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Cristian de la Faker?

5/14/2008 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cristian de la Fuente has been accused of faking his injury on "Dancing With the Stars" -- and last night's episode might be the proof.
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Watch this clip from last night's episode closely -- Cristian's arm brace jumps from his left arm (the one he "injured") to his right. Is it just bad editing (his tattoo is always there)-- or is the soap star doing his best acting job yet?

Doctor Nose Best

Not all stars opt for plastic surgery when it comes to fixing those small imperfections, but a few might want to consider it. Especially after Dr. TMZ shows them what they could look like. Go ahead and be nosey!
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Archuleta's Dad Gives Producer Cold Shoulder

Jeff Archuleta, David's dad, showed up in the audience for tonight's "American idol" and made it clear -- he's pissed at the producers.

As we first reported, Jeff was such a troublemaker, he was banned from backstage rehearsals. According to our spies, on tonight's show during commercials, Jeff shot darts at Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe. J.A. stared Nigel down and was enraged as he watched the E.P. visibly excited as David Cook performed.

Jeff seemed chummy with Randy. The two bro'd out during several breaks. He hugged Paula two times and whispered something in her ear and she nodded in agreement. No interaction at all with Simon.

Jeff was trying to get the attention of legendary songwriter Diane Warren, but she pretty much wouldn't give him the time of day.

It's Hard Being Madonna

Now that everyone and their mother is walking around sportin' man hands, Madonna has gone and started yet another trend -- man arms!
Heinous Extremities -- click to launch
Madge was snapped in London on Tuesday showing off her guns. Hard candy indeed.

Imagine Me and You, I'll Sue

Two members of the 60's group, The Turtles (you know, "Happy Together'), have sued Capitol Records over an Ice Cube song -- bitches!
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According to the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Flo & Eddie recorded a song in 1972 for The Turtles called "Buzzsaw." The suit claims the song was sampled in a rap song by Ice Cube called "Jackin' for Beats." Flo & Eddie allege Capital signed a deal for the derivative song but went beyond the agreement to make even more money.

Flo & Eddie want minimum $25,000 but not more than $70,000. We know, it's weird to set a limit when you sue.

Capital, Eddie & Flo -- not happy together.

Click to hear! Click to hear!

Gisele -- T & A at the TSA

No entourage, no prissy attitude, no man-servant ... when did Gisele Bundchen become a real (albeit extremely hot) person?
Gisele Bundchen: Click to watch
Charming the crowd at LAX, Tom Brady's tight end had every man going gaga -- and was even pulled from line and allowed to cut a woman in a wheelchair. Being beautiful must be tough.


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2322 days ago

come on    

If you notice, it is still the same arm. They are just doing the whole "mirror image" effect.

2322 days ago


As far as the "is he faking it" video? Doesn't anyone even THINK that he might've been videotaped in the practice studio with the camera aimed INTO the mirror????? Now THAT would explain the so-called switch wouldn't it? Whomever decided this was good fodder for the gossip/rumor mills needs a lesson in common sense thinking. Sheeesh. It's bad enough we have political pundits 'fixing' the results on an election that has yet to take they want to "fix" a reality series. Give me a break.

2322 days ago


Well, of course one of the pictures of Cristian de la Fuente has been flipped using software. The bandage is on his left arm. It's the same arm with the bandage in both photos. You can tell because the arm with the bandage has the same tattoo on the shoulder. You can also tell the shadow on the door frame near the bandage is the same in both photos.

2322 days ago

Bob Wayne    

Look at the door frame. The image is just reversed

2322 days ago


Christian figured it worked for Marie Osmond...what the hell, why not !!

2322 days ago


the guy sucks hes getting sympathy votes from all the lonely woman.

2322 days ago


I was just about that say that. His tattoo is on his left arm and in you ''mirrior image'' the picture/video it makes it look like it's his right arm. Either way, he's deffently not faking it.

2322 days ago


My husband tore both biceps in each arm, and there is no way, a doctor should've allowed him to dance. The muscle will end up rolling up into the schoulder if it is not put back on the bone. He needs to get another doctor. You cannot do anything with the arm that is hurt. I hope he is not lying.

2322 days ago


It is obviously a mirror image. Simple to do. I do not think Christian is faking it.

2322 days ago


If anyone can go back, and watch where he drops her, it was his right arm that gave loose and could not hold her. THEN we see him with his LEFT arm wrapped up. This is definately a fake. Watch the original clip for yourself, you'll see what I mean. He's gone from right to left, and now right again. So??

2322 days ago


Of course Cristian's casted arm is the same one in both photos. Obviously the photo was flipped. If not, he also took the time to part his hair on the other side as well. Sheesh!

2322 days ago


Mirror image.... Jason's watch even changes arms. Shame on you TMZ.

2322 days ago


How stupid do you think we are? It is the same picture flipped. Yes, it IS like looking in a mirror. Did you ever notice that when you look in the mirror and hold up your left hand, it is to your right? Someone is trying to stir up trouble where there is none!

2322 days ago


You people at TMZ will do anything to plant a seed of doubt or scandal in dumb people's minds, won't you. Christian is NOT FAKING that injury...otherwise, why would he be saying that he's going to have to have surgery once the competition is over. That's something that will be very easy to check on and, my gosh, if he were to win, it would cause a scandal and he'd lose the trophy plus make fools out of DWTS and they're not going to have that! You can see that they were editing these pictures to create the "mirror image" effect they wanted for the picture with all four stars in it. I can't believe anyone would be so stupid and naive as to think he's faking that injury. And don't you think HE'D notice, just from the feel of it, if the cast was on the wrong arm? I sure would!

2322 days ago
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