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Huckabee's Obama Assassination Proclamation

5/17/2008 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good thing this guy dropped out of the race, cause we certainly don't need this brand of presidential "humor."

Former candidate Mike Huckabee was speaking Friday to the NRA, when there was a loud bang. Instead of continuing his speech, he aimed a joke at Barack Obama. *crickets*

Huckabee apologized for his "offhand remark," saying it was not "intended to offend or disparage Senator Obama." Obama, for his part, refused to comment.

Because what's funnier than killing a U.S. Senator?!


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dumb ass ... and to think ... this could have been your president.

2317 days ago


yeah.. oh-arab bama will disarm then let our enemies shoot us..

2317 days ago

i love them    

Are all the LIBERALS awake this morning or what? Somebody should take him out-he is no good

2317 days ago

Republican for Obama    

But the Republican party has so many total idiots how can you pick just one? Its just the way they operate, look at their base, its the land of the ignorant, to put George Bush back office after 4 years of pure incompetence. Seriously, if you wish to be lead by someone that is incompetent what does that say about you?

Fiscal conservatives with that deficit, really? All they do is claim to be morally superior and scare people, reminds me of the muslim extremists we are fighthing now actually.

2317 days ago


And I'm sure TMZ will be there to arrange the cage match - Huckster vs. Shifty.

2317 days ago


Obama wants to make peace and friends with this world leader.. It is said that in the 10th century, the 12th and last Imam of the Shiite branch of Islam disappeared. He is said to be hidden by God and will reappear at the end of history to lead an era of Islamic justice. But lately, actions by -- and rumors about -- Iran's president have renewed interest in the 12th Imam.

Centuries ago, this holy person is said to have disappeared, hidden by God, but kept alive since then, to reappear at the end of history to lead an era of Islamic justice. The belief, which helped to inspire Iran's Islamic Revolution 27 years ago, diminished in importance over the years.

Now it has found renewed inspiration in Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But of course this has nothing to do with the joke or Huckebees boo-boo.

2317 days ago

Are you kidding me?    

Lexi, I could not agree more. I will vote Republican before I will EVER vote for Obama. Yipeeee another 4 years of BS!

2317 days ago


It is obviously something he has thought of before since it slid out of his mouth so fast. I don't think he
wants any harm to come to Obama, but it is a scary thought that some people who call themselves Americans
can even "go there." It was TOO easy for it to pop out like Jimmy Carter once said, (paraphrase) "If
you think it, you're doing it."

2317 days ago


I was once told that the democratic party was a philosophy based on emotion and the republican party was based on intellect. Based on some of thse comments I can understand why.

2317 days ago


Huckabee's comments are shameful, even to those of us who are proud to be Republican voters. Can't imagine whyhe would even think such a thing. What is also sad, however, is that Michelle Obama can say shameful things, too, and I have yet to hear the Liberal folks who like to post at sites like this decry her comments. Little bit too one-sided for my taste. First time she's ever been proud of her country? Really? After she's milked the system for all its worth? None of them are perfect, and that includes ALL of us.

2317 days ago


this republicans are all affraid because they know how many things they have to account for, freaking idiots,
for people like them -religious-uneducated-cheap-obese-fearful white trash is that everyone hates US

why blame them?~!

2317 days ago


For those saying, "he could have been your president"...spare me, he was no more closer to becoming President than I am. This man will never be President. Get over yourselves.

#31: Thanks for the clarification. Sounds more like it actually. It's too bad the comment couldn't have been aimed (no pun intended) at Hillary then no one could play the race card on either side. Which just goes to show that the comment was a bad joke against the FRONT RUNNER of the opposing team. He obviously thought he was being witty, funny, whatever and it played badly. Foolish but not meant in harm.

2317 days ago


Another "godly" individual.

2317 days ago


I thought it was quite hilarious!!! He just said aloud what everyone else has been whispering to each other about! And what better place to do it? At the Rifle Association!! You know they were laughing!! I WAS!

2317 days ago

Republican for Obama    

How bitter are those Clinton voters, just like her they thought she was entitled to the White House. They fell for the I'll magically transport you back to the tranquility 90s. They also share being completely irrational, since you didn't win I'll vote the party I know is full of crap. Um, with that kindof logic, you might be a Republican anyway.

The Iranian reference is even funnier, you just prove a point to how different Obama is than extremist Muslim leaders infact, While President Ahmadinejad talks about wiping Israel off the map and calls us the Great Satan, Obama talks about better diplomacy. I know your ignorance has no limits but you can tell the two apart right?

2317 days ago
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