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Cristian de la Faker?

5/14/2008 12:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cristian de la Fuente has been accused of faking his injury on "Dancing With the Stars" -- and last night's episode might be the proof.

Watch this clip from last night's episode closely -- Cristian's arm brace jumps from his left arm (the one he "injured") to his right. Is it just bad editing (his tattoo is always there)-- or is the soap star doing his best acting job yet?


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princess diana    

idiots its plainly a mirror image

2354 days ago

HA HA    

1st Again

2354 days ago


It's a reversed image! His tattoo is the same in both pictures, just flipped. It was an editing thing, he's not faking. Pay attention TMZ!

2354 days ago

look closer    

Did his tattoo also jump arms?

2354 days ago


If he's NOT faking, he's a damn moron. No doctor would possibly allow him to continue dancing with an injury like that. It's ridiculous! And if one DID, they need their license taken away.

2354 days ago


It's clearly a mirror image. You can see the exact same tattoo on his shoulder.

2354 days ago

Gary SOCAL    

Come on guys wake up. He has one tatoo, and it is always on the arm with the brace. Also look at the backround you can see it is reversed as well. Not fake in the shots, but possibly in real life it is more of a who cares.

2354 days ago


People! Have some sense!!!

This picture has been flipped. Look at his tattoo and the part in his hair! Unless he has the EXACT same tattoo on the other arm and decided to part his hair the other way, that is the same arm, same bandage... No conspiracy, just a horizontally flipped image.

2354 days ago


This is supposed to be interesting?

2354 days ago


Duh people!!
It's obviously bad editing.......Just check out the tattoo on his arm.
I bet it was done on purpose just to start a stupid ass rumor.

2354 days ago


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2354 days ago


Of course this picture is flipped. You can see the tat but you can also see the shadows on the door frame are flipped also.

2354 days ago


Hey Jose', take it easy....


2354 days ago


It's so sad that Marissa and Mario had to leave for this douchebag to stay in the competition...people felt sorry for him and he was faking it, I am not surprised, this is a tv show after all!!!!!

2354 days ago


You would think that TMZ being that they have their dont know...TV SHOW...would understand how film and pictures work! HOLY STUPIDITY! Its clearly the same arm and same bandage!

2354 days ago
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