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Dayum, They Look Good!

5/15/2008 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad and Angie look pretty hot too.

Hollywood's hottest MILF and DILF made their grand entrance at the Cannes Film Festival this afternoon.

Somewhere in New York, John Mayer is handing Jen a box of tissues.


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If that is what you want to believe, maria (#15), that's fine, but actually you have no idea who the 'winner' is. What does it matter. Things happen. If you (still) need to be angry at someone, be angry at Brad.

2360 days ago


folks get a life, couples brake up every day marriages fall apart. move on It must have been something with jen. she cant seem to keep a man. give her a few more weeks she will be out on the market again Angie and Brad look happy be happy for them or shut up.

2360 days ago


Tamara (#18), Angelina is one of the many pretty women in the world. Add the fact that she is a famous, award-winning Hollywood actress, the fact that she is in her 7th year as an active and dedicated UN goodwill ambassador, the fact that she has adopted three children, and the fact that her partner is Brad Pitt and they're about to welcome twins after having a bio daughter.......all that has made her more interesting and more beautiful than all the other pretty faces, and we're talking about her instead of about the other actresses and models that you find much prettier!

2360 days ago


47 47. And Jerry Seinfeld married a woman he met while she was on her honeymoon!!!! The people in Hollywood who have fallen in love while married to others is endless....starting with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn to the likes of Steven Speilberg and Kate Capshaw to D-listers like Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. Why single out Brangelina? People are really passionate about their love for Jennifer Aniston! I say, as Janet Jackson says, "what have you done for me lately?"

Posted at 8:29PM on May 15th 2008 by good for them
Exactly! Wny single out Brangelina? That is a question I haven't seen any hater answer yet! (Actually, the hatred is mainly towards Angelina).

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2360 days ago


21 21. I do agree they look very nice, and the whole Jen thing... from what i've heard she mislead him... saying she wanted children and a family then changed her mind after they were married. It also does annoy me that they seem to ignore the fact that America has children in need of homes too!!! Not a hater at all just bugs me when people ignore the very place that makes them thes famous millionares that they are

Posted at 5:54PM on May 15th 2008 by What about USA's children??
Aniston took Brad Pitt for granted.
People should be able to decide for themselves whom they want to adopt. Angelina fell in love with the kids she adopted.
Besides, as she herself has said, she seen no borders. She's a citizen of the world. A child in need is a child in need.

2360 days ago


You think? I think that's his own hair. Look at the large pictures everywhere. It was cut a little weird for Tree of Life, but that was some time ago, long enough to have it grow back enough to look nice again. He has been hiding it under hats. Hair grows fast. I know mine does.

2360 days ago


Mitzi....They're plenty of pictures with Angelina smiling @ the premiere. TMZ chose that one because of the sunglasses.

For all the losers comparing Angelina with Jen, please get your eyes checked. Jen is not even in the same galaxy as Angie when it comes to looks. Jen still looks plain with all the visits to Dr. 90210.

Joke of year...John Mayer looks better than Brad Pitt, wow you people are delusional.

2360 days ago

showers of Blessings    

interview of Angie & Dustin Hoffman by a French journalist

If you go to

click Angelina Jolie @ Kung Fu Panda premier, click post # 499 to see the full transcript of the interview of Angie and Dustin Hoffman. (Frenchy = the French journalist, Hoff = Dustin Hoffman)

Below is the part I love most.

Frenchy: I can see that you’ve previously done many animations and it makes you laugh a lot, Angelina.....since your marriage to Brad Pitt..what does it feel like to be followed everyone? You’re one of the biggest worldwide is very shocking to be hounded by the paparazzi?

Angie: Since when did I get married..? Um.. I don’t day consists of spending time at home with my family, it’s 99% of my life and it’s only very rarely that we go out to these kind of events..and we don’t let
the paparazzi become a part of our lives. We try as much to be with our kids, have fun with them..we focus on them.

Hoff: Ok..I want to congratulate Angelina because it’s been a very long time since I’ve been in this business and I’ve never met a person who has such a good balance between family life, humanitarian efforts, ..and all the extraordinary work that she does in addition to this.

Angie: Coming from you, that’s …amazing.

Hoff: I mean it.

Hoff: One last thing….why she chose Brad Pitt over me, I’ll never know!

Angie: Have you ever met him?…ever get to work together..? (cut off)

2360 days ago


To "who cares" (#25)

Please, this is 2008, move on!
You don't want to talke about p**. According to goss, John Mayer p***s on his girlfriends. I hope for your idol that this is not true.

2360 days ago


35. Did anyone consider saying that both women are attractive? Jen has that "girl next door" appeal, and Angie has that "I'm gonna f---k your brains out" appeal (NO, I don't mean slutty either). We don't know what happened between Brad and Jen, but even she said they had not been able to work out some personal differences. This really should not be a contest. Brad and Jen are done. Angie and Brad appear to be happy. Let them be happy and let Jen move on.(with or without John Mayer).

Posted at 6:54PM on May 15th 2008 by Just Cruzin Thru
Love you post, Just Cruzin Thru!

2360 days ago


To #36

If you really find Brangelina boring, you would ignore them and not be posting here!

2360 days ago


To # 38

How old was Michael Douglas when he had his 2nd child, and then his 3rd? How old was Rupert Murdoch when he had his 5th child, and then his 6th?...and so on.

2360 days ago

showers of Blessings    

to # 15 Maria. Since you talked about drug habit. Please read this article that said jen was into "happy" which is the expensive white power. Read the last sentence. If you want, I can find you more articles about Jen's "coke' habit.

Use the following URL to read the entire article.

GREEK Celebrity Break-ups
Smutty Break-Up #1: The Brads
Their wedding was the event of 2000. A star studded guest list, elaborate logistics, a tent in Malibu, fireworks, helicopters, it was a fairy tale Hollywood affair.

And then came the baby waiting. Year after year, he’d make no secret of the fact that he wanted them, year after year she said it would happen soon. At the end of Friends. Even though at the conclusion of the series, she had at least 5 or 6 projects in the works, she kept insisting that the babies were coming.

He kept believing it too, telling Diane Sawyer that little girls broke his heart, that he couldn’t wait to be a father.
Looking back though – there were signs. Beyond the rumours that he and Angelina Jolie were electrifying on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith, there were indications that all was not well between the Golden Couple. Public fights, stiffness on the red carpet, and an argument caught on camera – rarely seen photo attached of Jen and Brad leaving a party in the middle of a heated discussion, she stalked off with him trailing behind... word is, things had been testy before Angelina came along.
She was tired of him pressuring her to get pregnant, he was tired of certain habits she wasn’t serious about cutting, and confused about her relentless ambition for more than Friends.

2360 days ago


To #39

You're showing your ignorance, lexi! The job of goodwill ambassador for the UN refugee agency requires 'in front of the camera!' The UNHCR has stated that donations go up after a press release (publicity) by a goodwill ambassador! Now, if you read Angelina's UNHCR fact sheet, it says that she is often the first to donate to the agency's various projects. THAT she doesn't do in front of the camera.

2360 days ago
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