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Dumb Blonde Down Under

5/13/2008 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Hefner's #1 gal Holly Madison is learning a new language: Australian!

Um ... at least she's trying?


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Can you believe this poor girl has to funnel Hef's junk just to be famous. Could there be a better excuse to go to college.

2318 days ago


Is there any thing creepier than watching those three young babes kissing old Hefner on the lips? Yeeeeeech .... spitoooooe! Like making out with Grandpa! They must be really hard up for money and "fame". I feel especially bad for Bridget. She's the cutest of them all.

2318 days ago


I know Hef is so old that handlers have to feed him, read to him, wipe the spittle from his chin.
So one of you please tell him this for me.

You can do better than this ugly snail-trail-trash. If you have to sleep with dogs, at least change 'em out every
six months or so. If you have to live a pretend existence, please do a better job of it. I'd rather you turn crazy
gay than scrape the bottom of the barrel like this. Cmon old can do better in these last few days/hours
than skank.

2318 days ago

Not Really #3    

I saw Bridgette in person at the Phoenix airport and she is not really all that. Her boobs are like the size of basketballs but her face not all that. Lots of makeup. I think Holly is the best.

2318 days ago


All you have to do is sleep with a wrinkly old 81 year old guy who looks like a wino in a Yachting Cap, and wants 2 other girlfriends in the same bed. Then you pretend you are highly intelligent, and that you want to marry him and have his baby. He funally announces to the world THAT will NEVER happen. Then you make plans to spend the token $$$ he hands you for sthupping him for 10 years , while the real $$$$goes to his daughter and sons by marriage, and the wife he is only separated from. IDOIT HOLLY>IDIOT BRIDGET>IDIOT OTHER GIRL>.

2318 days ago


Ding - bat.

She is such a natural beauty (not!).

2318 days ago

Granny Pants    


2318 days ago


It take 3 girls for Hef.
1 to bang him, the other 2 to move him around.

He's so old when he achieves orgasm, only dust comes out.....

2318 days ago


There's got to be a better way to make a living than servicing that hideous old man. He is absolutely disgusting and so are the bimbos who cater to him!

2318 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Hey, wadaya expect? These broads are just live sex toy bimbos. They have no talent except in sucking and humping. They will have ghost writers write books for them, and end up old, wrinkled, with boobs to their knees and laughed at. Just like now.

2318 days ago


Tell Puffin Hi Holly!

2318 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

10. It take 3 girls for Hef.
1 to bang him, the other 2 to move him around.

He's so old when he achieves orgasm, only dust comes out.....

Posted at 5:03PM on May 13th 2008 by FlBiker

Thanks for the laugh! I almost peed my pants!!!!!!!!!

2318 days ago


These women are a disgrace to humanity. Like Holly truly loves Hef. She wants to marry him and have his child, so she can be ensured part of his fortune. I think Hef knows that, ..that is why he is relenting. Why would you want to have a baby with an 82 year old man? That would be so incredibly selfish. To almost guarantee that your child will grow up without a father is revolting, especially since she only wants to do it to lay claim to part of Hef's fortune.

Thank goodness Hef is sensible to realize that it's not fair to the kid have a father who will only be around a few more years and will most likely not remember his father at all.

Holly is a cheap, gold digging, fugly tramp. I have seen pictures of her from BEFORE she was Hef's g/f .. she was fugly. Boy what a nose job, lip injections, teeth veneers, hair dye and fake boobs can do to transform someone who was UGLY into someone who is decent looking.

2318 days ago


Since Holly's dream is now gone, she should cut her losses and go find someone and have a kid. I don't understand why she thought this would happen to begin with. Any psychiatrists out there?

2318 days ago


If this half-witted, 5th grade educated bottle blonde and her 2 skanky house mates had half a brain, they'd learn a trade.
Old Hef isn't long for this world and when daddy kicks the bucket, daughter Chrissy is going to kick their implanted asses to the curb !

2318 days ago
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