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Cristian de la Faker?

5/14/2008 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cristian de la Fuente has been accused of faking his injury on "Dancing With the Stars" -- and last night's episode might be the proof.
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Watch this clip from last night's episode closely -- Cristian's arm brace jumps from his left arm (the one he "injured") to his right. Is it just bad editing (his tattoo is always there)-- or is the soap star doing his best acting job yet?

Doctor Nose Best

Not all stars opt for plastic surgery when it comes to fixing those small imperfections, but a few might want to consider it. Especially after Dr. TMZ shows them what they could look like. Go ahead and be nosey!
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Archuleta's Dad Gives Producer Cold Shoulder

Jeff Archuleta, David's dad, showed up in the audience for tonight's "American idol" and made it clear -- he's pissed at the producers.

As we first reported, Jeff was such a troublemaker, he was banned from backstage rehearsals. According to our spies, on tonight's show during commercials, Jeff shot darts at Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe. J.A. stared Nigel down and was enraged as he watched the E.P. visibly excited as David Cook performed.

Jeff seemed chummy with Randy. The two bro'd out during several breaks. He hugged Paula two times and whispered something in her ear and she nodded in agreement. No interaction at all with Simon.

Jeff was trying to get the attention of legendary songwriter Diane Warren, but she pretty much wouldn't give him the time of day.

It's Hard Being Madonna

Now that everyone and their mother is walking around sportin' man hands, Madonna has gone and started yet another trend -- man arms!
Heinous Extremities -- click to launch
Madge was snapped in London on Tuesday showing off her guns. Hard candy indeed.

Imagine Me and You, I'll Sue

Two members of the 60's group, The Turtles (you know, "Happy Together'), have sued Capitol Records over an Ice Cube song -- bitches!
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According to the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Flo & Eddie recorded a song in 1972 for The Turtles called "Buzzsaw." The suit claims the song was sampled in a rap song by Ice Cube called "Jackin' for Beats." Flo & Eddie allege Capital signed a deal for the derivative song but went beyond the agreement to make even more money.

Flo & Eddie want minimum $25,000 but not more than $70,000. We know, it's weird to set a limit when you sue.

Capital, Eddie & Flo -- not happy together.

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Gisele -- T & A at the TSA

No entourage, no prissy attitude, no man-servant ... when did Gisele Bundchen become a real (albeit extremely hot) person?
Gisele Bundchen: Click to watch
Charming the crowd at LAX, Tom Brady's tight end had every man going gaga -- and was even pulled from line and allowed to cut a woman in a wheelchair. Being beautiful must be tough.


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Trudy Jackson    

Plus he has to have surgery when the compitiion is over. That is what the doc said on the show.

2315 days ago


Thank God ... right off the bat from post #2 someone has a brain!! Kudo's right to post #80. It's the mirror image. And if you look really well .... you can see both arms have the same tat on it. Boy someone's wacking off @ TMZ and has to do this lame attempt to cause chatter just to make themselves look good.

God ... Harvey and his band of idiots roll on with a full case of snake oil.

I use to think Harvey was ok back in the old days of the revived People's Court ... but now I see he's just a catty lil girl. I guess his man isn't giving it to him right.

Maybe you should do an expose you yourself and your workers.

I wish you didn't kiss Howard Stern's ass. He would've had his band of Wack Packers all over you and your idiots.

Note to self ... put a lil bug in someone's ear.

2315 days ago

lisa m    

if you look carefully, the producers simply reversed the film to give it a more dramatic look. The shadows on the doorframe are reversed. tmz just taking another stretch at making the news, not reporting the news! What's really sad is that 40% of the people polled actually are stupid enough to think that he's faking it.....use your eyes people, don't be blindly led by tmz or anyone else.

2315 days ago


Cristian de la Fuente was filmed through a mirror in the shot that looks like the cast is on his other arm. I noticed on L.A. INK they do that sometimes also, makes the tattoo look like it's on a different arm.

2315 days ago


TMZ needs to get reputable reporters ..... but then why would a reputable reporter work for TMZ ???

2315 days ago


First off X-rays/MRI's do not lie. I am an X-ray Technologist. There was a segment that showed Christian sitting with his physician looking at his X-ray's/MRI's. The Physician was pointing to the different areas on these images and verbally telling Christian where his bleeding and tear was. So his injury is real. Now he is an Actor of course, and all of the stars have been playing their personalities for everything its worth. That is what makes the show so interesting to watch.

2315 days ago


It is NOT like 'looking in a mirror'! The guy on the left isn't even Cristian!!! Sheesh...

2315 days ago


of course we all HOPE he's not faking it, but stranger things have happened, no? anyway...i do professional photography and photo editing and i truly believe the clip was "flipped". look closely at the backround...the shadows on the doorframe...the railing behind the's too exact to have been different shots. the photo above looks to be maybe a frame or two off, but that's it.

2315 days ago

Kadie Love    

ok i can comment on all of the stories lol

really? TMZ isn't that reliable and they werent even smart enough to mirror it there's the beginning scream and the ending scream and who cares about fake or un-fake inguries on a pointless show about dancing where "scandals" are happening every time it shows up on your screen

Gosh... people does it matter?

Madonna: so? the chick's got mucsles the problem with that is...?

Turtle's and Ice Cube: is it me or do the two song's not sound alike at all? i mean a little bit but not enuf to sue!

Jeff Whatever: umm arent ALL stars' dad's pissed at the producers (unless it's themselves)? and i dont think he's THAT psyco to shoot DARTS at the guy! i mean COME ONE! TMZ isn't even realistic

Gisele: she didn't make the decsision and i would have let the lady in a wheelchair go first, but really DOES TMZ HAVE TO HAVE "SPIES" EVERYWHER EVEN THE D.N.A. OF A CELEB IS?

ok im done lol

2315 days ago

Miss Wanda Ann    

Just bad editing.......mirror image. When my stepson got married, I wasn't included in the pictures. I wasn't even allowed in the room where the pictures were being taken. But of course, his ex was.............and so when the pictures came back, I was shocked to see that my husband had taken off his wedding band from his left hand for the pictures. WRONG! He was just as shocked as I was to see it missing. (Did I say I was shocked? Well I meant HIGHLY PISSED!) I was all in his stuff about it! Then I noticed that his ring wasn't missing at all.............just on the right hand instead. And so was the flower on his lapel. And I knew the flower should have been on the left side as well. So I realized that the film had been reversed during the processing. (No digital then.......) I am sure that Dancing With The Stars simply turned it around into a mirror image.

2315 days ago


Who really cares about this crap anyway.Next, the celebs will be jumping through hopes and all of you will go, "WOW"!!!

2315 days ago

Kadie Love    

wait i just noticed that the "Nose Job" thing is the same exact eyes/mouth and the saliva is in exactly the same place, they just used video s**t to make up a stort and TRY to become eqaul to NATIONAL INQUIRER God, people

2315 days ago


No one has mentioned that in the mirror image the hair is parted on the opposite side which indicates that it is indeed a mirror image. simple enough

2315 days ago


The picture is probably a mirror image of the original, notice that the tattoo is also shown again as well.

2315 days ago


Obviously it's a reverse image of Cristian.

Unless he has symmetrically reversed, identical tatoos on both of his arms and he parrts his hair on both sides of his head.

2315 days ago
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