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America's Next Top Hypocrite

5/15/2008 11:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

During casting, "ANTM" plus-sized winner Whitney said she wouldn't change herself to win -- but who the hell was the chick who went home with the modeling contract last night?


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wow okay no    

this is a ridiculous story! why dont yall get some real stories out and not ruin her moment!

2351 days ago


wow, you're all stupid. The skinny pictures are of her from before the show. She actually gained weight to be a size 8 to be considered a "plus-size" model. Geezus. She was a size 4 before.

2351 days ago


Shes not fat you douche. Shes just not a size 3 or the normal model weight. Im happy she won, and i watched that video, whats the difference?? she died her hair, they did that to every top model lol Perez hilton sucks cuz he makes fun of people for no reason when he infact should look in the mirror. Before talking about anyone elses celulite, he should fix his own. AH THANK YOU!

2351 days ago


She had to change her look, in order to stay in the competition. She is beautiful, I'm proud to be a fan. Good for her to win against the stereotypical thin models. GO WHITNEY!!

2351 days ago


Anyone who watches ANTM knows that all the contestants get makeovers, usually in week 3, with the color and cut of their hair chosen by Tyra and her judges. She didn't ask to be blonde, they made her blonde. She's great, and she's not fat, just not the usual size 0 or 2. More power to her. Congratulations, Whitney!

2351 days ago


Do u people really think TMZ didnt KNOW they do makeovers? Of course they know. And if she really didnt want to "change" anything she should have refused the makeover! Now that would be worthy of winning. Someone finally willing to stand up for themselves and not let anyone redo their looks! Shes still a fake ass bitch.

2351 days ago


hey "tyra"... #4: i just read an article on her and she's a size 8. that's right, a girl who is over 5'7" and a size 8 is plus sized in this country. this just goes to show that the media is really more powerful than some peoples free will and ability to think, and it has completely brainwashed millions. i feel sorry for you.

2351 days ago


FIrst off.... she said she wouldnt change the person she is...meaning her size.. she doesnt have to stick her finger down her throat to be like the other models..SECOND.. It wasnt her choice to change her color of here hair or put extentions.. Its part of the show. they give you makeovers.. If she didnt allow them to do it... she wouldve been sent home... UHHH YOU DO THE MATH??

2351 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I was hoping the other girl would win..She looked like a pretty version of Madonna..

2351 days ago


I was SO happy that Whitney won, I don't think she changed herself at all, except for her hair color. It was great to see a woman with curves and boobs on the Versace runway last night. She stayed true to herself and didn't drop weight like some of the other previous "plus sized" models did (remember one but can't remember her name), I hope ANTM continues to promote the idea that beauty doesn't have to come in a size 2.

2351 days ago


I, first off, would like to say THANK GOD WHITNEY WON!!!! We were down to the Somalian woman who went through so much and was strong aka...yes she went through some real tough issues but was still a massive...YOU KNOW WHAT...and Anya, who I think is sweet but sounded like too much of an ADHD airhead to be a role model, so I am glad she won. Not to mention wtf is this story talking about??? Whitney said she would never starve herself like typical models in order to win, and she didn't. All she did was dye her hair, which I do every couple of months so I don't see the big deal. She didn't lose weight, she didn't change her personality. I am personally glad a fuller-figured woman won ANTM. BTW...shes not fat guys, she has bigger hips and buns than the other girls. No one who fits in a Versace runway dress is fat. Sorry that your anorexic toothpick contestants didn't win. It takes TALENT to be a model, not dress size!

2351 days ago


Yo mamma's a whore!! Viva la plus size! But really, if Whitney is "fat" then what is the world coming to?? The rest of those broads neeeded a sandwhich! It's your world big girl, so what you gon' do!!! CONGRATS!!!

2351 days ago

nick hogan is a killer    

It seems the winner was already chosen before the competition even started. Tyra and her show are lame.

2351 days ago


All she changed was her hair color. If you watched the season or even the last episode, every girl gets a "makeover" aka a new hairstyle or cut, she went from brown to blonde big deal, and Tyra even says in the finale she looks beautiful BOTH ways. So STFU.

2351 days ago


Sometimes TMZ can be so retarded. It's like these idiots have story deadlines so they just make any old crap up to have a story on a relevant topic. If you want to stay i the competition you HAVE NO CHOICE but to get a hair makeover. And the comment about the makeup is just foolish, really. The bitch one and they couldn't say anything nice like..."Hey she's pretty." Or even a backhanded compliment about how far she's come in the looks department and how they dressed up the 'fat' girl nice with a blonde weave and makeup. C'mon you guys have GOT to do better. RESEARCH is key. This story is a waste of space.

2351 days ago
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