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Brangelina -- Boobs Overboard

5/13/2008 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Although Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took their adorable boys, Maddox and Pax, out for a spin on a yacht on Tuesday ... it was Angie's growing girls that stole the show.

On Sunday, Angie was spotted out with her daughters. She really is in the family way.


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that's all    

Posted at 12:33AM on May 14th 2008 by debra77


Why dos it matter to you so much? It's a tabloid site and it's open to opinions. That's the price one pays for fame. It isn't like it's going to hurt them at all. And people have agood point out the GB warming thing and there they are jeting around in planes, spending the money in other countries when it's here they make the money. Wait till she makes her own mistakes. Those little kids are babies now, but I honestly don't think they're realistic about what requires a stable family where kids need roots and playmates. Once the kids get older, they will get a rude awakening.

2332 days ago


Their life is like a freaky sideshow. All show. If she don't sell her baby pictures, how much are they going
to donate.

2332 days ago

i love them    

I just pray that they get married and show the children how to live right. Jolie and Pitt need to be Christians.

2332 days ago


At least she won't drown if they wreck......

2332 days ago


2332 days ago


Holy Crap! She isn't wearing BLACK!

2332 days ago


OMG- To all of you DUMB @#&$s who DON'T GET-IT!!! She's PREGNANT with TWINS!!! Like to see any of y'all look ANY BETTER!!! She's AWESOME and you haters are all SSSSOOOO WWWWWAAAAANNNNNAAAAAA-BBBBEEEESSSS!!!! I can't WAIT 'till she and Brad are together for longer than you TWITS have attention spans!!!! LOL!!!!

2332 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

Good God you would think no one ever lived together and had kids before she is a man stealing bitch and a rotten mom she parades them kids around just so she can look like she is doing a those kids a favor she is just using them to get more attention what man is she going to steal next?

2331 days ago

Media whores    

Heroes & Pioneers???!!
You people will buy anything! Pitt and Jolie (and certainly Clooney).. are charity workers in name only! Every...EVERY move they make is for publicity reasons ONLY! One third of their income?!! Give me a break. How gullible are you people?? Celebrities lives are a complete facade. Nothing you see is real! Celebrities are NOT intelligent, people! Most, including those we are talking about, have never seen the inside of a university. And by the time they get to the point in their lives where they actually COULD do some good, they are too far removed from reality to actually function in that capacity. They say they want to save the world, when in reality, the world needs saving from them! The carbon footprint these abusers of the environment leave is incredible! They rape and pillage the environment with their life of excess, then want to tell others how to live! Brother. You people are gullible.

2331 days ago


I think she looks good! (My favorite actress) I think she is past the days of trying to please photographers. I admire her and everything she and Brad do as a couple.

2331 days ago


would you cut them some slack!!brangelina your the best no matter what those idiots say!!

2331 days ago


You haters will never be happy for ANYONE because you're a bunch of MISERABLE PEOPLE! I know your kind…even if someone save your sorry-ass from death, you’ll still be complaining about something. SUCKS TO BE YOU!

2330 days ago


please..damaged goods..these are children for gods sake...what have you done for the world lately?

2323 days ago
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