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Huckabee's Obama Assassination Proclamation

5/17/2008 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good thing this guy dropped out of the race, cause we certainly don't need this brand of presidential "humor."

Former candidate Mike Huckabee was speaking Friday to the NRA, when there was a loud bang. Instead of continuing his speech, he aimed a joke at Barack Obama. *crickets*

Huckabee apologized for his "offhand remark," saying it was not "intended to offend or disparage Senator Obama." Obama, for his part, refused to comment.

Because what's funnier than killing a U.S. Senator?!


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Funny how its taken as a joke when huckelebee says it But if Obama had said the same thing about Mcain or Clinton, every last one of you huck cheerleaders would be calling him every name ,most of them fabrecated you could come up with.The outrage and uproar would be tramendous.

2314 days ago


It's interesting that these comments have become a ground for political, racial and religion bashing. You make comments about one side or the other, often much more offensive than the stupid, offensive joke that started the whole thing. What a bunch of noncense.

2314 days ago


thought it was great at a NRA convention. I laughed and laughed. It a joke get over it Barack Hussian Obama. Look what his spiritual leader has said about whites and America. Mr. Wright said alot more. Get a life and laugh!!!!!!!!!!!

2314 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

that was some funny stand up is all i can say. spontaneous and funny as hell. very unstein-feld and berg like. you can tell the audience realized that it was going to be taken out of that context though. kinda funny.

2314 days ago

David from Pitman, NJ    

Whats really scary about this man is he could still become the number 2 guy in the white house, This sound bite needs to be played over and over so that everyone can see what kind of character this guy is.

2314 days ago

Glenn Nelson    

Watch the idiot John McCain pick him as a VP

2311 days ago

ohwell Lady    

#10 Lexi Is that all you see is a "black guy with no experience"? So I guess you are voting for anybody thats WHITE with no experiecne! Because the other canidates don't have good track experience record either. Lets look beyond the color of our skin and think about the good of The country for all people not just WHITES.

2304 days ago


That fellar is as loony as I thought he was. You can't help to laugh about the enevitable though.HeHe!!!!!

2273 days ago


You are so right (huh?) but people always need an excuse to spout their hateful venom guess this was good of reason as any.

Denise - Huckabee remark was stupid and silly and not really worth the amount of conversation had. As far as the Jeremiah Wright thing Obama has damn near been crucified over it, and there was at least a ring of truth to what he said -whether you like it or not - truth hurts - yes America needs to mindful of how it treats people through out the world as well as at home. Just reading the various bigotted and racially hateful blogs tells me he wasn't to far off point, and insightful righteous people might have just said how can we change the perception of America to people of color here and the different ethnicities around the world instead of attack the messenger. Remember the phrase was coined "The Ugly American" I believe by the British, not a black man. We are not well liked around the world - fear is not respect - and pandering for our economical assistance does mean they9the world) like us.

2273 days ago


LEXI - I don't remember in our history it being said of the white men who ran for the presidential office that they had gotten "too big for their head" after all we elected to office a peanut farmer, a wrestler, a dozen actors, a scandulous womanizer getting blow jobs and signing treaties(CLINTON#1), AND AN INARTICULATE, MONEY GRUBBING, DRUNK (BUSH) -who by the way as we speak is killing off your loved ones, my loved ones, and your friends loved ones for his precious oil, but I am sure you don't want your loved ones to come back from this farce of a war alive and in one piece, and I am sure you don't want them to have every bit of the support, assistance, and health care they so rightfully deserve after going thru that hell, no that couldn't be what you want, and yes voting for a black man would be much worst - SO PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE FOR THE SAME REGIME MAYBE THE DEATH TOLL CAN RISE ANOTHER 4000 in time for the swearing in. Iam sure LEXI that you are the same inbred, bigotted, rascist arse that spread such hatred everyday on these blogs, i'm sure in your pea size mind black men should be ,when not killing, selling drugs, and doing time in prison - should be running, dancing, singing, dribbling a ball, making your food or cleaning your yard, else I guess they should just go somewhere and die - GET OVER YOURSELF LEXI - EVOLVE AND WALK UPRIGHT - your rascist LEXI, or you would have left the comment as "he's not experienced" and noy thrown race in there - of course we see how well so called experience has served us so far. I hope you don't have children Lexi - there was a philosopher who said once , I wish i remembered his name - he said you'd have to kill everyone above the age of 11yrs of age to eradicate racism and have peace. What I hate Lexi is when he does become president, and makes a difference, a real change the same hateful people (hillary supporters and bigot white people) will benefit from him daring to be a black man too big for his head. excellent reading for those who aren't illiterate "THE AUDACITY TO DREAM" Barack Obama

2273 days ago


wow poeple, cant you people take a ****ing joke?

1558 days ago


loser and an idiot!

1299 days ago
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