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Britney Lets It All Hang Out in Costa Rica

5/17/2008 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is down in Central America -- with Mel Gibson, mind you -- horsing around the beaches of Costa Rica. Custody battles, foreign accents and 5150 holds must feel like a lifetime ago!


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She looks healthy, happy and relaxed. Good for her.

2294 days ago


52. That girl is as hot as ever!

Posted at 8:54PM on May 16th 2008 by GoDog

You're talking about Britney's assistant, right?

2294 days ago


Enough of the bi-polar. BS Where is this printed as fact?
The judge said.
"controlled substances and alcohol", nothing about bi-polar.
If there is anything to back up this ridiculous bi -polar story please share.
Until then, the ditz has a drug and alcohol problem.
I guess impressing the judge is not on brits mind these days so she can get more time with
her kids. The moron.
Good thinking brit....go to an island with Mel and miss out on seeing your kids for the next few days.. That looks good!.

2294 days ago


It's not her job to worry what some people think about her weight. Not her job to get as skinny as some people "think" she should.

It's her job to be happy, for herself, for her family. And to do the best she can to stay healthy.

She doesn't owe us anything, gang. Get over it.

2294 days ago


Hey Nancy
It's her job to be a mother, not frolicking at Mels place.
She showed how important her kids are.
The judge will rule accordingly.

2294 days ago


One, If you haven't stood next to brit you would't know she's kinda'v A short thang. Two, britneies appearance isn't bad at all. lets see how thick most of you folks are? I'm 197 and less than 6% body fat. a lot of rock climbing. any one else. three, brit riding an ATV, that kinda turns me on A bit. now if ya'll got A photo of her climbing I'd probably wet myself A little. HAY BRISTER WHERE'S YOUR HELMET GIRL? Lets face it, this girl needs A good vaction. And Krishna, I think your rage against our little pop star grows from the seed of envy. and just how thick are you? I mean honestly, look in the mirror first before you answer that. Oh, yes mel's wife is down there with them. besides, mels not in any of the pictures. now when I was in the service I was in Guatemala A couple of times. I love the Geography of that part of the planet.but A little more south. peru is my fav spot. SO BRITNEY, YOU HAVE A BLAST BABY, AND DON'T MIND THE HATERS CHICK!!!!!!

2294 days ago


That girl maybe many things, but fat isn't one of them.

Not everyone can be a disgusting size 1!

2294 days ago


Is that Mel's son in picture 11? He's cute. Brit looks like a bloated mess as usual.

2294 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

What's really bad are the pics of all the freshly dead fish floating up around her that the publicity shots failed to show! A local oceanographic expert said that a large oil slick has also formed in that area. The expert disclosed further that between the encroaching oil slick and a new and as yet undetermined disease, these factors have been driving the fish to panic and swim up onto the beach, causing a massive fish kill and a terrible ecological disaster. The fish are initially stunned and then do the opposite of their usual natural behaviors and seem to be attempting to breath air. It's almost as if their natural instincts have been somehow dumbed down. A similar phenomenon has occurred infrequently around the beaches of Southern California as well. The experts are still said to be scratching their heads over the cause of this.

2294 days ago


72. Is that Mel's son in picture 11? He's cute. Brit looks like a bloated mess as usual.
Posted at 9:29PM on May 16th 2008 by Crystal

Post a link where we can see a picture of you in a bikini, Crystal.

2294 days ago


I think Britney looks fab, just wish the paps would leave her alone. And she isn't pregnant!! Not everyone has a ultra flat stomach, regardless of how much they go to the gym etc etc. Why do people have to write such horrible stuff about her body????

2294 days ago

Liz are full of it. why don't you and krishna get together and see what kind of lies you can come up with!

2294 days ago


She's HOT - I bet 95% of you haters ARE NOT!!
She has stuff going on & shes getting healthy.

2294 days ago


Ballys has help Britney the same way Ariva has help Lindsey!Why would anyone give these girls endorsement deals ever again??

2294 days ago


don't hate, she looks good. very pretty.

2294 days ago
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