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LeBron James Makes an Ass of His Mom

5/13/2008 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mother's Day was Sunday, so what better way for LeBron James to follow it up then scream "Sit your ass down!" to his mama last night on national television.

After a Celtic player fouled King James into the courtside seats where his mother was sitting, Mama James got a little hot. Good thing her little boy was there to keep her in check.

BTW, Lebron's team won.

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watch the game before commenting    

The game was on last night not on mother's day when this happened. James got fouled by Pierce which was a little over the top. His mother jumped up like she was about to streetfight with Pierce and Garnett. So he told her to sit her azz down because she was overblowing it and could have gotten kicked out the arena, James would have had to answer to Stern about that, and then there would be more bans in the NBA. So before you start talking about him being a bad boy for saying that watch the game.

2351 days ago


I agree with Marc, we really don't know what he said.

2351 days ago


You have no proof aka audio of what he said. Funny that everyone is rushing to judgment with no proof (ahhh America!) I for one don't believe that's what he said. BTW to Double Standard I have heard white boys say MUCH worse thing to their moms and to Miss Beyonce yesterday (Monday) was NOT Mother's Day. Duh.

2351 days ago


Dude I would've said it too.. the guy accidentally fouled him and his MOM gets in the players face? Dude I'd tell her to STFD too.

2351 days ago


5. Interesting..................White men do NOT talk to their mother's like that!

Posted at 10:36AM on May 13th 2008 by Double Standard

That's because they dont HAVE mothers. They're usually out at the bar ...toothless and smokin crack.. :P

2351 days ago


Oh my God people!!!!!!!! It' so hard to tell what exactly he said!!! The video is horrible!! I'm not a huge James fan, but from what I've heard about his mother, she is a bit of a big mouth. My kids play sports and some parents can be really outrageous. I don't blame him for telling her to sit down. She needs to let him do his job. He's a grown man!!!!!!!

2351 days ago


#5 you're right, they dont speak to their parents that way, they just kill em',

2351 days ago


I couldn't hear what he said in that video. If mama heard him I have no doubt she tore into him after the game. Any mother is going to be effected by her son being roughed up no matter how old he is. My brother got hurt in a high school football game and my mom had to be held back from running on the field.

2351 days ago


You people have obviously seen parents at little league games. This is far worse and he needed her to calm down to prevent distraction and a possible technical. Such language is also very acceptable in some social groups. Ever know a first generation Italian family?

2351 days ago


I think the although his language was inappropriate he seemed as if he was protecting his mother. She can not jump up and touch another player that fouled him, nor should she be jumping up and getting cought up in the ruckus, she could have gotten injured. Unfortunately in the mist of situations like that we don't always use the right tone or language, but you have to remember his mother is not necessarily very lady-like herself, so this form of speech may be what they are all used to. Regardless, people are human and I don't see that he was trying to be mean or embarass his mother, I think he wanted her to sit her ass down so she wouldn't ger hurt.

2351 days ago


He said MOM sit down...not "sit your ass down"...if you were watching the game last night you could see clearly in the replays and the after-coverage with kenny,chuck and ernie on TNT that he clearly said "MOM SIT DOWN"...the "sit your ASS down" part is Harvey trying to drum up controversy and keep people on his site...On a different note i find it funny how EVERYTHING on here that gets a large amount of comments eventually turns to race...either by black people or white people...do all of these people really think any one race - white or black - will survive the current direction of our country...wake up people...we are ALLL being screwed and provided with tried and true methods to distract us from that fact...Don't fall for gladiator games in the arena when rome is crumbling from the inside due to bloated and out of touch leadership...the barbarians are at the gates people...wake up and see what's really happening to ALL of the races in america...

2351 days ago


First there's no way to tell what he said and to whom, good try TMZ! The worse thing is all the jerk-offs commenting, you know nothing and your mamma's should have swallowed, losers!!!!!

2351 days ago


How ghetto fab. I love it. He probably doesn't have a father, so mama has to protect her meal ticket.

2351 days ago


I think he said "sit you a** down". I see no problem with it. She is embarassing him. (As I would probably do to because I am a protective mom). Sometimes it kills me to shut my mouth during my 8 year olds baseball games. I can picture him telling me to STFU someday.

2351 days ago


Double Standard, u are a racist!! I am a white girl wriying this and I'm horrified at ur comments!!!!!! Race has nuttin to do with it!!! I've seen plenty of whit boys disrespect their mamas', and plenty of black men treat their mothers like the queens' they are!!!! Also, Jessee, there is a time and place for everything! If he was upset he should have talked to her when they were alone! She probably gave up alot to make sure he got to all his games as a child and is still coming to see him now when she could be out at a spa or spending his money on Mother's day!!! What a wonderful gift she got for Mother's Day this year disrespected by her own son in public and on TV!!!! Now he should issue a public apology to her and pray she forgives him!!!!! No matter what her past is she deserves respect from her own child on Mother's day, He's lucky to have a mother, mine passed away in September and I found her!!! The only thing that helps' me is to know her last words to me were "Goodnight I love You" Everyone should take a lesson from that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2351 days ago
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