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Bloody Saturday for Suge

5/11/2008 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Suge Knight, minutes after someone knocked him out cold at a Hollywood club.
Suge Knight: Click to view!
As we first reported, Suge was at Shag nightclub when he began arguing with a man he had been talking with. Our spy overheard Suge say, "I want my money!" Suge and his peeps beat the guy to the ground, but the man landed a right hook on Suge's face, knocking him out for around three minutes.

We obtained these photos of a bloody Suge just after the incident.

Suge was taken to the hospital where LAPD officers arrived, but he refused to file a report.


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I would personally like to buy the guy a beer for knocking this coward out.

2300 days ago




2300 days ago


Whoever it was that did that will most likely end up dead within a couple of days.

2300 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Eat Fist beothch! Wonderful photos!

2300 days ago

a real mommy    

Too bad someone didnt kill him. Its been almost 12 years since 2pac died and 11 since Biggie. Suge shoulda been dead a long time ago. Please someone take this lowlife out.

2300 days ago

Andrew Bagley    

Kudos to the little guy who knocked this piece of garbage out, but I sure wouldn't want to be him. You know for sure he is a marked man now

2300 days ago

white boy    

Will somebody please whack this irrelevant, murderous degenerate?

2300 days ago


Couldn't have happened to a nicer thug! Not so tough without your "peeps" helping you beat a guy down.

2300 days ago

He's Boring now    

Thank god a thug wanna be like Suge cant just go into any town in America he chooses. Yes Suge we are prejudice outside of your clubbing towns and we will profile you, follow you, hound you and not let you or your entourage destroy what you have in the inner cities. Your culture is pure crap now and everyone, even those of your color and culture know it. No respect for family, education, authority or religion.

Thank goodness this will be the last generation of what you have brought upon your people. OUr mission now is you dont bring it here. And here is everywhere outside of your inner cities which have crumbled with this culture.

And btw, wow, one punch knock out. What a glass jaw you must have. Guess your street cred is gone now. Either way, stay in your hood cause you cant come to ours.

2300 days ago

Deliman in the 206    

You guys take the easy shots always TMZ!!!!! I wanna see you pursue Suge Nite and ask him what it was like being bitch slapped by Prince. Use the TMZ tenacity to have a camera person to track his every move and ask him the question of "Why he was bitch slapped" on film? Oh wait, TMZ "Stalkerazzi's are pansies they are more in love stalking Miley (age 14) a Spears that is 17, Come on I give money to any TMZ Video hag to ask Suge why he got his ass beat.

2300 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

HA HA! Suge knight is the typical bully; all tough talk & bluster, until he pushes someone too far & that someone calls his bluff & punches his ass out! What a WUSS! Suge knight is a p*ssy ass bitch!

2300 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

Suck Knight will have to hide for a year or more; his street "cred" is gone, never to return. Someone got beat down by his entourage of p*ssies, got up & took this wimp out with one punch? That's HILARIOUS! Too bad he didn't break his damn neck instead. The only good suck knight is a dead suck knight...

2300 days ago

Felon's Mama    

Lmao... If Suge Knight is hoping that this particular incident got swept under the rug and that if it didn't, that no one would care... all he needs to do is read these postings. Omg. Talk about being put into your place! It is way overdue. This idiot has been allowed to do pretty much as he pleases with little or no consequences. I am not ashamed to admit to an enormous feeling of satisfaction when I read the article, and an even bigger sense of karma at it's best after reading the postings. Suge- grow up. You are not a 15 year old teenager who doesn't know better. You are 40 and if you don't know better, then you should now! ROTFLMAO!

2300 days ago


Reading This was the best Mother's day present ever.....just the beginning of the KARMA for Christopher George Wallace BITCH

2300 days ago

Felon's Mama    

Get on the ball TMZ!!! We want to see pics of the "David" that knocked out this so called "Goliath"! Somebody give the man an award! It is a shame that Suge got up at all... maybe from now on he will stay at home and pretend to be a productive member of society.

2300 days ago
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