Kelly Clarkson's Wobbly Breakaway

5/16/2008 6:01 PM PDT
Not sure what's in the water at Koi, but Kelly Clarkson was was happy and stumbly gal when she left.

Also in L.A.: Slash showed off his handicapped placard in his car, Joel Madden went to Mr. Chow, Jason Statham shut out a fan, LC hung out with Spencer Pratt's sis, and 41-year-old ex of Eddie Murphy and Babyface, Tracy Edmonds, looked frickin' amazing.

In NY: Paula Abdul talked about Fantasia's horrific "Idol" performance, "Terminator" hottie Summer Glau worked the autographazzi, Eliza Dushku almost ate pavement and Nick and Mariah had a shaky exit from Skylight Studios.