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Von A-Hole to Sharpton: I'll K.O. You, Big Mouth

5/16/2008 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for a cage match we'd kill to see -- Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband vs. Reverend Al Sharpton.

The Prince challenged Al to a fist fight yesterday, claiming he's a "big mouth" and that he could K.O. him.

VAH also called BS on Barack and Michelle Obama's claims ... that they knew jack about crazy Rev. Jeremiah Wright when they went to his church. As for calling Michelle Obama a "washerwoman," VAH says it's his opinion and she hates the US and should "go the f**k out of America."


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kick his Ass Prince! The Prince should be on American Gladiators!

2353 days ago


To # 89- Cynthia,
Well said

2353 days ago


OMG i love this guy. I really do. Lets all get shirts with him on them will sell.. He is honest and fearless and yes to me sexy. WHOOO..... I love older men. Oh back to what i was saying. My vote is with you baby and please dont get hurt out there ok. We well alot of us love you here at the TMZ. Will you marry me Von A HOLE? I love your style we can campain together . A HUGE HUG!

2353 days ago


can anyone find out what ever happened to Tawana Brawley. Sharpton was VERY vocal about her,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
and then nothing????? What?????/

2352 days ago


I agree with others--why are you giving this guy any press. All I see is a wife cheating, wanna be playboy. Remember this old fart claimed he was the father of Anna Smith's baby. He is self destructive and in my opinion heading for dementia. He needs to keep his opinions to himself. In psych--he suffers from illusions of grandeur!

2352 days ago


Seriously my favorite part... "Me a racist, how can i be a racist, I'm from Germany." HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH I'm not hating on Germans but the history and hilarity is obvious. You called someone who is a Harvard and Princeton educated Attorney a washer woman. A woman who was a partner at Sidley Austin the 9th biggest law firm by revenue in the world and 5th biggest n the US, $1.25 billion. A woman who graduated from an Iv league school with honors. What an amazing comment. I love this guy. Ten years ago he would have been thrown in the psych ward for being crazy but welcome to Hollywood. I think its illegal to impersonate royalty. He can't even go to the country he is a "Prince" of because they don't want him, and the real royal family does not recognize him. He was a masseur, who bought a fake title of nobility. What a joke, I guess you go to hollywood and you can be whatever you want. I guess being a common masseur would qualify you to know what a washer woman is like. Keep putting him on TMZ this guy is great.

This guy is an illegal immigrant and is telling other people to get out of the country the hilarity continues. I will put up $100 bucks to see him fight Al and I am sure there are a bunch of other people who would do the same. Lets put it on the suge v greg the barber card.

2351 days ago

Big Al    

oh my god!!!! will you losers quit posting about this loser...i never read any posts concerning him...all i have to do is see his face & i immediately scroll down

2351 days ago


I'm glad someone finally has the guts to stand up to Al Sharpton. Von A tells it like it is. Loves it!

2346 days ago
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