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Alec Smarts on "60 Min."

5/11/2008 9:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin vented on "60 Minutes" about the voice mail message to his daughter which TMZ first published. He also trashes Kim Basinger's lawyer.

In the segment, which airs tonight, Baldwin says, "You get so frustrated, and you realized, number one, and it's wrong. It's totally wrong ... that I was really speaking to someone else when I left that message. I was pissed. I had been putting up with this for six years."

As for calling his daughter a "thoughtless little pig," Baldwin thinks the real damage is that the voice mail went public.

Baldwin's venom was targeted at Basinger's lawyer, Judy Bogen. When asked about his comment that she resembled "a 300 pound homunculus with a face like a clinched fist," he said he was being "kind" and that it was not abusive given what she put him through.

Tonight, Bogan's law partner, Neal Hersh, blasted Baldwin, saying, "His personal attacks were socially and morally unacceptable, not to mention inaccurate. He defended his actions rather than take responsibility."

BTW, a homunculus is "a miniature adult that in the theory of preformation is held to inhabit the germ cell and to produce a mature individual merely by an increase in size."


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exection - lol, Please don't bother - I see my mispell!

exception - yeah, that looks better!

2325 days ago


Is he still going on about this? It was a year or more ago all this sheat took place and he's still flapping off his mouth about it? C/mon Alec, get on with your life, you got nothing else going on to talk about?

2325 days ago


Verbal abuse is never alright, public or not. He needs help. (lots of therapy)

2325 days ago

beverly w    

come on,if there is any parents out there you know that we all say and do some things that we probably shouldnt to our kids. parenting doesnt come with a manual. My understanding is they had an agreement that he would call at a certain time, and he had for a few days and the phone wasnt being answere, and we are all human.. I think that mom should have made sure that the phone was on and that he had access to his daughter. Ireland is too young to make these decisions for herself and mom is doing it for her. Why would anyone leak that to the media and it had to be kim, what has she said that wasnt record, only to defame someone and try to look like the rose,. There are 3 sides to every story, his, hers, and the truth

2325 days ago

Get better, kiddo    

Yeah right, it's the lawyers fault he called his kid such terrible names - he's a jerk that blames everyone BUT himself for what he causes both with his mouth and actions. He's a poor excuse for a father. Creep!

2325 days ago


wow! Is it me or does his face look loke a tightened fist too?

2325 days ago

Little Mama    

Baldwin is a reprehensible, egotistical, porcine piece of human debris, fixated on his own imaginary importance and lacking the ability to see past the end of his nose. Time has not been kind to Mr. Baldwin. In an ideal situation, character would take over and make up for the loss of physical appeal. But where character is absent, well, you get Alec Baldwin.

2325 days ago

Leann Gosselin    

TMZ....... I just wanted to let you know how much I love you!!!..... I really do!.....thanks for all your FUNNY articles that keep us celebrity crazed fans coming back for more!!!!.......don't listen to those stupid people who come on to your site just to bash you!!!.....they have no brains anyway!!!.....I'm just sayin!!![I sound like you!!! hehe!]

2325 days ago


Does Kim keep the kid from him to prevent him from talking to her like this, or does he talk to her like this because Kim keeps her from him? I seriously doubt that voicemail was an isolated incident, and I wouldn't blame Kim if she kept the child away from him because of it. What no one seems to ever ask, and I would like to know the answer to, is how many times he did this before Kim got fed up and released the tape to the media.

2325 days ago


3 years ago I would have totally been ranting about Alec being horrible... but after going through a similar situation in the past three years, I have a new perspecitve. Please believe me when I tell you - you have to live through Parental Alienation to understand how evil it is, and what it can turn you into in a moment of frustration. Also - sometimes these kids CAN be selfish little pigs when they do not think for themselves and treat their parent in a horrible fashion - that hey would NEVER be allowed to do if the parents were still married. At some point, you have to care about the child's character and tell them that they are being horrible. My step mom called me a brat - because I was BEING a brat - and thank God she loved me enough to lay it on the line - (because my own mom - in her anger against my Dad was letting me be a brat and rewarding it ) - it helped me to see I didn't want to be that way. I am a better person for it. There is nothing wrong with telling a child who is being a selfish little pig that they are being a selfish little pig... newsflash - all children are not being angels at all times.

2325 days ago


The guy is a total jerk Good fathers do not talk to their kids in tht manner - no matter what the problem. He just happened to get caught, the facade was removed.

That's often what you have to work with when you deal with a dry alcoholic, the are full of vicious games the like to play. I feel sorry for Kim Basinger. The whole Baldwin clan has majorproblems.

Alec is a first rate manipulator and I would NEVER vote this control freak into any public office.

2325 days ago


Bogen or Bogan? I need a job...hire me as a copy editor?

2325 days ago


He looks painfully constipated! What an a$$!

2325 days ago


Alec Baldwin has an over-inflated ego! He is nothing more than an abuser! His ex and his daughter are better off without him and he needs to learn to let go! He seems to be an abuser that also has an impulse problem and has to have control constantly or he is out of control!!! Alec get some therapy! A word to SNL- I'm aware that Alec has hosted the show more times than any celebrity, hence his ego! However, I turn the channel whenever he is hosting SNL! Can't stand him! He is just a few feet away from being another O.J.! If anyone is reading this and is his friend, Please get him some help! He does not need to be around his little girl and calling her the PIG name! Shame on him! I don't care how many times he's apologized about it! Action's speak louder than words-he needs therapy!!!!

2325 days ago

Dog The Bounty Hunter Sucks    

I think if you asked me who I would most like to punch in the face it would be this punk Baldwin. Your typical Hollywood tough guy wanna be. I'd slap him silly.

2325 days ago
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