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New Low for A-Hole

5/16/2008 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Where to start ... Zsa Zsa's Husband, Prinz Frederic von Anhalt, aka, Von A-Hole, tells TMZ today.....

- Barack Obama's wife Michelle is a racist who hates white people
- Michelle would look like a "washerwoman" standing next to the other first ladies
- If she wants to be first lady she has to look good in the face and all over the place
- At least Barbara Bush wore nice dresses
- Al Sharpton is a racist and a cheap actor

As for Von A-Hole, he says he can't be racist -- he's from Germany.

Watch the video. A sight to behold.


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Hey 242 any dumb a hole can write a book now days. I readthe bible and i see from week to week how the natural disasters are happening and how people are mean just look on here. Read Matt:24 and Luke 21 then ask your self could it be. I feel time is just about up this world cant go on as it is. As for this CHICKEN LITTLE thing you said. It,s not chicken little believe me. It isnt fairy tales my dear. DUH!

2293 days ago


That guy says public what MOST people think!

2293 days ago


Why does Harvey Levine constantly put these complete unknown people on his site? Who is this old man that appears on TMZ every day? Why does he think we care? We don't even know his name!! So I suppose if my grandpa walked down Santa Monica Blvd he'd be on TMZ too? TMZ consntantly puts complete unkown losers on their site. Maybe Harvey likes these guys and thinks they're cute. Rosie O says Harvey is gay so maybe he has the hots for these guys? He certainly has hired 22ish year old producers on his show who look like they're not old enough to be on a university news program let alone a real tv show... Here are the people who are COMPLETE LOSERS/UNKOWN TO ANYONE but seem to pop up on TMZ every day!!

The LOSER list:

This old man (I don't even know his name)
Bruce Jenners Kid (don't know his name)
The Greasy spoon dude
The Greasy spoons fat gay ugly brother

PLEASE STOP PUTTING THESE COMPLETE UNKNOWN LOSERS ON YOUR SITE. You are the only celebrity site that talks about them. maybe their publicists pay TMZ to talk about them? American's don't know who these gusy are so if you're going to gossip about celebs, please make sure that they're indeed, really celebs!!!!

2293 days ago


#241- Sad -- Your entire comment is hypocritical. Look in the mirror and you will see the racist.

The Prince is entitled to his opinion, just like everyone else. In Germany Human rights come before individual group rights. Everyone in Germany is a slave to the government not just one race. I doubt that any of the Princes "washerwomen" have ever been anything but white european caucasian and he is referring to Michelle Obama being Common. He is right, even with a higher education. One that most can only dream of she is still dissatisfied. Also, when one is wallowing in self pity and hate for Other races, one can hardly expect her to be focussed on small issues such as hair and wardrobe. Making a fashion statement has hardly been on her agenda. But borrowing Jackie Kennedy's early sixties suits and pillbox hats do make her rather amusing to look at. Hes is also 100% right about Sharpton, who would have thought this useless old Eurrpean would actually be right.

2293 days ago


This sounds like something that got started in Germany you know about 50 odd years ago. Only then they were not racist!
They killed six million innocent people for nothing! And here we go again. This is a drunk! And his wife looks worse than
any woman I have seen. He wished he'd slept with Anna Nicole! He is an ole Dirty Bastard! The Ivy should put him out!
This is the most he have ever said but as long as race is a part of it. Everybody now wants to kiss his arse! Stupid! He need
to go to his car and go to sleep like always. And STFU! Old fool!

2293 days ago


If I am correct did he just call the President of the United States mother fat but elegant? Wow, this puppy needs to be
given a good beating. Send his ass back to Germany! What is that Hip Hop silver thing around his neck is he trying to
pick up woman? Yeah, cheat on your wife. He just does not like ugly woman. Even his own! Loser!

2293 days ago


He is not a real prince! Some one adopted him in his 30's! Late 30's. He is a Prince on a piece of paper. Go ahead give
him power just like his countrymen! Yes, that just his right to speak his mind. But, is he right? Michelle needs to take a
stand on this. How come he knows more about the people in our country than he does his own. He is stealing his wife
money! Tell him to get a job.

2293 days ago


To the idiots calling Michelle Obama a "racist"- First off you don't even know the true definition of the word, so STFU, and crawl back into your double-wide trailer. Secondly, She is an attorney who is Princeton and Harvard Law-educated. How many of you losers here making bad comments can say that? Thats what I thought. This douche-prince has probably never achieved any accolades in his entire life, so his opinion is entirely worthless to anyone with at least half a brain in their head. That said, big surprise he has so many supporters here, lolz.

2293 days ago


Seriously my favorite part... "Me a racist, how can i be a racist, I'm from Germany." HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH I'm not hating on Germans but the history and hilarity is obvious. You called someone who is a Harvard and Princeton educated Attorney a washer woman. A woman who was a partner at Sidley Austin the 9th biggest law firm by revenue in the world and 5th biggest n the US, $1.25 billion. A woman who graduated from an Iv league school with honors. What an amazing comment. I love this guy. Ten years ago he would have been thrown in the psych ward for being crazy but welcome to Hollywood. I think its illegal to impersonate royalty. He can't even go to the country he is a "Prince" of because they don't want him, and the real royal family does not recognize him. He was a masseur, who bought a fake title of nobility. What a joke, I guess you go to hollywood and you can be whatever you want. I guess being a common masseur would qualify you to know what a washer woman is like. Keep putting him on TMZ this guy is great.

2293 days ago

Rick Scarpello    

How can anyone argue that he is wrong? The man is 100% right with his comments. People wake up! You will be surprised and caught with your pants down when these guys take over Washington. God help America!

2292 days ago


Michelle Obama could never look like a washer woman, that would mean she actually participated in physical labor.
Nope Shes a Lawyer, A Paid Lawyer. A walking, talking, lying mouthpiece for the highest Payer.
She's very well Educated and has a tremendous superiority complex. But then again most Good Liars (oops I meant Lawyers)
Have not only superiority complexes, but God Complexes as well.

However, The Prince is Wrong, she is not worse looking than Barbara Bush and some of the other first ladies. Most of them, except for Jackie Kennedy looked horrible, She should fit in the club perfectly.

There is no such thing as a good, or honest Lawyer. If their lips are moving, they are lying.

2292 days ago


Hello Ass,

I just now checked back in after totally forgetting that I posted that comment, (I have a life) and I find your ignorant, B.S. First of all - in this election, the killing of a baby as it is being born on the delivery table is very relevant to me, regardless of your opinion. There are OTHER options. Adoption, hell... maybe even having the abortion EARLIER. I'm not pro-abortion, but I know it's going to happen, so why not do it at six weeks? As soon as possible, in other words, you fool. I know FULL WELL that there are other issues, and I don't like the Obama's on ANY of them, thank you very much. Furthermore, this is a public site that welcomes comments. Mine, and my opinion are as important as yours, so YOU STFU and mind YOUR OWN BUSINESS, you rude, arrogant DOUCHEBAG. Now goodbye imbecile, and have a happy day!

2288 days ago


It appears that if you don't agree with a Black person you are instantly dubbed a racist. .....
Apparently the progress some expect is a free pass from responsibility only due to there skin color. Double standards are alive and kicking in US

2288 days ago

Tom Cooke    

Nothing that he says actually qualifies as racism. Somewhat ignorant, perhaps.

Look, Michelle Obama is ugly. So what? So was Nancy Reagan (despite what Fritz here has to say), so was Rosalyn Carter and Bug-eye Barbara Bush and Bess Truman and Mamie Eisenhower and... you get the idea. And regardless of Jackie Kennedy's looks and style, she still couldn't keep that philandering fraud of a husband all to herself.

Al Sharpton IS racist. And Jesse Jackson is a dolt. And just who is TMZ to expose such "racsim" as der furher's, anyway? Don't forget that TMZ makes its money by reporting on the exploits of folks like Lindsay Nodrawers and that fat-assed Armenian nobody who may or may not be friends with that bird-faced stroke victim who shills burgs for Carl's. And you retards read it. (Me, I just navigated from Dr. Sputnik on an Obama link).

PS: Go Obama! Let's Barack and Roll in November. Screw Clinton (both of 'em).

2281 days ago


yes I am 90% sure he's the anti-christ our food gas people losing there homes there jobs the way of life as we know it what better way to bring down the united states to its knees then bring a man into the picture that will have all the answers to all are problems make every thing better gave back to us are way of life by bringing in the new world order after the first three and half years this man well become some one we don't want to meet couses all rich and poor to take the mark to be able to buy or sell any then unless we have that mark think about it makes sence

2269 days ago
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