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Britney Makes Unfunny Show Unfunnier

5/12/2008 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brit makes her second appearance on "How I Met Your Mother" tonight -- and while her acting skills still leave a bit to be desired, her chest does its best to serve as a distraction.


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TMZ, you can mock her and the show all you want. Bottom line, she gets the ratings and so does the show. You provide free publicity. So as long as you serve a purpose, you're not total losers.

2317 days ago


In regards to the person who commented, "TMZ, you totally suck. HIMYM is a hysterical show with a sense of class. Get a sense of humor!" Well, if the show had any class they would not be pimping a psycho non-actress (Britney) just to get ratings. I feel sorry for the real actors on the show that have to put up with this. What is going on in Hollywood that is causing talent to take a back seat to the losers that are rammed down our throats? Britney, Paris, Britney's mom, Lilo's mom, reality show morons, the list goes on and on. Enough already!

2317 days ago


First of all, HIMYM is a HILARIOUS show!! I hope it's around for a long time. Secondly, why is no one mentioning the fact that she looks 100% pregnant?? I couldn't believe how obvious it was last night!

2317 days ago


She looked pretty much like she did in her Matt Lauer interview when she was pregnant with Jaden

2317 days ago


Bugger off TMZ, it was great and appropriate for the part. Go Brit Go..........we love you.

2317 days ago


How I Met your Mother is one of the best comedies on televison.
Brittney actually was pretty good on the show.

2317 days ago


Oh my gosh, HIMYM is such a friggin hysterical show. Its my favorite comedy. Neil Patrick Harris is so funny and the best part about that show. Brittany left much to be desired but dont diss the show, its awesome.

2317 days ago


I thought she was great. Tmz, u guys are really rude. Britneys doing a great job, and she's working very hard these past weeks, so stop f*king around and saying rude things when she does somthing good.

2317 days ago


I thought she did fine and I'm not a fan. I'm glad that she is making positive steps in her recovery. Remember people, she is recovering from some pretty severe emotional problems. I doubt any of you could do better. But, from this site I don't expect anything positive. TMZs entire site is a sewer. I check back once in awhile to see if it has improved. It hasn't.

2317 days ago


To lawdawg: thanks for your response and, as usual, for giving us such useful and helpful information.

So I guess that I was talking about a "conservatorship of the person", but it looks like Britney may actually have been put under a "conservatorship of the estate". If so, she may not have any particular psychological disorder, which means that Hello Kitty has been on the right track in saying that we don't know what Britney's psychological state really is.

Is it a matter of public record whether a given conservatorship is "of the person" or "of the estate", or is this normally something that is not divulged publicly? If it's the former, how can we find out?

2316 days ago

Annie Pannie    

I LOVE How I Met Your Mother!! Brit made it extra good! You know it was funny!

2316 days ago


I think she did just fine and at least she is out there, trying her best now and working. Give the girl a break. I think it's funnier that Neil Patrick Harris has to play a straight guy that does one night stands!!

2316 days ago


OMG-once again!- Be HUMANE people! You seem to be the kind of ^@!!-ups who LURVE to "CRITIQUE" but sit around in dead-end USELESS jobs (clue- NOT professions!!!!) and pick at people who you THINK are worse off than you!!!! $*#K- wads!!! She's NOT doing half bad= What R U EXPECTING ON TV-Hamlet???!!!!

2315 days ago


SOMEBODY PLEASE tell Britney to NOT quit her day job! Oh, wait! She HAS!!! LOL!! LOSER!!!!

2318 days ago


Her acting is terrible and she looks very odd as well. They just want her for the ratings boost.

2318 days ago
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