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Hulk to Nick: Don't Drop the Soap!

5/14/2008 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Their divorce has been messy -- but Hulk and Linda Hogan are keeping it cool when they visit their locked-up, recklessly driving son.

According to ABCActionNews, the two visited Nick in jail together on Sunday and Monday and got the entire video visitation room all to themselves as they talked to him. Though Hulk's bandana came along for the visit, Brooke was not there.


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The little s---- got off too easy. The whole family is a joke. No-one should feel sorry for that brat, they should feel sorry for the family their worthless brat hurt & will now & forever have to live with what that PUNK did. He will be back with his family in 8 months, and I'm sure will not change. Its a f---ing shame how celebrities can get away with everything. Let the simple man have done what he did, he would be doing big time. This SUCKS. I hope some big daddy gets ahold of that puck.

2317 days ago


Yes, I am sure this picture just breaks Johns familys hearts. Reality must be setting in for them.

2317 days ago


If that had been anyone elses child who this happened to the book would have been thrown at them he got off easy because money talks and because his dad is somewhat famous come on shutting the visitation room downs for them if that was my child that would never happen!!!

2317 days ago


Nick should have gotten the max, which was 5 years. The young man, John, who is in the coma is a returned Veteran from the war. how sad that he lives through that but comes home and gets in a car with Nick and is now not expected to get back to normal. Nick will be on probation for 5 years with no driving but he will probably find a way to get around that. like his dad's theme music, he is a Voodoo Child.

2317 days ago


The only good thing that will come from this tragedy is that I think Nick will learn a valuable lesson and will come out of this a better person. Fom the bitter, hateful comments that are thrown at this KID, I think a lot of you could use an 8 month time-out in jail. There is some serious attitude adjustment needed on this site.

2317 days ago


Cleary the divorce is a fraud. Look at them..they look like newlyweds. I hope the American public is not that stupid as to believe just shortly before they are going to be hit with a major law suit they decide to go their separate ways with the hope that Linda gets her 1/2 so at least when they reconcile after the hearing, they will still have something. Again, there is no divorce, no remorse and no empathy for John and his familyl. This family moved on with their lives without skipping a beat. Hulk's kid skateboarding in a VA bad none of these vets had their weapons and could have used him for target practice. The Hogan family is sick, disgusting, phoney and history...get their reruns off tv. Paps stop taking pics of them unless it is to show just how shallow and unemotional they really are...oh, one other thing, it does never hurt to have the odd picture of hulk sexual man handling his daughter..that is always inciteful and interesting..outside of that I won't even watch an American Gladiator commerical nevermind the show, just because the moran that raised two useless kids and married a hooker is on it.

2317 days ago


#17/Laura, I completely agree with you. Everyone sits here and throws stones at the "Hogan"/Bollea family, yet I'm sure that NONE of them are perfect. I'm not blaming the victim in this, but he is an adult and if he really was as good of friend's with Nick as the media makes them out to have been, then he knew full well what kind of a driver he is and he could've not rode with him. I'm sorry but guys like to get a little crazy in their "toys", and egg each other on, so both Nick and John are at fault for this accident. You people can sit here and get pissed at that statement, but it's true. I feel horrible for John being in the condition he's in, and I pray that he recovers, but you rant and rave about Nick needing to be punished-HELLO, he's in jail right now. If he would've gotten the max sentence you would've been yelling that it wasn't long enough. Grow up, people.

2317 days ago


What about the seatbelt that this John guy should of been wearing? I read that he didn't have it on and if he would have had it on he wouldn't have been thrown from the car and have sustained such a terrible injury. That can't be Nick's fault can it? Don't be so quick to punish him just because he is famous.

2317 days ago


#17. John was a family friend from way back. if you had listened or read any of the trial testimony you would not be making the comments you made. He didn't know about the speeding problem Nick had. all of that was covered up and John had just recently returned from Iraq. he didn't "hang around" because the Hogans have money. his family is well off but these medical expenses will break them. learn the facts before you spout misinformation and make lots of people angry.

2317 days ago


TMZhires13yearolds... I agree with you I don't believe the Hogan's never apologized for one minute,I also think Nick is paying his dues in more than one way. And for the post that said parents that are getting divorced they would not go together is a damn moron...

2317 days ago

G. Hallowgreen    

It must be sad to see him in a place where he shouldn't have been at all.

Back in 2003 an 18 year old truck driver near my hometown of Viborg-Denmark lost control over his lorry while going too fast. He killed 7 eldery and two staffmember going the other way in a minivan. They screamed while burning to death bound to their wheel. The driver was only fined regardless of the fact that he was speeding and it was a fair judgement.

The young man was on job and we all know that transportation has a cost and that is human lives. Without being prepared to pay that cost our society would shut down.

I don't know why this sentence is so harsh. Maybe it is because his father has a well-known name.

2317 days ago


That video is ALMOST as pathetic as the kid that they were there to see. Maybe the kid will get it, after is GETS IT!!!!

2317 days ago


I agree with you Laura (#17) John made his own choice to get in the car w/Nick, but what pisses me off is that the "Holgan family" just seems to not give a s---. Yea, for the cameras they are a so-sorry for what happened family, but behind the scenes seems to be a different story. If that were one of my kids that did something like that, I would be there non-stop for the family, to be there at the hospital on a daily basis, to make sure that the family has everything they need. Hogan has enough money I'm sure to give to John's family to help them out with whatever they may need. Yes, their son chose to get in that car, and yes an accident happened and now John is suffering, but come on, that Hogan family needs to be there non-stop for that familys needs & to be there just to be there, beside John & his family for support. The "Hogan family" is a joke.

2317 days ago


The Hulk goes ballistic if anybody even looks at his daughter... I wonder what he would do if his son got violated in prison.

2317 days ago


Ya #17! If I can recall correctly, most of the coverage states that John and Nick became friends because of their love for cars. So yes, Ellen, he most certainly had a clue about Nick's speeding problems. How did half of the world know, but not their closest friends and families. Weird.

2317 days ago
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