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Britney Lets It All Hang Out in Costa Rica

5/17/2008 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is down in Central America -- with Mel Gibson, mind you -- horsing around the beaches of Costa Rica. Custody battles, foreign accents and 5150 holds must feel like a lifetime ago!


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I hope Britney has a great time.

2352 days ago


2352 days ago

Canuck Gal    

It is entirely possible that any anti-deppreseant/bi polar meds have made her gain a little weight, this is common. I think that it is far better for her to have her mental health under control than to worry about a few pounds, she still looks great! Get well Britney!

2352 days ago


I thought she has been hitting the gym hard for like a month - wtf? She looks bigger than she did before she started going to the gym - how is that posible?

2352 days ago


Happiest I have seen her look in ages

2352 days ago


feel good for her..and thank god for people like Ms gibbson who is helping her with the most important thing anyone can give her time and her heart she is a true Christian

2352 days ago


When Brit first came out I really couldn't stand the girl, her music made my ears bleed! I have grown to really pity this poor girl who has so clearly lost her way. All of you who continue to trash the way she looks should be ashamed of yourselves, she has more pressing issues to deal with than pilates! Besides, she isn't a big girl, if she were just some girl on the street I doubt any of you would think she was fat.

2352 days ago


Hey, she looks like many who have quit using... sober doesn't fix screwing up your metabolism with various drugs. Then there are the additional drugs to get stable. Give her body and her sanity a little time... if she sticks with it, and continues to work out and be healthy, her body will begin to reflect that. Can't imagine living her life.

2352 days ago

Olde Grfeywoolf    

Hey! Are you all BLIND? That girl is PREGNANT!!! Look at the baby bump! I'd say, first trimester, about 8 to 12 weeks. Whose? You do the math!

Trust me, Britney is with child - AGAIN! Not going to look good in the custody hearing!

Olde Greywoolf

2352 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Going to 16 different gyms in a day like a crack head (or meth head) on the move like a drug runner, aint working.
This pig is cooked... stick a fork in her .. she's done.

2352 days ago


...just when she probably thought she was safe.....

They're both bi polarish, and he's trying to be her bi polar mentor.

You can be bi polar and still have FUN!

Tell people you're "Bi" and see their's all the RAGE!

2352 days ago


Mel and Brit are both bipolar, so together they're Quadrapolar in Costa Rica.

They should travel to Antarctica, and it will then be a Pentapolar vacation.

2352 days ago


What, so she's not a size 0...leave the poor girl alone and move on to someone new!

2352 days ago


Britney really seems to have adopted a healthier lifestyle and she seems to be focusing on what's "real & important". It takes a strong person to overcome all of the demons that were overtaking her but I truly believe that she's capable of doing so. I really think that she was, in a large sense, a victim of her own publicity machine. Sadly, she was becoming "the image" and that image was not nearly as wholesome as the girl inside. I hope that she continues to value her blessings and to live her life in a more spiritual manner. It's great to see that she apparently has some good folks pulling for her and helping her to re-focus her energy. Let's hope that we'll soon see beach scenes of her and her children, together as a family. God's blessings Britney. With faith, there is always hope. I pray that through faith and with hope, you find rejuvenation. God's blessings.....

2352 days ago


Who's the babe with Brit? I'd like to see a lot more of her!

2352 days ago
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