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Dayum, They Look Good!

5/15/2008 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad and Angie look pretty hot too.

Hollywood's hottest MILF and DILF made their grand entrance at the Cannes Film Festival this afternoon.

Somewhere in New York, John Mayer is handing Jen a box of tissues.


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You Can Do Better Jennifer!    

From Magazine Covers to Commercials. Brangelina is everywhere. It's getting to be Too much. They remind me of Katie & Peter.

I could Respect brangelina more if they got married for the Sake of their kids and stop being such media whores. Try accepting the Responsiblity of taking care of your kids.

As for Angelina blabbing about how she loves being pregnant, unlike most women. I think this stooopid bitch needs to STFU already. She's hardly mother Teresa.

2297 days ago


Mitzi (#52), haven't you seen the many beautiful pictures around of a broadly smiling and laughing Angelina? I read that she wore very comfy shoes, but I think after a while it must get tiring standing and walking around carrying two babies. I bet after the first half hour she was ready to go home, but it's a job and she had to stay and smile even if she ws tired.

2297 days ago


If all else fails-(Ms Angelina Jolie Voights ATTEMPT at acting=Ms pearl) -Steal another womans husband(yeah,he wanted to commit adultery TOO!),and,stay pregnant by him exploiting her BLOATED boobs ,and, belly! At least she looks better knocked up than not-(anerexic looking).....or,adopt a bunch of foreign kids/and or, talk about ALL the good YOU'RE doing making SURE that EVERYONE knows! What a bunch of pimping losers.......At least they're good at whoring themselves.
Jennifer Aniston has done NOTHING to be ashamed of.She didnt cause her husband to CHEAT.As for those attacking her looks=Brad Pitt married her didnt he?HE also was the one who cheated.She didnt.But,the state of moral decline is so, in the USA ,we cannot see the pasture for the s..t

2297 days ago


Brad is seriously morphing into a woman. Low on testosterone?

2297 days ago


Angelina is too pretentious for me. Always putting on airs about her perfect family life. If her family life was so great her kids would know their maternal grandfather and have a truely well rounded family. If shes such a great goodwill ambassador she should be able to mend fences,and promote goodwill in her own family circle. The reason more people like Jen is that she is like the girl next door. She doesn't exude a I'm better/smarter , or bothered by you attitude. I think Brad is more like the guy next door, and his volunteerism comes off as being real and from the heart. Perhaps I am being too critical of her,but when I see her she seems off. It is as if she has a heart full of sorrow...very sad.

2297 days ago

showers of Blessings    


Since you brought this up, it's my turn to bring in the whole Jen's interview for all the world to see and let them decide for themselves.

Let me bring this article Vanity Fair for all the world to see, what Jen said.

Use the following URL to read the Vanity Fair interview

The following is the excerpt

excerpts from Vanity Fair magazine (September 2005) interview with Aniston.

These are the exact quotes from Aniston's mouth and her best friend Courtney Cox

.............she (Jen) says, glum again. "We believe in different things, I guess. You can't force a relationship, even if it's your view of how you would like it to be conducted. Obviously two people leave a relationship because there's a different thought pattern happening......

As for what went wrong, Aniston rejects any simplistic explanation. "It's just complicated," she says. "Relationships are complicated, whether they're friendships or business relationships or parent relationships. I don't think anybody in a marriage gets to a point where they feel like 'We've got it!' You're two people continually evolving, and there will be times when those changes clash. There are all these levels of growth—and when you stop growing together, that's when the problems happen."

Friends say that it was always difficult for Aniston and Pitt to maintain the intimacy they craved while juggling their demanding work schedules, which often required long separations.

So what happened? "I think—it changed," she says haltingly. "We both changed."

She sighs again. "You do the best you can, and I think we did. We did the best we could."

Both of them? She looks me straight in the eye. "Both parties," she says.

......"I don't think he started an affair physically, but I think he was attracted to her," says Courteney Cox, who vacationed with her husband, David Arquette, and the Pitts on Anguilla just before they announced their separation. "There was a connection, and he was honest about that with Jen. Most of the time, when people are attracted to other people, they don't tell. At least he was honest about it. It was an attraction that he fought for a period of time."

......"There's a lot I would probably do differently," she says. "I'd take more vacations—getting away from work, enjoying each other in different environments. But there was always something preventing it; either he was working or I was."

2297 days ago

showers of Blessings    

Please pay attention towards the end of the article that talked about Jen is the MASTER in media manipulation. One example is the FAKING OF A RELATIONSHIP to sell movie tickets.

Seducing the Stars: John Mayer, Hollywood Player
The Singer, Currently Linked to Jennifer Aniston, Has Dated Many A-List Ladies
May 9, 2008

Serial dater, Lothario, cad -- they are just a few of the things that singer John Mayer has been called by the media for his very public hookups and breakups with some of the entertainment industry's most desirable women.
John Mayer has been linked to a number of A-list ladies. Here, clockwise from left, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Minka Kelly and Jessica Simpson
Jennifer Aniston appears to be the latest in a long line of A-list ladies that Mayer has dated. Over the years, the singer-songwriter has been linked to Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mandy Moore, "Friday Night Lights" actress Minka Kelly, Jessica Simpson and others.
For now, everyone seems to be talking about Mayer's blooming romance with Aniston. But he, for one, can't understand what the big deal is.
"This is not a scandal, this is not an issue, this is not a problem, this needs no spin control," he told "Entertainment Tonight" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute gala earlier this week. "This is me living my life. ... There are much worse problems in the world. Everything's cool!"
For now, that is. The new couple, who've been e-mailing for more than six months, according to a report in this week's People magazine, spent five days canoodling in Miami last week while Aniston was on a break from filming her latest movie, "Marley & Me."
The two shared an intimate lunch at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, then hit South Beach hot spot Casa Tua later the same day, partying until 1 a.m. But it was pictures of the pair cuddling poolside at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, where Aniston was crashing during the shoot, that really got tongues wagging.

Top of Form 1

Bottom of Form 1

Dating and relationship expert Matt Titus sees this kind of behavior as an ego trip.
"I think John likes to conquer the current 'It girl,'" he said. "I think he has a very egotistical freak in him that's masked by that pretty-boy artist-who-doesn't-care vibe. He aims for the 'It girl' to make him the big guy in Hollywood, the guy on all the magazine covers alongside Jennifer Aniston. Mission accomplished."
Us Weekly dubbed the 30-year-old singer its 2007 Cad of the Year, even before the Lothario penned and published a harsh note to an ex on his blog in March, prompting speculation that it was addressed to former girlfriend
"Dear Ex Lover," Mayer wrote on his Web site. "Perhaps you didn't understand the last time I told you to stop contacting me, so I'll do my best to spell it out for you. I do not wish to have you in my life anymore. I don't know how much more clear I can be about it. It would serve you best to move on with your life and find someone who can put up with you, because I'm done trying. I hope this is enough closure for you."
Even the most cadlike behavior works with Mayer's agenda, according to Titus.
"He plays to the media. He even dates for the media. Every action is preplanned for some kind of media effect," said Titus, who categorizes Mayer alongside celebrity players like Paris Hilton and Ryan Phillippe.
He sort of wants to be seen as carefree, but I think every move -- especially when it comes to romance and dating -- is preplanned to get some kind of response from the public and the media," he said.
That includes Mayer's recent palling with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, which Titus refers to as a strategic alliance.
"John Mayer's not a stupid guy," he said. "The friendship with Perez is very premeditated. At the moment, whatever comes out of Perez's mouth is the trend. So he's courting Perez in that sense because Perez can spin it anyway he wants. For John, it was a genius move."

Bottom of Form 1

But celebrity publicist Howard Bragman, owner of Hollywood PR firm Fifteen Minutes, pointed out that "celebrities can fall in love, too."
"Because of the life he leads, John's skeptical of going out to the club or the bookstore, or wherever people meet," Bragman said. "So he goes to celebrity events and meets other celebrities.
"And why wouldn't celebrities get crushes on other celebrities?" he continued. "You and I do. They're beautiful, they're articulate. It's like a workplace romance: They meet at charity events or on movie sets. They're in the same club, so to speak. Jennifer Aniston is just as famous as him, so she's not dating him because he's famous."
Bragman als

2297 days ago


I am willing to bet on Angelina leaving Brad for a woman now that gay/lesbian marriages are legal in cali.

2297 days ago


If i were Jolie/Pitt I would be scared of this Progressive person. Why is she answering everyone? This is like deja-vu

2297 days ago


I disagree, Kimbro (#66)!
You might not think Angelina's life is great, but she does. It's HER opinion. She must be happy. Especially now, with two more kids on the way. She loves kids. So does he. Saying that her family life is great doesn't make her pretentious and doesn't mean that she is putting on airs. You're just saying that because you don't like her.
She has said that she is slowly reconnecting with her father (I think Brad is also working on that!) and when asked about JV's movies in an interview, she gave the interviewer a list of his movies that she liked.

Her job as a UN goodwill ambassador has nothing to do with her family relationships, and people should stop comparing Angelina to her partner's ex. I'm sure she (Aniston) doesn't appreciate it. She has her own life now, and the split was several years ago.

2297 days ago


Ya damn right, #7!! Jen is soo homely!! BP DEFINATELY traded WAYYY UP!!

2297 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I hope that Brad and Angelina do get married and that they do make it for the long haul...but if they don't, no one can say they both didn't give 110% to the effort! They have each given so much to be together and they have made great sacrifices for eachother and their family. The pictures in Life & Style of them at the Sag Awards all in love and fawning all over each other...and Brad is so incredibly thoughtful to have a cuff made for her etched from a drawing by Mad of their happy family...I hope it is that way for them always. Damn, I wish it were that way for me!!! My wishes for love and happiness always to them all. As for her father issues...I think that has been resolved as since his coincidental visit to their hotel to visit his "God daughter" he hasn't said one word about Angelina and family to the press and when they were fueding, he was Access Hollywood's media whore opening his trap every chance he could. That was her problem with him. He wouldn't keep her privacy.

2297 days ago


To #70

No worries. I have nothing to do right now. My husband is away on business. I've picked a thread (this one) to post in. I don't need anyone's permission to post a thousand times if I wanted to.

2297 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And as for Jennifer Aniston...being a 40ish "cougar" myself, it is fun and good for the ego to have all these hot, young guys wanting you and they are alot of fun and a great of mine even lasted a year and a half...but ultimately, all guys end up wanting kids. The Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore hook-ups are far less likely to happen and especially if you don't or can't have kids. Demi has said she will have more and Halle Berry has had one with her we'll just have to wait and see how Jennifer will chose to live her life. Lauren Bacall is happy with hers and I don't believe she ever had kids and never married after Bogart. We'll see. I hope she is happy now and that she will be happy with the decisions she makes for her future.

2297 days ago


Why does Brad look so unhappy?

2297 days ago
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