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LeBron James Makes an Ass of His Mom

5/13/2008 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mother's Day was Sunday, so what better way for LeBron James to follow it up then scream "Sit your ass down!" to his mama last night on national television.

After a Celtic player fouled King James into the courtside seats where his mother was sitting, Mama James got a little hot. Good thing her little boy was there to keep her in check.

BTW, Lebron's team won.

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We really do know what he said. He admitted it after the game. Check FoxSports.com. She should have sat her ass down, Pierce made a good foul, LeBron even went up to Pierce after the foul, Pierce made a good foul. Nothing wrong with what he did. Lebron even went over to him after the play and he was cool with it.

2320 days ago


Double Standard, that's a double standard remark: White men don't talk to their mama's like that. Really? When I go into grocery stores, shopping marts & restaurants, it's the white kids screaming at their parents shouting, "Shutup", "Shut the F(*& up",, "Leave me the hell alone", "I hate You", "Eat S(*&". I have never seen that from any black children. Now, what Lebron James did was wrong but we don't know any of his mom's charachteristics either. She may be one of those mama's always hassling him for money or always embarrassing him in public..but still no excuse.

2320 days ago

wait what    

Of course The Lebron oops I mean The Cavs won... The NBA is faker than wrestling.

2320 days ago


Did any of you actually watch the game and see this happen live? His mother should not have did what she did, anymore than he shouldn't have said what he did. She was being over-protective and he was embarrassed, he is a grown man, doing his job. He doesn't need his mother taking on Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in a crucial playoff game. He was totally embarrassed and he reacted in the heat of the moment. Happy Mother's Day, Gloria James! The Cavs fans love you, and thank you for raising a wonderful son!!! The rest of you, don't be haters, LeBron loves his Mom!

2320 days ago


i would have told my mom to shad as well..is his mother going to fight a basketball player?

she was overreacting and im sure 1) he didn't want her to get kicked out of the arena and 2) he didn't want to have to kick Paul Pierce's ASS for hitting his Momma

2320 days ago


OMG! I am so embarrassed for him! If my parent came to my workplace and got involved in a work "conflict", oh hell no! She crossed the line for sure. Hey, ease up on all the racist black/white mommy comments. If a Mother is a bonified loser, it crosses all racial lines. No exceptions.

2320 days ago


Mom should know he is a man now, he doesn't need her help. How embarrassing is it for your mom to try to fight
the other team when you are in the NBA playoffs. My son plays ball also, college, not pro, I would never do that
because I know my son would not like it.

2320 days ago


#16 Marving Gayes father thought that too, it doesn't work that way...

2320 days ago


Stud ~ No, you would be wrong on that..................Marvin Gayes father shot and killed him! Think again, if you can!

2320 days ago


# 50 read the original comment, if you can, WHAT DOES I BROUGHT YOU IN THIS WORLD AND CAN TAKE YOU
OUT MEAN......

2320 days ago


This is what happens when the mom is only like 14 years older than the kid.

2320 days ago


Grace S.

Way to stay on point, don't you have anything better to do than critique comments? At least you acknowledge you need a life...

2320 days ago


oh no honey - "sit your ass down" to YOUR MOMMA!!! Has this big goofy fool lost his ever-loving mind?!? I'm glad I'm not his mother, because I would have brought his behind BACK to reality in the locker room in front of all his teammates AND the media! Again, oh no honey!

2320 days ago


I understand that he was caught up in the heat of the moment....and he is now an "adult"...working in a professional capacity..BUT..if he were my son and he ever spoke to me like that...he would be sorry for a long time to come! Professional athlete or not...she is his mother. LeBron,....have some respect!

2320 days ago


I'm trying to understand why his mother was sitting in the press section. Shoudln't she have had a better seat?

2320 days ago
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