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Jess and Romo

Officially NoMo

5/13/2008 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Finally, Dallas Cowboys fans have something to cheer about.Jessica Simpson. Tony Romo
TMZ has learned that the romance between Jessica Simpson and hotshot QB Tony Romo is as dead as the Cowboys' 2007 playoff run.

Their reps have been going on the record saying that they're not split, but our sources -- who know what's really going on -- say the two have cut the cord ... at least for now.

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She actually went on ET last night to try to deny the story. I guess she has nothing else to talk about. What a LOSER! Run, Tony, Run

2355 days ago


If he dumped her...maybe it's because she was gushing? I mean come on! They haven't been an item for six months yet and she's telling people that he's her future husband? She's gack. Gross even. Sure she's cute in a way but she's really made herself look so stupid in so many ways. Gives blonds a really, really bad name.

2355 days ago

Illinois person    

Hopefully he came to his senses before it was too late. Marrying her also means walking down the aisle w/her father which is more than an odd relationship. Beyond that, Miss Simpson has that look in the middle of her eyes like a Mack truck just ran through it. He's way too classy for her.

2355 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

I KNEW they were not going to the altar or even anyplace close to that in living together or in being a couple for a few years together, and I knew he was going to dump her, but this soon!!!! Ithought he was going to wait unti ltraining camp or preseason to dump her. Jessica broke so many rules. Rule 1-Never blab publically about a man beingyour soul mate, future husband, etc. They run . Rule 2, do not go on dates and vacations ( remember theMexico post season vaca) with your new man and bring your parents, your puppy dog and your other entourage. Rule 2 Never proclaim your viriginity to any man or anyone let alone publicaly. Poor Jessica, spreading them next for the next celeb man to come her way and then be dumped again. From virign to big ho'. No One Here Hate JESSICA , Okay Jessica Fans!
Thing is the girl dumped the one man who could and was honestly in love with here and who couldput up , to a limit ,but a big limit , with her meddling father, and her always having her family be her other spouse. Nick Lachey could put up with her drama and crap. These guys Jessica is dating are in the prime of their careers and stuff and they do not want to be beholden to any one woman right now. There are many, many pretty faces ,with big careers and DD's to sample. Jessica is a BIG STAR and everything to her family, friends and her initmate world. Too bad that does not cross over to these guys.

2355 days ago


A "SKINS" fan telling Tony to that is funny! We loathe you in Dallas!

2355 days ago


This is NOT TRUE! They are still together as far as news reports in Big D!

2355 days ago


I do feel bad for her.,.I mean she was with Nick since she was like 21. Then when she had (had) that daisy duke body she got more attention then ever and left Nick. Maybe she should have really thought before she left nick...

2355 days ago


Is it just me or does she break up and get back together with guys just before a cd comes out? Ex Sweet Kisses 1999 W/ Nick, Irressitible 2001 broke up w/Nick, In This Skin 2003 W/Nick, Public Affair break up w/Nick, now a new cd and she's with Tony. I give this relationship until her next cd.
Sad because she actually has a good voice.

2355 days ago


He banged her for a while and then dumped her. Big surprise.

2355 days ago


i know it's wrong to want them to break up but i don't think that she is in it for the right reason! but then tony has had a long standing crush on her before they met and that in itself was a red flag ! but papa joe just saw "cash cow" and hooked his daughter up with his and tony's fantasy ! (his fantasy those seats and tony's contract!) she needs an a-list realtionship! i hope her and her dad know that CARRIE UNDERWOOD IS FREE AGAIN!! i bet papa joe knows that carrie broke it off with tony and now her name is her own and she can take it easy now and may more attention to tony ! watch out jessica!!

2355 days ago


too bad it's not true...........

2355 days ago


Of course she was gushing.

The bimbo is always the last to realize when a guy is dunzo wih her.


2355 days ago


Nick loved her unconditionally. Unfortunately she never knew how hard that is to find and thought it would be that easy this time around. Good luck Jess, you have a lot to learn about life.

2355 days ago


They are still together!

2355 days ago


Jessica is just pissed because Carrie Underwood called him on his cell. She threw a hissy fit and told Tony he had to change his cell phone #, email address, etc...what a piece of work she is. So insecure.

2355 days ago
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