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LeBron James Makes an Ass of His Mom

5/13/2008 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mother's Day was Sunday, so what better way for LeBron James to follow it up then scream "Sit your ass down!" to his mama last night on national television.

After a Celtic player fouled King James into the courtside seats where his mother was sitting, Mama James got a little hot. Good thing her little boy was there to keep her in check.

BTW, Lebron's team won.

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His Mom better not ruin it for the Cavs! I'll say it to her now-sit your ass down!

2298 days ago


OH hell no! I would have beat that boy right then and there if that was my kid and he talked to me like that

2298 days ago


If you remember, we were all little kids once, we got hurt out on the field and our mother would come running out there, we were made fun of or called names, can you imagine the ribbing he took last night from NBA players having to be
"protected" by his mommy. Everyone is blowing this way out of proportion. If someone is 6'9 and 200 some pounds, i am sure he doesnt need his mommy who looks like she is 5'nothing....coming to his rescue.

2298 days ago


She better sit her ass down. He pays the bills dammit!!!

2298 days ago


Though I can't condone him screaming on his moms like that I knew what his intentions were in gettin her to cool out.But that's still your Mother I'll be 40 years old in a week and I don't even curse around my Mother and I'm a grown azz man.So Lebron being younger than me should have came at his moms a little differently to get his point across to her without telling her to "sit her ass down!" I lost some respect for him over that, especially with it coming on Mother's Day.

2298 days ago

akron res    

She is an embarassment! She drinks and drives here around akron. She is known for being a crackhead. She didnt even raise him. Im sure he is more then fed up of her ruining his name.

2298 days ago

crue girl    

The news outlets are really really scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to make Lebron look bad. His Mother shouldn't have gotten involved in the game, that is embarrassing to a grown man. He's a good kid and a great player, and people just can't accept that, they want so badly to see him screw up. Leave him alone, he's awesome!

2298 days ago


Tiger I suppose "they're so angry all the time" because of classless, stupid ass wipes like you. Grow up, and YOU sit your ass down and shut up!

2298 days ago


I think Lebron did say "sit your ass down" I know she is his mother but she should have stayed seated. He was working. Could you imagine having your mother come into your job and scream at your co-workers for being mean to you. I think any adult at that point would probably want to scream at his/her parent also. Leave Lebron alone he is a great player and seems like a very good person and no matter what he said to his mother that is between them.

2298 days ago


My son is only 8, and he would have told me to sit down too. He is very respectful, the point many seem to be missing is that when it comes to sports ALL moms & dads need to let the referee's handle it!!
also...FYI to #7.......Sunday was Mothers Day....

2298 days ago


Earlier I posted that He said "Mom sit down"...Lebron said when asked about it..."good thing it wasn't Mother's day"...so maybe he did tell her to "sit her ass down" after all...

And aSiF...thank you...I thought about telling "tiger's" stankin' ass that...but decided not to waste the energy on a troglodyte waste of life...so thank you...

2298 days ago


She should have walked her ass out of there. How disrespectful and
embarrassing for the both of them

2298 days ago


Us black mother can get very hot when someonw messes with our kids, no matter how old or old young they are. And since King James pays the bills you know she got his back on and off the court.

2298 days ago


What is entertaining to me, is Garnet's reaction to the whole thing. You can tell he wants to tell Lebron, "Don't talk to your mother like that"....GO CELTICS!!!

2298 days ago

youve got no idea    

are any of you aware the kind of upbringing this mother provided him? he's lucky he has a god given talent for basketball and some other parents took pity on him and raised him. His mom was MIA and a drug addict through his whole childhood and adolescence. She's done far worse to embarass him before. She's only back in his life and trying to clean up because she is on the money gravy train and her son buys her stuff like houses and mercedes. I cant tell what he said, but she sucks and she needs to chill out and sit down.

2298 days ago
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