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Angie's Girls Day Out: Boys Are the Pitts!

5/12/2008 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mama Angelina and her female brood of Zahara and Shiloh put on their little black dresses for an outing in Monaco yesterday.

The Jolie-Pitts are chillin' on the Mediterranean coast waiting for Ang to pop. Good god -- how many beautiful children can one couple have?


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Angie, you are TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful to always be in black and black is so boring and now even the kids are always in black. Thow in some reds, pinks, green, yellow. The only women I see wearing all black are Sicilian widows and Iranian women. Please give us SOME COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2316 days ago


Why aren't black celebrities going to Africa and adopting?

2316 days ago


Oh just like Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise broke up because Nicole couldn't have children. Now look Nicole is having a baby! Why couldn't you people leave the ex's out of this! Angelina Jolie has a odd past. Maybe Brad was drawn to her life style!

2316 days ago

karen king    

I'm with Granny Pat she is soooo right!!! Black children can't get up in the morning and shake their heads and their hair falls into place, Most black children don't have that kind of hair!!! It needs to be combed and oiled and braided. It's great that you want to give black children new lives but understand what ALL their needs are. Come on guys... If you don't want to, or don't know how to ,let someone teach you or HIRE SOMEONE TO COMB HER DAMN HAIR!!!!! Will she look like this at 15 because no one has taught her how to do her hair! She does look like the poooor little black orphan. I'm with you Granny Pat and I am a black woman with 12 grandchildren some are all black and some are biracial and there is a difference in their hair.

2316 days ago


My question is, How come every time there are pics of their family, they only have one or two kids with them? Last time I knew they have 4 kids. The tabloids have labeled them as this "PERFECT FAMILY" well what is so 'PERFECT" about leaving half of your family with the nanny! I go somewhere and my kids go with me and knowbody calls me 'PERFECT'! I just saying, there are two adults and four kids, soon to be five - Take ALL of your kids with you when you do things and then show me some pics like that.

2316 days ago


I see that the black readers are highly upset about the hair issue, but they are not wondering where the black celebrities are that should be using their wealth to adopt African children as well and take care of them. Where are they? I don't mean pumping money into some school like Oprah did, I mean actually committing themselves to actually adopting. Can we have some names, please? I personally think it was a mistake for Angelie and Madonna and the others to do so. There are millions of white children in Europe and the rest of the world that desperately need adopting and these women decide to turn their backs on them and relieve some sort of white guilt. Why aren't the wealthy black population helping their own in this manner? Oh I forgot, they are still poor and oppressed--yeah, right.

2316 days ago

Debbie B    

Angie and Brad may buy Carol's daughter products for Zahara's hair, but if no one knows how to use the product , it is just a waste. And besides, all of the kids hair looks a messy. ( PAx has long, uncombed, string hair ) She is a pregnant mother of 4 kids who wants to do it all herself. We should be lucky that they are clean looking.

2316 days ago



2316 days ago


Shiloh is simply beautiful. Im so glad she is finally out and about with mummy. I understand she was being threatened by some deranged Jen fans but this appears to be over. At least Angie feels safe enough to have both her girls with her. Little "Z" is adorable. Angie does need to know how to do black hair though. I had the same problem with my mixed race child. The black women of my community were VERY helpful in teaching me proper care. Angie needs herself a "sista"

2316 days ago


Is something wrong with Shiloh's right arm?

2315 days ago


Beautiful babies!

2315 days ago


Is it me but all these haters on this site are Friends fans and therefore because Bradd fell in love with Angelina she is the devil and everything evil...get over it I don't know why people keep portraying Jennifer as a victim she ended the marriage she was too self centered, shallow and selfish to have children and only cares about being part of the glitz and glamour of hollywood life,,at least Angelina is doing something meaningful with her life instead of laying out by the pool with her new flavor of the month

2315 days ago


it really doesn't matter to brangelina what the public thinks of their family. the kids are happy and appear to be well taken care of so everyone need to stop hating. the child hair is not bad at all when she get older and walking around her hair like that then we have a problem.

2315 days ago


I just can't believe all the garbage most of you people are spewing out on this picture. I thank God the children can't read or hear any of your disgusting comments. Many of you posters, and you know who you are, are so racist! I find your nit picking on both of these children sickening!

2315 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

I can not stand her she is nothing but a husban stealer and a home wrecker the kids are cute but I feel sorry for them she is so full of herself she will teach them see it want it take it they don't stand a chance of knowing morals with her as a mom.

2315 days ago
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