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Suge's Most Wanted!

5/12/2008 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the photos of the man who says he laid the punch heard 'round Los Angeles!
The Knockout Kid: Click to watch!
The brawler, who owns a barbershop in L.A., tells us he was playfully arguing with a friend outside the club about money when Suge, who's also friends with the man, misunderstood and thought it was serious. He stepped up to defend his boy -- and that's when the altercation took place. He also says reports he had a weapon are untrue.

Get this -- the barber (he didn't want us to use his name) is only 5'10" and weighs 173 lbs. Suge stands 6'3" and tips the scales at 315 lbs. Dayum!


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Whodat Player    

I think you guys just marked this Kid by showing his Photo .
TMZ & Harvey need to be carful in what they post - if this guy gets killed from any gangs - it is going to be on you guys.

2332 days ago

derrrrr derrr egeefg derr    

I hope Suge never lives this down! This has got to be the greatest KO punch in history. That dude deserved to be publically humiliated in the one way that will drive him insane. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

2332 days ago


I doubt anyone will be surprised to hear if this guy is killed in some 'random' act of violence. Suge will just make sure he he is somewhere public when the deed is done and go on with life as usual. Hopefully the poster who said maybe this guy being on the news and in the public eye will actually help keep him safe.

2332 days ago


It was bound to happen, you can't keep bullying and punking people and think your card isn't going to get pulled sometimes. It's a shame that this big dude needs other people to help him stomp somebody out that's 5'10 buttt, I guess he did....LOL

2332 days ago


RIP Barber...

2332 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

I guarantee you that PUFFY, SNOOP, DRE, and VANILLA ICE are all laughing like crazy at the photos tmz just put up..I bet puff is in NY drinking champagne laughing his azz off.

2332 days ago


Give this man a standing ovation!

Now brotha man, take this advice! Enjoy your fame and then run like hell because even though Suge got what he's had coming for years, he will be out for blood!

2332 days ago


That's typical.....a big lardass wants to pick on somebody smaller....

2332 days ago


TMZ post a picture and the name of minor involved in a sex crime.. why are you surprised they gave this guy up? I am only surprised they didn't post his name and address!

2332 days ago


But for Suge, it's 315 pounds of blubber, that's the difference. This guy hasn't done an honest day's work in his life.

2332 days ago


AHAHAHA That fat f*** suge knight finally got his ass punked! That douche bag would probably get knocked out all the time, if he wasn't hiding behind his gang of cronies constantly. What a b****. Kudos to the KO artist!

2332 days ago


Please take this man's picture down. Please do not be apart of catupulting this ignorant situation to a more dangerous action. We all know that Suge has nooooooooooooo sense at all. In my opinion you are just as guilty of lynching a black man by showing his face even if he did provide you the picture. Where is your concern for human life? Not that are culture should not be more responsible and handle things differently but...we all need to help STOP the Violence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2332 days ago

Just the Facts    

Will you marry me? Suge should mind his own f-ing business...think he would know that by now....PUNK!

2332 days ago

Lansky El-Vito    

I hope that this poor guy have more securities than "the Notorious B.I.G."
U did a great mistake homes, Rest In Peace!!!! hahaha

2332 days ago

Just the Facts    

This one's for Biggie! Tamara....go choke on some food or something

2332 days ago
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