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Bush Flips for Israel

5/15/2008 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dubya -- who still has 249 days in office -- took some time away from Presidentin' to enjoy a bike ride in Israel today ... and flash his middle finger to the international press!

He's either desperately trying to stop the bike ... or sending a strong message to all the terrorists. Hard to tell with G-Dub!


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5 cent    

A new low for Bush. Not his approval ratings.... appearing on TMZ. What, no celebrity crotch shots today so you put this up?

2352 days ago


Well, Bush does have nuts, but at what cost? and how many lives? apparently not his own. Bush pimped America, he told us to jump, and we simply replied "how high?" just like whores. Im glad he's getting out the White House. Its a shame, we have money for wars but we can't feed the poor, and not to mention gas is higher than giraffe ass.

2352 days ago


George Bush is a great president! You'll wait and see if NObama wins , he will race the taxes and he won't keep this country safe!... We will be very vulnerable to another terrorist attack if he withdraws the troops from Iraq... You stupid liberals are freaking idiots!

2352 days ago


Most of you hate George Walker Bush but your beloved president Clinton gave pardons to HOW MANY drug offenders on his last day in office. Who are trying to sell drugs to the kids in your neighborhood. Thank God for a man who cares more about life and your safety than most of you care for yourselves. I thank him for his service in one of the hardest jobs ever. You ungrateful cry babies.

2352 days ago


I the kramers(cramps)everytime his face comes on the damn tube!

2352 days ago


I'm cry thinking of the thousands and thousands of mangled soldiers and civillians who will never get to ride a bike again or teach their kids how to ride because of him.

2352 days ago


I like President Bush!

2352 days ago

who dat    

hopefully, he will get thrown from the bike and break his neck.

2352 days ago


Has everyone forgotten how HAPPY they were when Billy Boy left office?! Think so..............and the screaming liberals come out of the woodwork!!

TMZ...............trashing the President is really low even for you!

2352 days ago


Gish ~ Head on over to the "Huffington Post" to spew you BS!

2352 days ago


worst President in American history. This guy is responsible for 4000 dead in Iraq

2352 days ago


How anybody with a brain defends this man is beyong me. He has run the ecomomy in the ground. Spending billion of dollars on worthless wars

2352 days ago


jj, and just what the hell would you have done after 9/11? You were probably one of millions applauding the tv when we dropped the first bomb!

2352 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Jimmy Carter is ,currently , the worst president , because of meeting with the terrorist group Hamas and Fascist Hugo Chavez (also a terrorist to his own people) . The fact is when he did meet with them , he validated them by agreeing to their terms and demonizing the allies with the USA.

2352 days ago

india killadi 007    

I love Bush. He is cool....He doesnt back down.... thank you. He is the President amigos.... b*tches dont hate.

2352 days ago
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