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Huckabee's Obama Assassination Proclamation

5/17/2008 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good thing this guy dropped out of the race, cause we certainly don't need this brand of presidential "humor."

Former candidate Mike Huckabee was speaking Friday to the NRA, when there was a loud bang. Instead of continuing his speech, he aimed a joke at Barack Obama. *crickets*

Huckabee apologized for his "offhand remark," saying it was not "intended to offend or disparage Senator Obama." Obama, for his part, refused to comment.

Because what's funnier than killing a U.S. Senator?!


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Most of the comments on the post are so idiotic. So glad most of you don't take the time to vote or can't vote because of stupidity and are on parole or probation. Too bad anyone with money can buy and hide behind a computer and say what they want. If you can say it online I dare you to say it in the face of a non white. I don't mind racist ppl everyone has a right to their own opinions and beliefs. I can take a open racist vs a closet one. Man up and tell your non white boss or non white co workers how you really feel. I know a good ole country ass whippin will follow along with a pink slip. If you don't like that Amercia is a meltling pot of great races, go back where you came from. The Indians are the rightful owners of America and it got taken away.

2314 days ago

Ida Clair    

To: Just a little gun joke...

I was fairly certian you were of a similar opinion.

Man, I certainly seemed to hit a nerve with someone here, didn't I? I thought it was interesting that according to the fake Ida Clair, becoming a Republican involves getting on your knees.

2314 days ago

Republican for Obama    

Ida, I think we both did. Your comments seemed to come from somewhere and not this constant banter going on between the 2 sides. I think a lot of people in this country feel the way you do or are starting to.

Unfortunately it doesn't end here, its just the start of trying to scare voters, I fully expect the day before the election their(Republican) pitch will be remember the other guy is a black man. This white man isn't scared.

2314 days ago


The joke bombed like a really bad comic at an open mic night.

For their part, the NRA audience didn't laugh at the comment about "shooting".

2314 days ago

Democrats are evil    

What else would you expect from the endless group of Phony Republicans out there. Huckleberry is definitely one of them.
Led by McCain, and followed by Schwartzinegger and Huckleberry, the Dems have all learned that the only way to destroy the conservative party is from within. And they are doing a fine job at it. This is what evil people do. And if Republicans refuse to fight back, then they deserve what they get.

2314 days ago


"Ignorance is the greatest threat to scoiety in the history of mankind" All sides of this presidential election are equally as ignorant as the other. Once again the lowest common denominator is going to decide the fate of or society for the next 4 years. Their no one party or belief that is going to bring the end to the world in regards to mankind, all of them together will bring the end, until we realise that we're doomed, but it kind of makes sense.. Because no matter what happens to us the Earth will continue to live and maybe just maybe the next species will have a better shot.

2314 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

Ida Clair---don't worry we can tell when it is not you

2314 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

there's a reason all these tornado's are hitting the "bible belt" or as they prefer to call it "god's country"

their hate and intolerance of anyone else is coming back to bite them in teh A*S*S or is it, could it it couldn't be global warming.....every good little republican knows that global warning is just a myth

eat that dust Huckabilly and congregation HATERS

2314 days ago

Cranky Pants    

You can say any heinous, outrageous thing you want in this country as long as you apologize for it afterwards. Because, once you say it, it's out there.

So let me give it a try. George Bush and the people who support him are all retarded monkeys who are afraid of truth and justice.

OOPS sorry.

2314 days ago


I know republicans, democrats, whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, christians, jews, muslims, athiests (on an on). - all of which there is a level of racism or disdain for someone else religion. I have never met anyone who does not harbor some sort of resentment to some sort of group. No particular group seems to hold the moral high ground here. There is a difference between making an inappropriate remark and working toward someones destruction. Yes, his remarks are distainful, but lets keep it in perspective.

2314 days ago


well well well...General Huckabee's true "Christian ethic" is showing. What a little GOP whore he is. Will say anything, just to get on the GOP dole. Ooops, didn't mean to offend all the "workin' girls" out there, by my reference.

2314 days ago

Ida Clair    

To: Observation

You should get out more. I know many people that don't harbor resentment, racism or disdain for other faiths.

2314 days ago

Republican for Obama    

139. McCain is going to win this election because he is a white man and only a white man will be elected president for generations to come.

You keep telling yourself that, oh and the world's not flat either.

2314 days ago


Ida Clare, either you are not being honest with yourself or you don't know people as well as you think.

2314 days ago


"Because what's funnier than killing a U.S. Senator?!"

Now that's a loaded question (pun intended).

Don't answer it, or you might have Secret Service knocking on your door.


2314 days ago
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