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No One Loves Paris As Much As Herself

5/16/2008 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

To go with her promotional borefriend Benji Madden, Paris wore a promotional t-shirt dress thing with her name on it.

This chick is so ovah, she couldn't get arrested today even if she tried.

We call bullshirt.


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as far as i know she will be remebered as a dwi person who could never admit to her crime .infact she probley has every diseas know to man and her career in singing.movies, and sex tape sucked.but we will always remeber her as a cry baby on a card. but 42nd could be a job or strip joints fit too/

2328 days ago


Imagine being outdoors on a beautiful summer day, having a picnic lunch, and this pesky fly buzzes around your food and won’t go away no matter how many times you try to wave it away, ignore it, etc. Hilton is just an annoying pest with her obnoxious, no-talent and meaningless invasion in pop culture – all for the sake of making a cheap buck and being “famous for being famous.” And, as with other offensive, obnoxious bugs, one can’t help but begin to look for the verbal fly swatter. Americans are the toughest audience out there. It’s no surprise that Hilton is considered to be a phony wannabe throughout most of the US, and rightfully so.

She’s still attaching her grandfather’s famous last name to any merchandise that will make a few bucks. Talk about being desperate for cash. Next, she’ll be trying to sell pink “Hilton” radiators. And she’s still capitalizing on the fame of her sex tape; and still claiming she’s a hotel “heiress. What a shallow opportunist and phony.

2327 days ago


Debra -- comment 70

Balance? Try 85,000 applicants -- that's more accurate. If MTV ran an open call for a reality show on dog walking, hundreds of thousands of people would apply just for the TV exposure. This is hardly a secret. And since when does exploiting sex tape notoriety, capitalizing on a grandfather's famous last name, and lying about being a "hotel Heiress" qualify for any kind of respect? If you doing her PR, you're being pretty devious about it. But then again, that certainly comes as no surprise.

2327 days ago


To Joe - 71

Haters? Since when is disrespect hatred? Hilton was booed at the Spike Awards; virtually no one showed up in theatres to see her film stateside. And all for a very good reason: Disrespect or absolutely no interest in this phony whatsoever. She makes most of her money attaching her grandfather's last name to cheap merchandise overseas. It's fairly well known that her father bankrolled her to hire business managers and consultants some time ago, largely because she is an uneducated wannabe. You can't blame the US for being the toughest and most savvy audience in the world. TMZ, you hit the nail on the head: No one loves Paris as much as Paris does.

2327 days ago


Who could possibly be jealous of this pathetic phony? Talk about beating a dead horse. Perhaps her small-minded and limited fan base can think up another reason why Hilton is so the truth, perhaps? Now there's a concept.

2327 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I made a porn video!

2327 days ago


Whoo Hoo Geo #74 and Cat #75!! I couldn't have said it better myself. I can tell you it's definately NOT out of jealousy that people find her so distasteful. It's that if someone is gonna go around demanding attention, they should be able to hold their own once the camera is fixed on them. She has proven that she can't act, sing or dance. She was only able to garner attention when she exposed her naked body. That's NOT talent. Most Americans aren't fooled. Perhaps the Europeans are, because they've not been as exposed to seeing how stoooopid and shallow she is. The majority of Americans are repulsed by her lack of sincerity, education and depth.

2327 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Paris haters were raised by weasels.
Princess Paris is sweet and cuddly and talented and beautiful.

800 Pound Gorilla

2327 days ago


She is a low life slut with her family's cash, she better hope that one of her loser businesses finally starts to make the $$. So far, no dice. No talent, hppk nose, very poor personality. IDIOT CHICK.

2327 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

give this dog a bone....i'll bring the kibble

2326 days ago


I think it IS FINALLY HAPPENING! With Paris not putting herself in front of every TMZ pap, WE ALL GET A MUCH NEEDED BREAK! It couldn't have come too soon for me. She's not smart enough to take the hint, so it must be Benji keeping her on the tight leash of MODERATION WITH THE MEDIA. I don't think she could quite grasp the concept of "over expoed". I'm sure Benji does and is attempting to help make her existance less shallow, vapid and superficial. Hurray for the rest of us!!! Keeping Paris out of the media is a blessing we're all grateful for,

2326 days ago
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