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Xtina's Rack -- What a Boy Wants

5/15/2008 3:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're real (allegedly) and they're spectacular!


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Implants + baby weight + breastmilk + push up bras = ginormous, large blue veined, "boobs". Once the baby weight and milk is gone......they will soon turn flacid. She needs more hits so she can afford to keep them up.

2318 days ago


I think she is FUGLY.......she always have to wear A WHOOLE LOOOT OF MAKE up to try and look pretty but i think she looks like a really skinny drag in training

2318 days ago


ok, so wut if they are real or not.If they arent wut is so damn wrong about it.If it makes her happy and makes her feel better about her body then GOOD!!! and if they are real then u go girl!!!Plus women get pretty big full sized breasts when they are breast feeding i know so, i have had 2 kids and people asked me if mine were real all the time and yes they were.Either way it should not matter.These poor celebrities get knocked down for every move they make.If she wuz just a normal everyday person she would not be getting ridiculed for this crap.GROW UP PEOPLE!!!

2318 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

She soo doesnt even need implants, shes to pretty! Why dont these girls realize they have enough beauty to makeup for small boobs?????

2318 days ago


who cares if they are real or not????? she is a beautiful , happy, fan friendly girl, let her be. and if she's breastfeeding, yea they do get HUGE when u need to nurse hehehe

2318 days ago

janet barker    

Chris's boobs are full of alchol. Chris is a drunkard. Please don't feed your baby from these boobs

2318 days ago

ms pris    

They look bigger then when she was pregnant. Yeah, right they are real.

2318 days ago


Oh, I just love her. She looks so fabulous, and doing the autograph for the fan...I would die!

2318 days ago


I'm a big CA fan, but she is a liar when it comes to the fakeness of her boobs. She claims that big chests run in her family aka "she got it from her mama" but any moron can tell that those flotation devices pasted on her body are anything but natural.

2318 days ago

Me in DC    

Real silicone you mean!

2318 days ago


Her boobs are definately not real! I have always had smaller breasts, about the size of Christina in her earlier singing years and I have always noticed celebrity women like me. At one of the awards shows, I think around 2000 or 2001, she showed up and u could totally tell she had a boob job. They were sitting there like balls. It was the one where she wore that skimpy bikini looking shirt and skirt. Trust me, they're not real. Now there huge of course, cause of the baby. Anyway, peace.

2318 days ago


I feel sorry for her!If they were real they wouldn't be on display.

2318 days ago


I don't care what they're made out of. I jus wanna mount my cannon in between them and have some target practice!

2318 days ago

Media whores    

Those are ABSOLUTELY NOT real.
And as a breast-man, let me say that most men I know consider implants to be grotesque. We get as much satisfaction from them as we would from a water balloon. It might have the same shape as a breast, but getting turned on by a water balloon would just be wrong.

2318 days ago


I say they're fake. You're boobs don't get that big from just having a baby. Smart though to have a breast augmentation while still in the hospital from having a baby.

2317 days ago
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