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NFL Star: Wal-Mart Left Kids Out in the Cold

5/14/2008 4:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Andre JohnsonNFL superstar Andre Johnson claims his charity got stiffed by Wal-Mart -- it all involves water and ice. Yes, ice.

Johnson ordered 750 bicycles to be given to underprivileged kids at an event sponsored by the Andre Johnson Foundation -- in return for the purchase, Wal-Mart agreed to donate water and ice for the May 3 event.

But there was a problem with the order, so Johnson ended up buying fewer bikes than planned. Wal-Mart countered by not giving the water and ice as promised. That's cold.

Wal-Mart is trying to rectify the situation. They tell TMZ, "We are reaching out to the Andre Johnson Foundation as we speak to rectify the situation. It's disappointing that this happened."

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you rich to even think thiss way. I am from foregin. only place i can aford shop, is at wal mart. i take paycheck, get
many thngs for my family. why so bad with that. if could afford better, ii would. wal mart good to me and mi family.

2324 days ago


Walmart is cheap. They don't donate locally to help anyone. It's unreal. That's why I will not shop there.

2324 days ago


I can't believe Walmart is SO GREEDY/Stingy. They happen to be doing ok in this messed up ecomony.
DANG - people are HEARTLESS these days. EVERYTHING is about a dollar - people won't even give a kid a drink of water for free these days. It's disgusting and I will make sure I pass on this information to other potential customers of Walmart.
As far as Walmart tyring to make up - it's too late.

2324 days ago

good grief!    

everyday matters! JC Penney, y'all!!!

2324 days ago


TARGET BLOWS!!! I worked there, they treat their employees like crap, I saw the employees putting out returned
food items back on the shelves, after they carefully taped them up. BOYCOTT TARGET NOW!!!

2324 days ago


Gotta love the big W. cheapest prices in town, easy to get in and out of. will always shop at the big W!!!

2324 days ago


Go to Target? and what give that FRENCH company my money, NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2324 days ago


It's all Bush and Cheneys fault!!!!!!

2324 days ago

another Target fan    

Sam wasn't the saint he's portrayed to be. His kids are coke whores who only care about their spot on the Forbes list. If all of you losers who threaten to boycott these b!tche$ would actually DO it, there may be a difference. Since you all talk $h!t but never back it up, WallyMart will never change because they don't HAVE to.

2324 days ago

Strange company culture....    

I have hated Walmart ever since they had their annual meetings in my city 2 years ago. I met a few nice people who worked for that company, but 90% of the people were complete jerks who obviously did not get out in public often... a few had the nerve to tell me that I had to give them whatever they want because they work for Wal-mart!! People who work at Walmart long term always start believing everything Corporate tells them, Do you know they do a Walmart cheer and dance everyday? And if you decide not to do it, you will be fired... I have also not shopped at a Walmart for over 2 years... and yes, sometimes late at night it does suck when you need something and Target is closed. But I go with out than shop at Walmart.

2324 days ago


Didn't it also say he ordered the bikes correctly but they were not correct when delivered?...so technically, Wal-Mart was the reason he did not purchase all the required bikes to begin with!

2324 days ago


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You probably use about 40 a day. If you send me two twenty's, I will make sure that your carbon credits are immediately distributed. If you would like my address, please let me know. Thank you, I must go now, my lear jet is running.

2324 days ago


coke whores, did someone say coke whores??

2324 days ago

christy Ross    

That is HORRIBLE!!!

2324 days ago


Come on Wal-Mart. That's messed up. Andre Johnson still paided for a good portion of the bike order despite you guys messing it up so you could at least provide him water and ice. Don't punish the kids for your mistake!

2324 days ago
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