1 girl). The boys has done some jail time for stealing construction equipment and drugs, I think. (hearsay - just repeating the tstory I heard what his incarceration was for.) The girl is now working 2 jobs to support a boyfriend who is in jail - she's only 21 years old and been with this guy for about 3 or 4 years. What is wrong with these kids? I pray & hope every day that my hubby's boy will be able to beat the odds of her raising.

These comments are for my "friends" #60, 87, 95, 98, 100, 101 & 114 . Chin up - and just stay as calm as possible and have faith that one day, these children are going to come seeking answers. Have your "evidence" ready to present - save ALL your paperwork, telephone calls, etc. LOG everything. And may the Universe return to the ex's all that they've put out into the world - at least 10-fold!

Blessed be to all. Alec, chill out. You give away your power when you lose your temper, and it makes you look like a jerk.

2334 days ago



2355 days ago


This man has no remorse for what he has done to his daughter. He could have hit her and it would not hurt as bad as his words did. The pain from physical abuse goes away, the pain from mental abuse never goes away. It plays over and over in your head. He is heartless and the interview tonight just confirmed this.

2355 days ago


Alec, that didn't seem sincere although I know divorce sucks.

2355 days ago


I...I....I....typical response from Baldwin. Is it always all about him? If you look up narcissism in the DSM-IV-TR would you find a description of him there? Is he a classic abuser-user? "...what she put me through." So are we to believe that his relationship problems are never his fault? He obviously truly believes that "the real damage" was that his phone message went public. Are you kidding me?!! Is he the kind of guy who'd say, "She MADE me punch, insult, berate and degrade her? It is all HER fault?"

"I was pissed off. I've been putting up with this for 6 years". That's the best he can come up with for berating his young daughter in his phone message? Does this man not have emotional maturity to know the difference between reaction and response?

2355 days ago


What a jerk, "the real damage is that the voice mail went public". He means the damage to his career. He doesn't give two good craps about the damage it did to his daughter, can you imagine the hell she caught at school. Too this day he shows no remorse. Like I said, what a jerk.

2355 days ago


He's mad because he's lost his looks, and is now officially off the leading man lists. That's how petty and stupid and shallow Alec Baldwin is. And what a loving father he turned out to be. SNORT.

2355 days ago


I think that might be "germ cell" in the homunculus definition, not "germ call."

Good grief.

2355 days ago


I may catch a lot of slack for making this comment, but having been the "new wife" for 10 years now, and dealing with the emotional garbage hubby's ex has foisted onto us as well as their son, I can see why Alec snapped. No one needs to put him down until they have lived thru Parental Alienation Syndrome. Until you have walked a mile in those particular shoes, you cannot honestly say what you would & would not do. It's a horribly selfish & mean thing to put a child thru in the first place. And unless you just have unlimited financial resources to fight it out in court (which we do not), there's not a single solitairy thing that can be done. At some point, you just throw up your hands and walk away, and you tell yourself, "Well, one day my child will see the truth of this whole fiasco." And you hope & pray that they do. Alec and Ireland are BOTH in my prayers. And if Kim is anything like my hubby's ex, well, all I can say is that there is a special place in Hell for people who do that to their children.

Ireland is damned if she loves her dad (or displays her love), because Kim will make her feel guilty for doing so; and if she doesn't show her love for her dad, then he's hurt and that makes her feel badly, too. So, as you see, there are NO winners when dealing with PAS. But I ask you "do-gooders" and "finger pointers" out there to do some research on PAS before passing judgment on Alec Baldwin. Every human being has a breaking point, and you can only take so much before you say things you shouldn't. And that includes every single one of us experiencing this human condition. No one is exempt. If you say you wouldn't/couldn't do that, then you've never dealt with the adversity that others' have. You've been unbelievably lucky. I wouldn't wish PAS on anyone.

2355 days ago


You have the definition wrong.

2355 days ago


The only remorse he has is the world learned how he speaks to his child.

2355 days ago


What a loser! It isn't his're the adult you moron! Grow up, go get anger management training and stop making excuses for your pathetic, abusive behavior!

2355 days ago
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