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Raven: That's So Lazy!

5/12/2008 5:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Raven Symone gets around -- on her instrument of non-physical activity.

The youngest "Cosby Show" kid Segwayed around sunny L.A. yesterday without breaking a sweat. Her 90s throwback jeans must have kept her well-ventilated.


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Yes, she was on the cosby show.

2361 days ago


HAHAHA......Know wonder shes so fat!!!! Wow maybe she needs to rethink about what shes doing!!!!

2361 days ago


she has gained hella weight, she should walk.

2361 days ago


I want to start a street gang and cruise through neighborhoods on these things with like 100 or more of us rolling together. It would be so HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

2359 days ago


Ahem, but would you call her lazy if you spotted her in a car? I'm sure you wouldn't. The laziest transportation option of all is the car. You get absolutely NO exercise sitting on your behind.

2358 days ago


This blog was written by someone ignorant about Segways. There's a popular misconception about this new invention that because it has two wheels, or because you see them in bike lanes, that the rider supposed to be on a bike.

I have a Segway and a bike. I use the bike when I want to go bike riding, and I use the Segway to replace my car sometimes. If I'm taking a trip I used to do by car, but I don't have passengers or cargo, the Segway is a choice that only costs twenty cents a week in electricity instead of $10 in gas. I commute 8 miles to work in a suit everyday. The Segway is an option.

Would the rider go up to a car or motocycle or someone on a bus and tell them they are lazy because they're not biking to work that day? Of course not. If you go up to a car waiting at a red light and tell the driver he's lazy for driving, he would probably think you are an idiot. The writer of this blog isn't an idiot, they are just ignorant.

Taking 4000 lbs of steel to work with you everyday will seem really stupid one day. Welcome to the 21st century. We have choices now.

2348 days ago

K Hill    

With her big fat ass, she should be jogging the streets of LA.

2362 days ago

Abby Fairgate Cunningham Ewing Sumner    


You nedd to walk girl. You are too big for that bike.

2362 days ago


Leave this fine young lady alone! She is a stellar within the community. Unlike, those young ho chicks that you TMZ site visitors have turned into tramp goddess. I deplore your collective obsession with ultra thin women.

2362 days ago

Nikki M    

seriously, if it was someone who was a size 4 you wouldn't be saying that. God, the girl uses something that isn't a gas gussling environment killer and all you do is poke fun? PATHETIC

2362 days ago


How is this any lazier than getting around in a car?

2362 days ago


She is a good role model and they can't find anything bad to say about her so they just make fun of her me she is not even fat. She's great and actually has talent.

2362 days ago


Actress, Producer, Director has an office on the lot oh yeah former roomate of the loser Lohan!!!! You go Raven!!!! What is Lohan doing..................... uhhhhhh Getting Drunk every nite and Getting Drunk every nite and don't forget Getting Drunk every nite!!!

2362 days ago

Media whores    

Like many stars, she wanted to blend in and not be she wore big sunglasses and rode on a segway.

2362 days ago


She wasn't a Cosby kid... she was the step daughter of a Cosby kid.

Leave her alone... most of you could lose some pounds.

2362 days ago
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