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Britney Makes Unfunny Show Unfunnier

5/12/2008 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brit makes her second appearance on "How I Met Your Mother" tonight -- and while her acting skills still leave a bit to be desired, her chest does its best to serve as a distraction.


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She was't too bad for what it was... not great but hey it's work and it is helping to get a more positive 'she's not crazy' image out there. Though the posters who still whine 'oh don't pick on her she's battling a mental illness' .. God people enough. No one knows IF she was diagnosed with a mental illness or not, none of us KNOW if she is one medication or NOT, have you guys seen her medical records?? don't thinks so...... and she's not a 'kid' .. she is an adult and she is a mother.. her 'time' to grow up ended when she gave birth to her first child.

2264 days ago


TMZ, you totally suck. HIMYM is a hysterical show with a sense of class. Get a sense of humor!

2264 days ago


I broke my HIMYM horse back riding.

2264 days ago


30. ... No one knows IF she was diagnosed with a mental illness or not, ...
Posted at 6:24PM on May 12th 2008 by Hello Kitty

We can indeed be sure that Britney was diagnosed with a mental illness, or else she wouldn't be under a conservatorship. The courts don't assign a conservator to manage a person's life unless he or she is either physically or mentally unable to care for themself. We can see that Britney isn't physically disabled, so she must have been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

But you're right about the fact that we haven't seen her medical records. This means that we don't know _what_ mental disorder Britney was diagnosed with. Nor do we know what meds she's taking.

As for her being called a child, I think the person was referring to Britney's behavior. Sadly, she seems to be very immature for her 26 years, irrespective of the fact that she has given birth to two children.

2264 days ago


Dude, F-you TMZ!!! Have you ever watched HIMYM??? It's actually a fantastic show and especially with the crap on TV these days, it's one of the only shows I watch!!! You guys (TMZ) have been slipping these days and I think that's more of something to be concern than Britney being "unfunny on an unfunny show"! Whoever wrote this post should seriously do some research or at least watch the show before saying things that aren't true!!!

2264 days ago


ZMT, I hear you but I do not 'think' you need to be diagnosed with a metal illness for a judge to issue an order for a conservator. It may have simply been the behavior and appeal from her parents, the suggestion that she was being controlled by others in her life (such as her managers ect) and that that control was detrimental to her health and financial well being. She wasn't ill enough to be kept in the hospital. People can be self destructive for reasons other than diagnosed mental illness. She seems to be doing much better but I'm not convinced that isn't just a matter of some much needed, heavy handed parenting.

I think it's very possible that Britney (being immature as you said) may have honestly had her few years of what many teens and 20yr olds go through.. very self destructive behavior that they see as fun or their right.. doing things just to spite because they know they will judged, blocking out all 'help' and advice that they are acting irresponsibly or running with the wrong crowd. Her antics were certainly more publicized but I don't think her behavior was unique in any way from many 'troubled teens' behaviors.

2264 days ago


The show was alright until they started over-using that gay guy. He's probably the only reason Harv watches the show.

2264 days ago


i thought she was just as good/bad as neil patrick harris. pretty standard primetime comedy.....better than i expected, given tmz's trashing her. a lot better. i am rooting for her.

2264 days ago


how much do you want to bet that she's pregnant?????

2264 days ago

Seattle Fan    

Why does her hair look okay when she's on HIMYM, but still ugly and straggly in real life? She should hire their hairdresser. Girl CAN look good if she wants to.

2264 days ago


How I met Your mother is a very good show! Get some better taste.

2264 days ago


To Kello Kitty: we should hear from lawdawg about this, but I'm pretty sure that a person who has reached the age of legal adulthood cannot be put under a conservatorship simply because of attention-getting behavior, nor because the parents just happen to want that. And I don't think this could occur just because the person is viewed as being under the control of others.

I'm pretty sure that if a court believes that a person is being harmed by the controlling behavior of othes, then the remedy is to charge those others with a crime, not put the victim under a conservatorship. And in any case, we know that not even Sam has been charged with anything.

I'm not a lawyer, but I'm fairly confident that a person has to be diagnosed as being incapable of caring for themself either physically or mentally before they will be assigned a conservator.


2264 days ago


TMZ: I know how much you must have looked forward to using that headline, but HIMYM actually IS a pretty funny show. get your bitter, little copywriters to work a bit harder next time. How I Met... You're Mental?

2264 days ago


I think she did great considerng she has never had any formal acting training. Best wishes to her!

2264 days ago


It's supposed to be a cutesey sitcom and that's what she played...I think it was adorable. Get off her ass, most of you haters probably couldn't even make a 2 minute speech at your kid's PTA meeting

2264 days ago
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