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America's Next Top Hypocrite

5/15/2008 11:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

During casting, "ANTM" plus-sized winner Whitney said she wouldn't change herself to win -- but who the hell was the chick who went home with the modeling contract last night?


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I hate plus sized models. Just promotes the idea that being fat is okay.

Posted at 10:36AM on May 15th 2008 by tyra

I cannot belive someone like you exists. Whitney is beatiful! and not fat at all. i think u need to ask dr phil for a copy of his show from yesterday (5/14)

2318 days ago


UGH...It is just soooo sad that this world thinks a size 8-10( that Whitney is) supposed to be "plus sized"? WTH?? She's healthy and beauiful and more importantly has a healthy view of her body. She's not an an anorexic 0 or below...thankfully! Too many girls today focus on being a small size, instead of being healthy and happy with their bodies...which is why there's such a huge amount of them with eating disorders. I have a pre-teen daughter that I talk to often about keep up with and make sure she won't fall into the "trap" of skinny = pretty. It's all so sadly cyclical and viscious!!!!!

2318 days ago


are you people as stupid as this non-story? ALL the ANTM girls get make-overs and in her case, they colored her hair - what's so hypocritical about that? it's not like she shrunk down to a size 2 during the competition, you morons. she's larger and definitely a great change of pace for this tired show!

2318 days ago


TMZ if you actually watched the show.......she didn't change anything.....the tyra changed her hair.....they have makeovers!! hello.....try doing backgorund on the show before you post. plus she's amazing.....and hott

2318 days ago


i think she meant that she would turn stick thin just to become a successful model.... lets face it, the only thing that she's actually changed was her hair color..... she's still the same size now as she was when she first started the competition. Way to take something out of context TMZ.

2318 days ago


sorry.... just realized a typp....

I meant that she WOULDN'T turn stick thin to become a successful model.

2318 days ago


Plus size does NOT mean fat!.ANTM always puts their girls through a makeover after about the 3rd or 4th week so Whitney's change of hair color was ANTM idea, not hers. I am SO glad she won!

2318 days ago


I hate fact that their calling a size 12 a plus size. This girl looks normal, not plus size.
This is what all the models should look like.

2318 days ago


Tyra MADE her change her color--the contestants all get makeovers early in the show. They're FORCED to do it. If anyone at TMZ actually watched the show, they'd know that.

CHeck before you wreck, my darling bitchez. ;)

2318 days ago

celebrity skins    

Is she a plus-sized woman? lol

2318 days ago


Whitney is not fat... She is representing the normal size a model should be. The anorexic look is fading away !! Long live looking healthy

2318 days ago


Some girls that have appeared on the show have had success because of the show and are still modeling , tv, radio...

2318 days ago


Unfortunatly in the modeling world a size 8 is a "plus size".... Models are expected to be a size 0 and i totally do not agree with that at all! I rememeber the season with Yoanna (the girl who won a few season ago) she was a size 2 at least and the talked about how she needs to work on her body. Ridiculous!!!There is nothing wrong with being a size 8. Whitney is georgeous and i wish her all the best with her new career and i hope that she doesn't let people talk her into dropping pounds so that she fits into to sociaties definition of "beautiful"!

38. Why are we calling a size 8 a plus-sized model???? She is not fat, she is not even close to fat.... You skinny bitches need to eat some food and look healthy and fit. Go to the gym and put some muscle on I'm sick of seeing your bones.

2318 days ago


HAS EVERYONE LOST THEIR MIND! SINCE WHEN IS A SIZE 8 PLUS SIZE? Cindy Crawford, Kristy Turlington, and the first real supermodels in the 90s were all a size 6 and now days 8 is plus size? GIVE ME A BREAK- this is disgusting.

2318 days ago


She didn't change her WEIGHT. And the last time a girl skipped the makeovers, she got BOOTED ON THE SPOT. Whitney did a great job and I'm proud of her. I would have been happy if it was either her or Anya. It seems to me like you guys just want something to report, even if it is stupid bull taken out of context.

2318 days ago
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