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Hulk to Nick: Don't Drop the Soap!

5/14/2008 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Their divorce has been messy -- but Hulk and Linda Hogan are keeping it cool when they visit their locked-up, recklessly driving son.

According to ABCActionNews, the two visited Nick in jail together on Sunday and Monday and got the entire video visitation room all to themselves as they talked to him. Though Hulk's bandana came along for the visit, Brooke was not there.


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It's a shame you can't even visit your incarcerated son without a picture being posted of you.

2351 days ago


Why are ALL of you filled with soooo much hate? Yes it was a ruthless and careless thing to do, however, accidents do happen as well and their are several victims in this situation. If you are wishing for evil things for Nick and the Hogans , then you are not better then anyone. Quit being so judgemental and quit hating and start loving.

2351 days ago


At some point you all need to realize that everyone should pay for what they have done. and maybe what happened to John is his payment for buying a minor booze, drinking it with him ( which are both illeagel crimes ) and then not wearing your seatbelt, Yeah John sounds like a real model citizen . Why havent charges been filed againt him, If someone put my minor in that situation, I would be suing them. Nick is paying his price. it seems to me that John is above the law, and why is that, just because he was in the military does not mean there should be special treatment.

2351 days ago



Where was it ever said that John is the one who bought Nic the booze? His mother drinks a lot, so does his dad. It is all over the house. In South Beach, he could probably get any Cuban to sell it to him at one of their gas stations. You're rationale is ridiculous. I bet your motto is, "kick'm when they're down."

2351 days ago


There is not a single soul on this site that is in ANY positon to judge another person! Yes, we have our opinions but, to be so heartless and try and be the trial and jury is ridiculous!

2351 days ago


I said it before and I'll say it again - Nick is responsible for his driving, yes. But Nick survived with little injury because he wore his seatbelt. Too bad John chose not to wear his. And too bad his family doesn't acknowledge John's own blunder. Typical to blame everyone else in our society.

2351 days ago



I'm afraid we are in a position to judge. The judge and jury has spoke and found this kid guilty. So when you see murderers or other felons convicted you take the same stance that we can't judge them? Of course there may be cases where people are wrongly convicted but this certainly isn't the case with Nick Bollea.

It's ok to stand up and say someone is guilty. Unless society takes this stand against injustice then society itself will crumble.

I hope John's family wins a substantial civil suit in this case, which will go farther to teaching the Hogans (Bolleas) a lesson than 8 months in the joint for their kid ever will.

2351 days ago


Again obviously you must have a hard time in life and cant read, EVERYONE has to pay a price for what thay do. I'm sure that they were hanging out togather and Nick said " john let me get someone else to buy my liquor " wake up. none of us were there in the car. The POINT one MAN is 24 years old and the other person a KID 17 years old. they BOTH need to be held accountable Nick has his price were is johns leagel price

2351 days ago


#50 Lalaland, what are you talking about? There was no jury to find anyone guilty, and the judge withheld adjudication and didn't determine guilt or innocence. That'll be up to the civil trial to determine how much responsible each party was in this case. I'd imagine this sentence is going to be a lot more punishing than the civil trial because the Grazianos will have to fess up to their "facts" from the other day. No blaming alcohol, no ignoring John's love of speed and cars, no ignoring John's driving record that's worse than Nick's, no ignoring not wearing a seatbelt, and no ignoring how the Bolleas have been there for them since before and after the accident.

2351 days ago


I'm truly sorry for all involved. At least Nick is facing the music and doing his time. I also think that the victim should take some of the blame for not wearing a seat belt. Especially because he knew that he would be in a car driven by Nick who was known for his propensity to speed and street race. I hope this tragedy serves as a warning to kids everywhere.

2351 days ago


Why is this video public? Can they do that w/out their permission? Isnt it suppose to be private?

2351 days ago


Ahhhhh Nick....
tast eof the forbidden fruit........

2351 days ago


I hope this little bastard spends every second of the next 8 months worrying about what MIGHT happen to him in prison. That'd almost be worse than getting gangbanged for real. But you know, I'm not sure. Oh what the heck. Get some inmate with 11 inches to spare and rip Nick's assh*le apart.

2351 days ago


Nick did no get off easy ! he has to live with this ALL his life. could u live with yourself if u put your BF in a coma?? i couldn't . and im sure you all couldnt either. so stop putting him down. hes paying now but YES his friend is paying for the rest of his life.
i feel more sorry for his friend but i also feel for Nick. hes going thru his own hell right now.
i hope he comes out of jail/prison...where is he anyways???? i remember Hulk wanted his kids to see how it is to live poor. that was an episode on the show WELL hulk got his wish.
i love Hulk Hogan and im sure he taught Nick how to fight before he went to jail/prison.
but i wonder how the oher inmates are treating him??

2351 days ago


Just some thoughts and then I am done with this. (1) I think John Graziano is being held accountable every single day he continues to live as a vegetable. He made an error in judgment and will pay for it forever. I suspect he did not think Nick would be drag racing, but I may be wrong; (2) Nick has never, based on what we have had access to, shown any remorse for what happened; (3) I read that the booze came from the Bollea home; (4) Nick DID get off easy. He should have received the maximum sentence. How else could he realize the severity of what he has done?; (5) I would bet money Nick is in a single cell, like other celebrities, for his own protection; (6) Hulk's actions putting suntan lotion on Brooke were disgusting; (7) I cannot believe they had the visitor's room to themselves. Wonder what they needed to keep secret?; (8) I think Hulk SHOULD pay big bucks in the lawsuit. HE BOUGHT THE FREAKING CAR FOR NICK. Nick is a spoiled brat who never had to suffer the consequences of any of his actions; (9) Nick isn't going to learn anything from his time in jail. He will spend it reading racing magazines; (10) I am inclined to agree that the 'divorce' was a sham to cover up the total of their assets. Hopefully the judge will figure it out. It is my understanding that the car hit the tree on John's side which is why, in addition to not wearing a seat belt, he was injured so seriously and Nick wasn't. Finally, I think a MAJOR question still remains: HOW DID HULK GET TO THE SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT W/IN VIRTUAL MINUTES OF THE ACCIDENT? That still seems very fishy to me.

2351 days ago
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