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It Was a JOKE People!

5/16/2008 9:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Please do not run out and buy Ellen DeGeneres wedding gifts.

Yesterday, TMZ broke the story that Ellen had announced her impending nuptials to girlfriend Portia de Rossi. Right before, the talk show host issued a statement, lauding the court's decision to overturn California's ban on gay marriage, adding, "P.S. I'm registered at Crate & Barrel." Problem is, someone then thought it would be funny to actually register in the couple's name.

While Ellen and Portia are planning on tying the knot, they want to make sure that everyone knows that they are not registered -- anywhere.

We'd make a joke here, but we're afraid people will take it seriously.


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Four miserable judges overturn the votes of the people of California. Really dangerous business. What about the will of the people who voted in 2000 that marriage is defined as between a man and a woman? We will be back in the fall with the Constitutional Amendment and it will pass.

2348 days ago

Tobias Merrieweather    

Never said that GOD hated homosexuals - Why are some priests into
little boys? Surely JAT your post was rhetorical. I can give you "my"
take on that, what better place for a person with sicko fascination
for children who is in a position of thought authority than in the place that
is thought to be the house of GOD. Not that it is, GOD doesn't need a
physical address. Here you have a person (albeit a sick sick sick
person) who is supposed to be a man of GOD and you have a child who
believes that this sicko has his best interests at heart.
Of course he doesn't and then the church has to dole out several
gazillions in hush money and shutter the so called priest to another
parish. I agree, it's sick but there are some really really sick
people out there. I'm sure that there are some sicko gym teacher's
out there who love nothing more than to ogle at their students yet do
not physically act upon it. Then again some do as there are reports in
the news that says yep, another sicko who preyed on a child.
The bible doesn't say that priests etc cannot marry, that was
something that was made up by man. There is nothing that specifically
states that they CANNOT marry. There are/were recommendations that
priests don't marry so that they are able to focus exclusively on the
spiritual family, and not have any additional pressures of the
biological family (which is for the vocation of marriage). This also
makes it easier for priests to be transferred to different parishes
where they are most needed without having to worry about the impact
of their transfer on wife and children. I would say something about
the apostles and Mary but what's the point, I get it, you were trying
to be snarky.

2348 days ago


> Jesus does not hate anybody.

Did I say that? Try reading….both posts and your bible…I said God..

Does this sound like a loving person…or a hate filled person…?

“ Nahum 1.2: The LORD is a jealous and avenging God; the LORD takes vengeance and is filled with wrath. The LORD takes vengeance on his foes and maintains his wrath against his enemies.”

> Those who reject Jesus, will not be going into heaven (depart from me, for I never knew you).

And did I say I rejected Jesus..?…try reading my post again…

> who wants to be forcibly loved??

So why do most JewDao Christian faiths bully people into following their rules by the fear of the consequences…rather than showing the benefits…

> Be careful in what you say and do. There is a real God and He is listening to you AND your heart.

I hope so….because how many people have been killed in his name?

Just look at GWB, a hard core born again Christian, who has condemned how many to death through his lies and misdeeds…

The list goes on and on….

2348 days ago


ok funny : )))

who invented marriage?

...oh that's right... it was men : )))

"dont you walk away from me b****, were married"
"i paid that guy down the way for this bit of paper"

2348 days ago


hey man...
j was a bro...
doesn't mean we approve of the...

...organisations set up to find and
...[nothing] those who had [again nothing... expierienced?] it

[[[he meant the cc]]]

they did the bait and switch.

it was clever at their level
ok duh !
ok we cant post any more here, thanks for havinving [hosting?] us : )

hope you had fun

2348 days ago

Media whores    

I really wasn't responding to your post. I was merely adding my thoughts to it.
But here is what I've gleaned from your posts.......

You are a bitter, hate filled human. It even comes through in your posts.
Is the anger worth it? Does it accomplish anything?
Are you happy?
If you would give that bitterness and hate to HIM, you would see your life do a complete 360.
I challenge you... I PROMISE you.
It may sound corny or "religious", but... I swear to you, you will not regret it.

Am I perfect or better than anybody posting on this board because I love the Lord? Hell no...there are atheist who are better people than I am! But I know the truth and I've seen the power that it holds. And it makes me want to be a better person. And it makes me happy.

2347 days ago


Wow!, Americans sure do think they are the centre of the universe.
"California makes it legal, so start quoting scripture and prophesizing the end of the world and the wrath of God will fall upon all" Not to sound mean or that I hate the US, but all this uproar seems silly.
Married in a Church or by Clergy = Marriage , Married anywhere else by anyone else = Civil union, at the end of the day one is still going to refer to theirmy partner as spouse and they were married

Civil Gay Marriages are recognized in the following countries:
• Belgium,• Netherlands, • Canada, • Spain

There are Various forms of legal recognition of same-sex partnerships in these countries:
• Argentina • Denamrk • Finland • France • Germany • Iceland • Luxembourg • New Zealand • Norway • South Africa
• Sweden • United Kingdom

Marriage is just a word, there are too many other problems in the world to get your knickers in a twist. If it sticks in a couple years most will have forgotten all about it and just go on with the rest of their lives. That is what has happened in Canada and incidentally it became legal in much the same manner and California - by Supreme Court decision.

2346 days ago
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